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With OnApp you can own your Private CloudOnApp Enterprise Cloud

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Forget the high costs and complexity of a legacy virtualisation infrastructure or the rent forever model of a Public Cloud.

Now owning your Cloud is inexpensive and it doesn't require a whole team of highly specialised technicians to manage it.

If you were thinking about Cloud because it allows you to just manage your workload without worrying about the underlying infrastructure then you have found it in OnApp. It's as convenient and easy to manage as a Public Cloud but you can own it.

A recent case study has shown a ROI that is as low as the equivalent of renting the resources needed from a major Cloud provider for 3 months.


Manage VMs like a pro

Manage VMs like a pro

You can choose the VM you need from hundreds of ready to use Linux and Windows templates that your can tailor to your needs or you can upload your own ISOs or OVA to create your custom VMs.

Recipes, custom templates and other automation tools makes deployment of large number of virtual machines fast and easy.
Helping DevOps with Containers

Helping DevOps with Containers

OnApp Container Servers give you a framework for Docker to be deployed in your cloud.
Container Servers are based on a CoreOS template giving you all of the intuitive provisioning and management of standard OnApp virtual servers, but with the tools to enable your development team to run Docker and Kubernetes.
The applications you need, ready to use

The applications you need, ready to use

Application Servers are an add-on to the OnApp Cloud platform. They give you instant access to a library of hundreds of SaaS and PaaS applications, which deploy in your Private Cloud in a couple of clicks and are managed just like virtual servers.
There is no easier way to test the solution you may need before going in production mode.
Your multi-Cloud infrastructure

Your multi-Cloud infrastructure

OnApp is not a rip and replace platform.
If you still have a VMWare infrastructure you can integrate it with OnApp and even manage it from OnApp's control panel while you migrate workloads on your new Private Cloud.
You can move virtual machines fairly easily by converting them in OVA format and importing them into your OnApp Cloud.


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