VDI: when a picture is worth a thousand words

Virtual Bridges VDI Gen2

Find it difficult to choose between VDI solutions?

How many VDI and DaaS projects have been put on hold because of budget and complexity issues?

The so called main VDI players are trying to convince you that their VDI solution is the best, they lower their licensing costs trying to make it affordable but you are still not confident there will be any ROI.

What about looking at the real picture and choose a solution that makes VDI really affordable, scalable and easy to manage for organisation of all sizes?

There is probably no need do write long documents to explain which infrastructure could give your organisation the best solution. Just compare the following infrastructures.

Citrix XenDesktop 5.6

Citrix XenDesktop Infrastructure

Requires third parties licenses just make the infrastructure work

VMWare View 5

VMWare Infrastructure 300x209

Requires third parties licenses just make the infrastructure work

Virtual Bridges VERDE

Virtual Bridges VERDE Infrastructure 300x195

All required infrastructure licenses included

It is quite likely that even a person that hasn't got a lot of experience will see that Virtual Bridges VERDE provides a much leaner infrastructure with savings that can be between 40% (but even up to 70%) if compared to the other two infrastructures.

Add to it Virtual Bridges VERDE's higher user consolidation per CPU core (nearly twice as many as with Citrix), 90% reduction of IOPS hitting your storage, support for off-line clients and branch offices just to name a few of the included features, it is quite easy to see that VERDE will give you more with a smaller budget.