More ISPs choose VERDE for their DaaS

Virtual Bridges VDI Gen2

You need DaaS? Then it better be VERDE.

More ISPs and Cloud providers are building their DaaS offering on Virtual Bridges VERDE as in a competitive world having the most efficient and cost effective desktop virtualisation solution makes a great difference.

Since iFollowOffice showed the way to the UK market, demonstrating that DaaS is a perfect solution for companies of all sizes, many other started offering their VERDE based services.

Today SFDATA, a US based integrator and service provider, announced the release of a new product offering called Highly Resilient Desktop Virtualization (HRDV).

HRDV it's a full-service desktop management solution at self-service cloud prices based on Virtual Bridges VERDE. The solution leverages SFDATA’s capabilities as a solutions integrator, enterprise desktop expert and hardware appliance designer to deliver a product offering that is cost effective, secure, scalable and resilient.

“The promise of desktop virtualization is here for smaller enterprises looking to reduce costs, simplify IT operations, increase security, and outsource their compute environment like they do with their phones today,” explained SFDATA Founder & CEO J. Gage Hutchens. “HRDV technology is, and directly supports, cloud based computing and provides all of the associated cost savings.”

The product is the result of four years of prototyping and research to create an all-inclusive cost-driven desktop solution that delivers excellent ROI without sacrificing quality, security or scalability. HRDV Solution highlights include:

  • Cloud pricing (inexpensive)
  • Security (data and OS) – core used by intelligence and defense organizations worldwide
  • Resilience (multiple backups of user and system data)
  • Network independence – full off-the-network capabilities make the HRDV ideal for notebooks
  • Client-agnostic – most web-browsers can launch a VM
  • LAN speeds – branch cache brings VDI local to users
  • Windows OS upgrades (upgrade to Windows 8 with no additional Microsoft fees)
  • Solution includes basic architecture and the design of a semi-custom appliance
  • Scalable – HRDV is cluster-aware (a new server is simply deployed into the cluster when needed)
  • Cost savings – prices diminish an average of 30 percent in years two and three respectively, thereafter decreasing 10 percent a year until a floor of $22 per user is reached. No long-term contracts are required to take advantage of this pricing; only uninterrupted annual renewal
  • Linux-compatible – only solution to offer complete Linux-as-a-desktop capability
  • Full service – monthly cost includes antivirus; spyware and malware detection; limited continuous data protection; Windows patching and 3rd party application patching
  • Help desk – US-based helpdesk provides expert help for Office, browsers and almost all common off-the-shelf (COTS) software.

HRDV’s combination of US-based pay-as-you-go help desk, together with contractually diminishing monthly cloud pricing for full service image and application management, as well as secure platform with offline capabilities, delivers unparalleled value in the marketplace.

Designed for organizations that want to escape the constraints of physical computing, Virtual Bridges VERDE simplifies desktop management, improves security and increases business agility. It provides end users access to Windows and Linux desktops from any location or device — including tablets, netbooks, laptops and thin clients. Among its many benefits, VERDE offers unified monitoring and management of desktops across onsite and offsite environments; high-definition multimedia support; automatic bi-directional sync for true mobility; and advanced cloud branch capabilities including disaster recovery and business continuity.

“As the only purpose-built solution for desktop management, VERDE is providing customers and ISV’s a best-in-class alternative to physical computing that gives them more flexibility, scalability and security across highly distributed, diverse organizations,” said Jim Curtin, CEO of Virtual Bridges. “We’re proud to be working with SFDATA to bring this offering to market, and to deliver on the promise of improved desktop TCO for businesses of all sizes.”