Virtual Bridges VERDE case study - ITSE "Capitini"

With Virtual Bridges, VDI, is affordable also for small organisationsVirtual Bridges VERDE - The way VDI should be done

Desktop Virtualisation could be a complex and an expensive business to deal with but once again Virtual Bridge proves to be ahead of the competition by lowering the costs and by simplifying the management of the infrastructure. The following case study is just a small example that shows how it's possible even for SMEs and small educational organisations to reduce costs while improving the quality of service and allow for secure mobility of their users.

The Institute of Technology and Economics “Aldo Capitini” is a renowned college that has adapted its courses to satisfy the requirements of a local market comprised of SMEs which need well trained employees in the IT, Economics and Linguistic sectors.

"We couldn’t believe that we could improve the services we provide, simplify the management of our training rooms and reduce our costs from day one. We now know that it is possible with VERDE" — Capitini

Business Challenge

Being a small College but with 6 training classes with about 30 PCs in each room, Capitini was searching for a solution that was easily managed by their internal IT staff and highly scalable, yet still provided a cost that would fit within their limited budgets.

As the Institute believes that Open Source solutions are and will be more present also in SMB environments, it was also important for them to be able to work with and teach students how to use applications that operate across both Windows and Linux based platforms.

Naturally, the solution had to also support existing PCs, student devices and new thin clients, all of which are required in a new training class.


Having extensively tested VMware View, Citrix XenDesktop and Virtual Bridges VERDE  side-by-side, Capitini has chosen the latter as it satisfied and exceeded all their requirements.

The Virtual Bridges price tag was not only much more accessible when compared with VMware and Citrix offerings, but it also showed value when compared to other Open Source solutions that were tested previously. Even the previously tested “free of charge” community based projects were found to be more expensive than Virtual Bridges VERDE as it’s the only one that provides a ready to use environment that doesn’t require long set-up and testing periods.


  • Virtualization of both Windows and Linux desktops
  • Device independent access to virtual desktops (BYOD)
  • Reduced support and management costs
  • Immediate Return of Investment and long term savings
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