Kopano collaboration platformKopano is the new Zarafa!

After over 10 years of activity and development Zarafa decided that it was time for a new name and fresh look to mark also the moment when its flagship product has been officially released with a brand new look and features.

Kopano is not just a new identity but also a new communication platform that has been over time rewritten and modernised to compete in a "Cloudified" world.

Some may like the convenience of working on third party public Cloud applications but once they discover Kopano offers the same convenience but adds to it the freedom of integrating it with other applications, the fact that the data is back under their control and it also costs less than Office365 or G Apps then public Cloud doesn't seem that appealing any more.

A lot more than just emails

Many have used Zarafa/Kopano over the years simply as a better, more reliable and efficient version of Microsoft Exchange but there is much more to it now.

Have you seen the new integrated video conference? Or the file sharing features with collaborative editing offered through Collabora OnLine integrated with OwnCloud and NextCloud?

Check out these videos to see what you can do now with Kopano.

New roadmap and clients comparison

There couldn't be a new look without more exciting features and plans to deliver the best communication platform you can get.

Kopano Collaboration Platoform roadmap
Kopano clients comparison

Still not sure Kopano is the right solution for you? default Try the on-line demo and see how good Kopano is.

Contact us or your local partner to discover how Kopano can improve the way you communicate and protect your data.