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OnApp Cloud building blocks


All Cloud infrastructures are made of servers and cables but some are more efficient than others. With Intel Cloud Blocks you can start creating your Cloud with a 2U chassis to then grow as much as you need. All the resources you require, such as compute power and distributed storage, are already included and there is no need to purchase expensive external SAN.


Efficient and modular configuration

To create your first OnApp Cloud infrastructure you will need 1 Control Panel, 1 Backup node and 2 Compute/Storage nodes.

Intel OnApp Cloud Block
Once that is in place you can then grow your Cloud to hundreds of nodes by just adding Cloud Blocks* configured to match your workload requirements.

Depending on your requirements you can choose CPUs from 8 to 24 cores, install up to 1Tb of RAM per node and mix HDDs, SSDs and NVMes in the 6 drives slots available in each node.
The Control Panel and Backup nodes can also be installed on separate servers if you want to start with 4 compute nodes.


SMEs and ROBO configurations

SMEs and ROBO configurations

A compact and inexpensive configuration for SMEs and Remote Offices. If don't have write intensive intensive operations then you can use 4 1Gb network ports to link the compute/storage nodes with the backup node.
Management, local and public networking will be configured on the same swithch using VLANs

This is all you need to create your first Cloud infrastructure.
Enterprise Cloud configuration

Enterprise Cloud configuration

In an enterprise environment where growth is planned and intensive write operations are part of the standard workloads we recommend to start with a 10 or 40 Gb switch to connect the compute/storage nodes and the backup node.

It's an investment that still costs a lot less than a VMWare/SAN configuration and allows for fast and easy scalability of your Private Cloud.
Adapting to your requirements

Adapting to your requirements

Depending on the types of requirements your have you can choose the building blocks you need and mix them the way you like.

You may want to use a separate 1U node for your Control Panel or you could use 3,5" drives as your Cloud needs more storage capacity than speed.
You can also add nodes with tens of high capacity drives for long term archival and backups.

In short you can model your Cloud to match your exact requirements when you want.
HyperConvergence and automation

HyperConvergence and automation

It can't be any easier to build a Private Cloud from OnApp's HyperConverged Infrastructure.
All the elements of your infrastructure are presented to you as resources that you can allocate to your workloads just as you would do with any other Cloud provider.

All the management and automation necessary to go from hyperconvergence to Cloud with full recovery in case of failure of a drive, a node or even a data centre is taken care of by OnApp.


For more information download the following datasheets/white papers and contact us to organise a webinar.

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* Note: the image doesn't show the recommended networking configurations. A minimum of 4 x 1Gb NICs are required for fast data replication in SMEs/ROBO configurations. At least 1 x 10Gb NIC per node is the most efficient configuration for enterprise workloads.