Zarafa - The best Microsoft Exchange & Office365 alternativeAnother large municipality ditches Exchage for Zarafa

The municipality of Ede (Holland) has completed the migration from Microsoft Exchange to Zarafa.

Tired of the resource hungry and the limits imposed by Microsoft Exchange the municipality of Ede decided to evaluate other Collaboration solutions available on the market and Zarafa won their trust.

Convincing the Microsoft administrator to switch to Zarafa has been hard but the benefit that it would have brought to the municipality where so great that a decision had to be taken. Bart Lindenboom, Ede's IT manager, commented on it: "The Exchange administrator refused to take the Linux (and Zarafa) course and now has a different job."

Apparently Microsoft, or their resellers, are not appreciating this kind of choices so if you wish to get a big discount from Microsoft just tell them that you are about to switch to Zarafa.

That’s what consultants at Capgemini experienced earlier this year: “A large customer, with many millions of e-mail users, decided not to switch to Zarafa because Microsoft equalised the price.” But Zarafa is more than simply half the price. According to Capgemini consultant Alex van Hout, Zarafa performs many times better than Microsoft Exchange.