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Can you do Linux with that VDI?

Doing VDI with Linux and Virtual Bridges VERDE

Linux VDI is a number of things, the most obvious thing is being able to use Linux based clients to access remote virtual desktops that could either be workstations that are fixed or re-purposed workstations that are just being used as thin clients.

It could even be an actual thin client that is Linux based, Praim Atomino with its VERDE optimised ThinOX is a very good example.
But that’s where most desktop virtualization vendors draw the line as to what they support for a Linux based VDI.

Virtual Bridges VERDE takes it all the way.  We support Linux virtual desktops as first class citizens, running a Linux OS and applications, side by side with Windows XP and Windows 7 environments, all managed by the same VDI infrastructure.

Leo Reiter then talks about a number of use cases that become possible because of this technology and how it can avoid the Microsoft tax for cloud SaaS-based environments.  We also cover a number of features such as USB redirection, seamless printing, single sign-on, and offline and branch access to your Linux desktop.