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Univention Management ConsoleUnivention Corporate Server (UCS) it's a cost effective and easy way to administer server applications and entire IT infrastructures. Why? UCS is a very efficient platform that uses a comprehensive but easy to use web management interface developed to control distributed, heterogeneous and virtualized IT infrastructures, regardless of whether you use Microsoft Windows, OS X or Linux systems.

Key features

  • Enterprise Linux distribution as a basis for a stable, secure and cost effective IT infrastructure
  • Integrated management system for the central administration of servers, clients and users as well as a wide range of server applications
  • Identity management with single sign-on functions for users and cloud services
  • Microsoft Active Directory-compatible domain services for the uncomplicated integration of Microsoft operating systems
  • App Center for easy installation and management of UCS components and add-on applications
  • Xen and KVM based server/desktop virtualisation
  • Future proof Open Source based platform


pdf Univention Corporate Server datasheet (1.18 MB)

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