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To build, or rent, their Public Cloud infrastructures Amazon, Microsoft and Google are spending billions and that's something very few can afford to do on their own but do we really need massive scale infrastructures owned by a handful of corporations? Not any more.

OnApp has been providing ISPs and MSPs around the world the technologies necessary to build efficient, scalable and secure Cloud infrastructures which now account for 30% of the Cloud market. These, in principle, are the same technologies used to create AWS or Azure which are now available in the OnApp Enterprise offering to allow organisations of all sizes to create their own Cloud and, if they wish, to extend their reach through OnApp partners.

Organisations can choose what they want to keep on their Private Cloud and what they want or need to distribute across the federated Cloud to be compliant with local regulation or to position Internet facing services where connectivity and resilience satisfies their requirements.

Move workloads where you need them

Move workloads where you need them

If your organisation is part of a heavily regulated sector you can distribute your own OnApp Enterprise Cloud where needed.

Just deploy workloads on your ROBO (Remote Office/Branch Office) appliances, located in your offices or local data centres, with the peace of mind that your data will only stay within your own distributed infrastructure.
A local Cloud with global reach

A local Cloud with global reach

Most businesses have predictable workloads so for most of the year your local Private Cloud covers all your requirements.

If you have seasonal peaks or you plan a marketing campaign in a specific area around the world there is no need to buy more OnApp nodes, just select an OnApp parner that has the resources you need and where you need them and move the workloads there for the time necessary. Easy.
Geographical Disaster Recovery

Geographical Disaster Recovery

If you have two or more sites you can use the built in Disaster Recovery services to replicate your virtual machine and data.
In case of failure in one of the sites all your data is still safe and you can start working again from the other site in matter of minutes.

If at present you have only one site OnApp can offer you the Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).
Manage and migrate multi-Cloud infrastructures

Manage and migrate multi-Cloud infrastructures

OnApp is a true multi-Cloud platform not just a pretty web interface. It can run your KVM, Xen VMs and manage your VMWare infrastructure but it doesn't stop there.

If you have workloads running on AWS you can control your instances from within OnApp management interface and/or migrate them to your OnApp Private Cloud to reduce costs.

Into "Serverless"? Now you can run your preferred development frameworks on your own Cloud as well.


For more information download the following white papers and contact us to organise a webinar.

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