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securepass identity and authentication managementHow secure is SecurePass?

SecurePass services have been created by security specialists working in environments where privacy and data security is paramount. All safeguards are in place to meet and exceed the most stringent security regulations.

Security technical reference

  • 3 high-secure high-speed datacenters with business continuity in different networks
  • High-encryption and best practices as deployed in standard military environments
  • Core keys in a secret location, former Swiss military premise, resistant up to 10 megatons nuclear attack
  • Only few people has keys to access the data in the production environments and their identities is secret also to any member of SecurePass staff, including the board itself
  • Processes to revoke the above keys if one of the administrator is leaving the company or under any personal threat
  • Emergency procedures and legal coverage against attack targeted to SecurePass infrastructure and staff
  • PCI-DSS and ISO 17799 compliant

No access to your data

SecurePass does not deal with or access your data, our mission is to securely identify your users: we make sure that who logs into your systems is really who he/she claims to be and if he/she has rights to access your application or systems.

In no case we will be handling your application data and we won’t be even able to understand what kind of application or device is behind the login process.

Insurance cover

SecurePass is covered by an insurance policy with a premier Swiss-based multinational that will be able to refund up to 250,000 CHF per incident.

With special agreements, SecurePass, is able to cover up to 5 Million CHF per incident.

But how can SecurePass be trusted?

GARL, the bank behind SecurePass.

Unlike traditional service providers that come from an IT background, GARL is an independent and neutral Swiss Bank for Digital Identities born in 2008 and has a strong banking background. GARL aims to honor the Swiss centennial tradition of quality banking to create innovative and secure products for the digital era.

Inspired by Swiss laws of 1934 on bank secrecy, customers’ privacy and protection are GARL’s top priorities.
GARL’s multi-datacenter multi-national facilities have countermeasures against digital breaches, guaranteed by the same teams who protected most of the European financial institutions: their internal Security Intelligence Bureau is at the heart of the design and protection of the bank’s infrastructure.