Kopano collaboration platformKopano Conference 2017

Kopano Conference banner 80027th and 28th of September 2017 - Arnhem (NL)

Bringing communication tools together on-premises and in the Cloud

This year's Kopano Conferences is an unmissable appointment in your diary for both current and potential partners as there will be the opportunity to learn about and experience the future of communication and collaboration platforms.

During the conference, Kopano, will present new integrations and partnerships which will allow organisations to take back complete control of their data providing a platform positioned as a full alternative to Office365 with the added benefits of being Open Source, available for both on-premises and Cloud and with having much lower costs.


Two days packed with exciting things to do and learn

Kopano Conference Audience

The Kopano Conference is a 2 days event where technical and business minded people can meet, network and participate to workshops and sessions tailored precisely for them.

Developers and technicians can learn more about how to integrate various platforms or get a certification as Kopano system administrators and meet with the people that actually create and support Kopano worldwide to exchange additional ideas or clarify certain technical details.

For consultants, resellers and MSP/Cloud providers this is a great opportunity to understand the latest Kopano developments and establish partnerships that will allow them to work with a far wider range of potential clients across more varied market segments.

The Conference is also a great opportunity for forward thinking CTOs and CIOs to network and discover how other organisations have delivered secure and efficient collaboration platforms to their clients around both Europe and the world.

Has anybody heard of Privacy, GDPR and Open Source?

Well, these are market/life changing events that cannot be ignored and that every company MUST do something about. These are just some of the topics that will be covered and addressed by our panel of speakers.

Kopano Conference Speakers

Privacy protection should be the main focus for all organisations and with GDPR entering into force in just a few months time it's essential that you take far greater control of your data and your IT infrastructure. You'll discover that one of the key characteristics of Kopano, being Open Source, is that it will help you in integrating with the tools that you need to ensure GDPR compliance.

Sponsors and Community partners

During the Conference, Kopano and its partners, will show you that there are better and more ways than you thought to communicate and collaborate efficiently.


Kopano Conference Sponsors and Community partners

For more information visit the pages dedicated to the Conference on the Kopano web site.