zarafa logo 130x36Capgemini chooses Zarafa as the alternative to MS Exchange

capgemini150x43With an announcement, not yet widely covered by mainstream press, Capgemini launched its new Secure Messaging as-a-service Cloud infrastructure.

The new service, based on RedHat and Zarafa infrastructure, goes in direct competition against Google Apps and Microsoft Exchange as it provides a much more flexible solution at a lower cost.

Built on Open Source components

 Capgemini's SAAS solution is built completely on Open Source components, that include RHEL and Zarafa, reducing vendor lock-in and giving more freedom to adapt the service to customers requirements.

Frans van den Hurk, Capgemini's CEO of Infrastructure Services Benelux, says: " Many of our customers see the benefits of a Cloud based solutions where they only pay for the actual use of a service and not to purchase an in-house infrastructure. The alternative we offer is Open, safe and competitively priced."

Open Source in Government's institutions

Capgemini's consultant Bouke Koelstra, which has been closely involved in the project, for many years has been a government adviser on the Open Source education program OSOSS but found progresses were slow and painful.

Koelstra commentend the announcement saying: "Management in Public organisations want support from large organisations for their open standard and Open Source projects. Then here we are!."

But naturally he knows that the private companies will be those benefitting the most of this service: "Our new Secure Messaging platform is a solutions, made for large enterprises, which provides high quality services at a very competitive price. Private organisation know that our services will allow them to save a lot of money and will move fast. Governments, unfortunately, don't generally react as fast."

More Cloud services to come

Capgemini's Software as a Service offering doesn't stop with Zarafa as it is just the cornerstone on which they'll build their Collaboration and Unified Communication solution by integrating to it more services.