zarafa Communication PlatformZarafa releases version 7.2 of its communication platform

While, as a user, you may see the great new features introduced with Zarafa WebApp 2 (video conference, instant messaging, VoIP, email encryption, etc,,,) you may not realise immediately that behind the scenes great changes are happening.

Did you notice how fast searches are now? Have you seen that you can connect to your file sharing apps (like OwnCloud or DropBox) very easily?
This is all happening thanks the great developers that work at Zarafa providing you with the best Enterprise ready Open Source Communication platform on the market.

Here are some of the changes and features included in version 7.2.

Warning the following text contains technical language!

 Introducing zarafa-search-plus based on Xapian enterprise search engine

Zarafa Search has completely been redesigned from the ground up, with a focus on stability, performance and functionality. Using Xapian as enterprise search backend allows Zarafa Search+ to directly provide better stability in the consistency with the generated index. A direct benefit are better search results. With introduction of threading, Zarafa Search+ is designed to improve the overall indexing performance.

Official Support for MariaDB and performance improving transaction isolation levels

With the release of ZCP 7.2 MariaDB is officially supported, and queries are optimized to gain from many improvements, especially under higher loads. With the use of specific transaction isolation levels such as READ-COMMITTED which are supported now, ZCP directly benefits from less transaction locks with enhanced InnoDB performance. Of course, this directly results in better performance and a faster front-end behavior for users. An example of this feature is that full zarafa-backups do not lower end-user performance as much as they do with traditional isolation levels.

Introducing easy-to-use python-zarafa for MAPI abstraction

All-new python-zarafa is an abstracted API layer above python-mapi which allows easier interaction with ZCP without deep knowledge of MAPI. This allows developers, integrators and administrators to achieve the same tasks without having to understand complex MAPI behavior. In fact, Zarafa Search+ utilizes python-zarafa already which is an example of the possibilities with the new (easy-to-use) abstraction layer.

Revamped OpenSSL stack

ZCP 7.2 now offers support for configurable SSL protocols and ciphers. This allows ZCP components to fully leverage enterprise security configurations specified with the new SSL settings, for example by abandoning commonly rated unsecure protocols such as SSLv2 or SSLv3.

Introducing Zarafa Presence daemon

As a new component complementing upcoming products such as Zarafa web meetings. This new feature allows users to directly see information of the availability from other people.
Various bug fixes, performance enhancements, scalability improvements
We have introduced numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements. We measured 2-digit percentage in performance and scalability improvements with lowering resource requirements and with better memory management at the same time.

And a lot more
  • SOAP Protocol Enhancements providing performance, scalability and compatibility benefits
  • Improved random number generator used for scheduling and security
  • Support for TCP_FASTOPEN dramatically improving latency between ZCP components
  • Windows components now use embedded MariaDB for offline usage
  • Official Support for Linux distributions RHEL 7, SLES 12 and Univention 4.0
  • New community distributions Fedora and openSUSE

Ask your reseller or consultant to plan an upgrade with you.