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Business continuity is the central overriding mantra of every IT Department. Everyone needs to protect themselves against data loss and the resulting business disruption and economic loss.SEP - alcuni dei sistemi operativi ed applicativi supportati

As the demand for data storage expands exponentially, businesses require backup software that evolves, grows and expands with data volume and meets, or exceeds, mandatory reporting requirements.

SEP sesam's superior online technology allows the backup of running VMware host machines as well as Microsoft, Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer virtual environments. Restore a single file, a host environment, a guest or even multiple guests. Snapshot technologies from all the leading manufacturers are supported and therefore, large amounts of data can be restored and backed up quickly.

The continued development of server, storage and network technologies places a heavy demand on IT staffs. Not only to manage the newest technologies, but also include asset protection to leverage previous investments in hardware and software applications. SEP sesam continues to provide the most comprehensive support for Operating Systems; everything from Microsoft to Linux to Unix, along with all popular groupware solutions, including Lotus Notes, Exchange, GroupWise, OpenXchange, Scalix, Zarafa, etc., and almost every database, are supported.*

No environment is too complex. Use SEP sesam to optimize your company’s unique design and layout. Online software modules allow the backup of one or more groupware solutions and databases without changing the environment. Remote management abilities allows users to easily and efficiently manage thousands of locations around the globe from one central location, or designate local administrators, depending on preferences.

IT managers worldwide in over 50 countries use SEP sesam as a single solution in heterogeneous computing environments to centrally manage data and provide data availability for every part of the organization.

SEP sesam has provided the multiplex software modules, along with the recording for basic backup of servers and clients under open source GPL v2, which serves as additional protection to every enterprise and government entity, in order to assure that users have the ability to recover backed up data.

In SEP's default download area you will find the trial and the Open Source releases.