zarafa Communication PlatformZarafa WebApp 2.2 is out!

We have been following with excitement the development phases of Zarafa WebApp 2.2 as it has been a major (and long) effort to completely redesign the web interface that allows so many users to dispose of Microsoft Outlook.

At first sight WebApp 2.2 may look like a simple redesign of the graphical interface but in reality it's a complete rewrite that use modern frameworks and well documented API to facilitate customisation and integration with third party platforms.

Many improvements and new features have been added and a new plug-in architecture allows to create applets to add data and integrate with applications like SugarCRM, Twitter, Facebook and any other application that provides documented API and connectors.

New look and "theming"

WebApp 2.2 has been redesigned to provide users with a "clean" interface and more space for the information that matter. The interface is also a lot faster than previous versions and that will allow most users to feel even more comfortable with WebApp than with Outlook.

Zarafa Kopano themes screenshot

Not sure you like the new design or you want WebApp to match your corporate colours? Now you can theme WebApp by changing colours, add logos or even change completely the look and feel of it.

Search toolbox faster than ever

Finding relevant information fast is very important especially when you have large mailboxes and emails are an important business tool and WebApp 2.2 continue to deliver innovation also on this front.
The search toolbox has been improved further allowing you to filter result easily and quickly.

Zarafa Kopano new search features
As shown in the image now you can also open multiple search tabs at the same time.

"Basic" shortcuts

Advanced users like to access feature quickly using keyboard shortcuts but sometimes different browser and applications may have conflicting settings were the same shortcut is used by two or more of them. To reduce those conflict a new "basic" setting has been added to your configuration choices where only the most used shortcuts can be enabled.

Zarafa Kopano Keyboard Shortcuts
If you already had the "on" setting you will now find that the new "Advanced" setting has been enabled.

... and there is more

Additional features  are:

  • Setting time span for Out of Office automatic responses
  • Integration features for DeskApp
  • Presence services for plug-in developers
  • Authentication service for plug-in developers

More information about this Zarafa update are available from your local Zarafa Certified partner.