zarafa logo 130x36Nouages? Non, le ciel est Clair

capgemini150x43A clouple of years ago Capgemini started providing services based on Zarafa as an alternative to MS Exchange. 2 years after the launch things went so well that the service has been expanded to include new services.

The new service called Clair will allow customers run services with features similar to Office365 or GoogleApps on secure and private platforms.

More Open Source, more efficient services

 Zarafa's Communication Platform provides all the collaboration features required to provide you with services like contacts, email, shared calendars and folders and synchronisation with all the your applications and devices but Capgemini used to the full also its integration framework. To complete its offering, Capgemini, integrated services like:

  • Telephony - SpeakUp, a Dutch VoIP provider, manages the voice services which are initiated from Zarafa as a click-to-call from contacts.
  • Documents management - Nuxeo, a fast growing Document and Digital Asset Management solution, has been integrated as the main repository for structured documents allowing users to save and retrieve attachments from Zarafa WebApp
  • Video conference - Spreed is the market leader in video/web conferencing solution in Germany and has been integrated with Zarafa for quite a long time.

Naturally all the services are platform independent and are available for Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.

European security for European businesses

As many are concerned about privacy and security of their data, Clair, is provided as private "cloud" and hosted only in Dutch datacentres. Also the software used to provide the services are European and Open Source to guarantee maximum flexibility and security.

For more information you can visit Capgemini Clair web site (Dutch)
Note that at present the service is provided by Capgemini NL to their Dutch customers but we are sure, if you ask nicely, also Capgemin UK will be eager to provide you with secure and Open Source services.