VDI in 10 steps

Virtual Bridges VDI

10 easy steps to setup a VDI environment on an Ubuntu server

To help you in evaluating Virtual Bridges VERDE we publish a simple guide that will allow you to setup a brand new VDI environent in a few steps on an Ubuntu server.

To configure VERDE in Cluster, Branch Office and to integrate it with Active Directory or LDAP you can follow the instructions present on the manual that you can get from the Virtual Bridges download area.

What's needed:

  • Server or PC with a CPU that supports VT extensions (AMD-V or Intel VT), 4Gb RAM, 250Gb HDD
  • Ubuntu 10.04 64bit (VERDE is certified with RedHat and Novell Suse, you'll have to download a different package and the command set is slightly different)
  • Virtual Bridges VERDE installation package

Time required by Linux expertes: about 40 minutes

Time required by Linux beginners: about 40 minutes


1.  Unbuntu server install:
(during the installation do not select Tomcat as it is already included in the .deb VERDE package)

2.  Libraries install:

sudo apt-get -y install libaio1
sudo apt-get -y install libpng12-0 libjpeg62 libsm6 libice6 libxt6
(In case chkconfig has already been installed, remove it using : sudo apt-get remove chkconfig)

3.  Install Java and Ghostscript (VERDE requires java version 1.6)

sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre
sudo apt-get install ghostscript

4.  Add administrative users (vb-verde e mcadmin1) and operative users:

sudo useradd -m vb-verde
sudo useradd -m mcadmin1
sudo useradd -m utente1
sudo useradd -m utenteX

5.  Download the "VERDE" . deb package

default Link to the Virtual Bridges VERDE download area

6.  Install the .deb package:

sudo dpkg -i /download-dir/package-name.deb

7.  Verify user licence:

/usr/lib/verde/bin/win4-licinfo *

(If it returns an error create the file "license.lic" in the path shown:
LICENSE_CODE= license number
CUSTOMER_CODE= "customer_name")

8.  Configuring VERDE:

/usr/lib/verde/bin/verde-config -i

9.  Set passwords for admin users (vb-verde e mcadmin1) and operative users:

sudo passwd vb-verde
sudo passwd mcadmin1
sudo passwd user1
sudo passwd userX

10.  Load VERDE web interfaces:

https://IPaddress:8443/mc (administrative interface)
https://IPaddress:8443 (user interface)

That's it!

How long it would have taken you to configure a VMWare View or Citrix XenDesktop?