KVM provides up to 67% savings


The rise of Open Enterprise-Class Virtualisation

Open Virtualisation AllianceThe Open Virtualization Alliance (OVA) has published a new white paper on the attributes of Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) explaining how it is a compelling and cost-effective alternative to proprietary virtualization technologies.

KVM has become a viable enterprise-class virtualization alternative, echoing the increasing rise of Linux in mission-critical enterprise environments and cloud computing. With increasing adoption and the full support of the Open Virtualization Alliance, KVM now offers distinct advantages over other virtualization solutions, including:


  • Lower costs. KVM provides up to 67% cost savings over other solutions
  • Dramatically higher scalability. The top published virtualization benchmarks all use KVM
  • Advanced security. KVM provides Mandatory Access Control, virtual machine isolation, and Common Criteria certification
  • A Complete, open, and manageable solution. Together with KVM, oVirt virtualization management provides a complete enterprise-class virtualization solution.

The white paper states:

Linux has been enterprise-hardened for over 10 years and is trusted by millions of organizations to run their mission-critical applications.
With KVM, this benefit now extends directly to virtualization.  Hypervisors need to perform many of the same tasks as operating systems such as managing processes and memory and supporting hardware.  And because KVM is built on top of Linux, it can take advantage of Linux strengths to benefit virtualized environments. This approach lets KVM exploit Linux for core functions, taking advantage of built-in Linux performance, scalability, and security.  At the same time, systemic feature, performance, and security improvements to Linux automatically benefit virtualized environments, giving KVM a significant feature velocity that other solutions simply cannot match.

While the OVA continues to ramp up its marketing activities, make sure to check out this latest white paper, KVM – The Rise of Open Enterprise-Class Virtualization to learn more about what KVM can do for your organization.

As we distribute Virtual Bridges VERDE and Collax V-Cube, both based on KVM, we are very pleased to see OVA confirming publicly those information.