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Amersfoort, the Netherlands - Red Hat, Inc. the world’s leading provider of open source solutions and Zarafa a leading European company in open source groupware and collaboration software, announced that the Dutch supermarket chain PLUS has selected Zarafa’s Communication and Collaboration Platform running on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 enterprise operating system to provide email and Collaboration services to its 269 store locations.

Supermarket chain PLUS has 269 store locations in the Netherlands. It was looking for a scalable, highly available and stable collaboration and communication platform that included calendar, continuous access to emails via remote access and mobile devices from any location, address book synchronizing to and from Active Directory, automated user management, and most importantly a system that enables easy expansion in the future. This was not possible before the implementation due to an outdated system that was installed in 1999 and the chain's Outlook platform, which run on fat clients and did not allow for synchronization with mobile devices.

PLUS selected a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and Zarafa Collaboration Platform solution to run on PLUS’s private cloud infrastructure because of the web client's extensive potential, its excellent performance, the proven open source technology that facilitates integration with the entire portal system. This implementation creates a hybrid environment in which Zarafa and the archiving systems are separate and saved on different types of storage enabling PLUS to realize cost savings.

The Resilient Storage Add-On for Red Hat Enterprise Linux clustering technology creates a high availability cluster for the Zarafa storage servers, Zarafa archive servers and Apache web servers, which offer Zarafa web access and Z-push mobility services and enable services to be highly available by reducing downtime. It provides failover of services from one cluster node to another in case a node becomes inoperative.

PLUS expects to initially start using the e-mail and calendar functions, which can be extended to include web meetings and a chat function. The automated user management empowers the company to add new outlets and users with the corresponding access rights.

It is essential to save costs and be innovative in the retail business,” said Ruud Stroet, Manager of ICT Development at PLUS. “To scale out, we offer our supermarkets self-supporting platforms if possible. Using the High Availability Add-On from Red Hat and Zarafa software allows us to use clever storage. As mobile communication is becoming increasingly important, we are glad that Zarafa is extending its communication platform and emphasizing mobile features.