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Multi-Tenancy and Roles-Based Delegation Solve Biggest Management Challenges Facing Large Enterprises and MSPs

Virtual Bridges, Inc. today announced general availability of its desktop cloud solution, featuring fully-integrated, multi-tenant operations. Designed to support the multi billion cloud-based virtual desktop market, Virtual Bridges VERDE is ideal for enterprises with distributed operations that want to provide high-quality, affordable desktop clouds to end user devices as well as Managed Service Providers (MSPs) offering a Desktop Cloud-as-a-Service.

As the cloud becomes a more efficient, cost-effective way to deploy and manage desktops, issues of performance and administrative control have created new challenges for organizations delivering VDI solutions across multiple customers or branches. Virtual Bridges’ new multi-tenant management capabilities, roles-based delegation and bandwidth controls address these issues, enabling IT administrators to narrowly define, delegate and restrict privileges, segregate consoles and computer resources, and set bandwidth limits.

“2013 is quickly becoming the year of the desktop cloud, with no end in sight,” said Jim Porell, Vice President of Emerging Technologies, CDS. “This latest release by Virtual Bridges allows managed service providers like CDS to offer our customers a path to a cost-effective Desktop Cloud as a Managed Service. We can efficiently share desktop cloud infrastructures across multiple customers without adding additional cost or complexity. Now not only can we offer on-premises and hosted solutions, but we can also offer hybrid models, meeting the unique needs of all of our customers.”

Unlike other products that rely on third-parties for hypervisors or management tools, Virtual Bridges’ all-in-one solution eliminates the need for additional software, network and hardware costs, offering on-premises, hosted service or hybrid delivery models.

Virtual Bridges is filling a void in the market for service providers and other enterprises who want to share VDI infrastructure across multiple customers while retaining control from a central location,” said Jim Curtin, founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Virtual Bridges. “As organizations of all sizes continue to embrace the cloud to transform the process of managing desktops, we will continue to lead the way in delivering Desktop Clouds as a Managed Service, optimizing security, eliminating performance gaps and creating more agile, cost-efficient networks.”

This latest release builds on Virtual Bridges’ innovative feature set, including:

  • Storage Optimizer – reduces read and write IOPS and dramatically lowers CAPEX
  • Cloud Branch – improves performance, resiliency and support for branch offices and regional data centers, without requiring upgrades to existing infrastructure
  • Multi-tenancy – supports the delivery of desktop services to multiple clients, including service providers who elect to share VDI infrastructure across customers, and offers roles-based delegation of specific administrative tasks
  • QoS features – automate the deployment of Virtual Bridges clusters, including the allocation of bandwidth across users

Virtual Bridges VERDE is available through our partners to be installed on the HW platform or the Cloud provider of your choice or through the IBM channel partners if you wish to install it on IBM PureSystems.

Combine Virtual Bridges VERDE with Praim's thin clients to get an unbeatable VDI/DaaS solution.

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