zarafa logo 130x36Even your bank would like to be as secure as Zarafa

securepassA key problem for many enterprises is how to collaborate effectively and securely while on the move. Zarafa Collaboration Platform  provides a cost­ effective and reliable replacement to proprietary software such as Microsoft Exchange.

Zarafa WebApp, the web interface that replicates Outlook look&feel and features on your browser, it's a valuable tool for anybody that needs to access their emails, contacts & calendars from wherever they are.
To add an extra layer of security, without adding complexity, Zarafa can be integrated with SecurePass to manage users, permissions and email alias. SecurePass as an identity management system it's a valuable tool for the organization of all sizes as it helps reducing the risk of unauthorised access to your data and prevents identity theft.

SecurePass adds to Zarafa the OTP feature (One Time Password) which can be generated by a "virtual token" on your phone or a physical token, just like the one you have to access your bank account, giving you banking level security and instant access to all application or devices that share the same authentication methods.

Instructions on how to implement: pdf icon Single Sign-On with Zarafa (448 KB)