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The next generation VDI is finally hereVERDE WorkSpaces the VDI platform


  • Centrally managed desktops
  • Management costs reduction
  • Highly scalable
  • Multi-tenant infrastructures
  • No need for expensive SANs
  • Branch offices configuration
  • Off-line usage
  • Use it on PCs, laptops, thin clients, PDAs
  • Supported OSs: Windows and Linux
  • Clients: Windows, Linux and OSX
  • More benefits ...

While the cost of PCs continues to drop, the actual cost of managing them has escalated dramatically. At the same time, IT organizations face increased complexity brought on by the introduction of new OS (such as Windows 8 and Windows 10), tablets and an increasingly decentralized workforce.

The traditional approach to VDI offered by VMware and Citrix is too expensive, too static and lacks the range of functionality required for today’s dynamic desktop.
It’s time for a new approach. Your company is unique. Your VDI should be too. Refresh your desktop management with a solution that adapts to meet your business needs.

VERDE (Virtual Enterprise Remote Desktop Environment) Workspaces it a complete desktop virtualisation platform that removes the complexity and the cost traditionally associated with other desktop virtualisation infrastructures.

VERDE Workspaces covers all your requirements

VERDE Workspaces Infrastructure500x296

In very simple and clear terms with VERDE Workspaces is finally possible to implement a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure which satisfies all the customer needs with a CAPEX that can be 60% lower than competing products and with an immediate ROI.

While VERDE Workspaces offers a wide range of features and covers all your VDI requirements is also very easy to manage and it needs a very simple architecture. Thanks to its Storage Optimizer technology there is no need to invest in complex SAN or I/O accelerators, all you need is a simple and inexpensive NAS.