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News about Kopano, the best alternative to MS Exchange, Office365 and GoogleApps

zarafa logo 130x36Capgemini chooses Zarafa as the alternative to MS Exchange

capgemini150x43With an announcement, not yet widely covered by mainstream press, Capgemini launched its new Secure Messaging as-a-service Cloud infrastructure.

The new service, based on RedHat and Zarafa infrastructure, goes in direct competition against Google Apps and Microsoft Exchange as it provides a much more flexible solution at a lower cost.

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zarafa logo 130x36Red Hat and Zarafa at a shop near you ...

RedHat logo

Amersfoort, the Netherlands - Red Hat, Inc. the world’s leading provider of open source solutions and Zarafa a leading European company in open source groupware and collaboration software, announced that the Dutch supermarket chain PLUS has selected Zarafa’s Communication and Collaboration Platform running on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 enterprise operating system to provide email and Collaboration services to its 269 store locations.

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Zarafa - The best Microsoft Exchange & Office365 alternativeAnother large municipality ditches Exchage for Zarafa

The municipality of Ede (Holland) has completed the migration from Microsoft Exchange to Zarafa.

Tired of the resource hungry and the limits imposed by Microsoft Exchange the municipality of Ede decided to evaluate other Collaboration solutions available on the market and Zarafa won their trust.

Convincing the Microsoft administrator to switch to Zarafa has been hard but the benefit that it would have brought to the municipality where so great that a decision had to be taken. Bart Lindenboom, Ede's IT manager, commented on it: "The Exchange administrator refused to take the Linux (and Zarafa) course and now has a different job."

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