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News about Kopano, the best alternative to MS Exchange, Office365 and GoogleApps

Kopano collaboration platformKopano joins The Document Foundation Advisory Board

Kopano logo150x35 + The Document Foundation - LibreOffice

From The Document Foundation blog


Berlin, September 26, 2017 – The Document Foundation (TDF) announced today that Kopano, the leading European provider of open source groupware and collaboration software, has joined the project’s Advisory Board. Kopano wants to contribute to the project in areas of its expertise, for example in user experience.

Kopano is a continuation of Zarafa. It offers a platform for communication, content sharing and self-organization, is entirely modular, and provides third party software vendors with simple integration options (e.g. via widgets).

Most features and integrations are available via a browser, thanks to Kopano WebApp, while smartphones, tablets and Outlook can be connected through Z-Push – the open source implementation of the Exchange ActiveSync Protocol (EAS). Kopano’s desktop client DeskApp is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Solutions like Kopano, combined with LibreOffice, help users to free themselves from the dependency of Microsoft and other cloud software, and enable companies to retain freedom and ownership of their data and software stack.

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Kopano collaboration platformKopano Conference 2017

Kopano Conference banner 80027th and 28th of September 2017 - Arnhem (NL)

Bringing communication tools together on-premises and in the Cloud

This year's Kopano Conferences is an unmissable appointment in your diary for both current and potential partners as there will be the opportunity to learn about and experience the future of communication and collaboration platforms.

During the conference, Kopano, will present new integrations and partnerships which will allow organisations to take back complete control of their data providing a platform positioned as a full alternative to Office365 with the added benefits of being Open Source, available for both on-premises and Cloud and with having much lower costs.

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Kopano collaboration platformKopano is the new Zarafa!

After over 10 years of activity and development Zarafa decided that it was time for a new name and fresh look to mark also the moment when its flagship product has been officially released with a brand new look and features.

Kopano is not just a new identity but also a new communication platform that has been over time rewritten and modernised to compete in a "Cloudified" world.

Some may like the convenience of working on third party public Cloud applications but once they discover Kopano offers the same convenience but adds to it the freedom of integrating it with other applications, the fact that the data is back under their control and it also costs less than Office365 or G Apps then public Cloud doesn't seem that appealing any more.

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zarafa Communication PlatformZarafa WebApp 2.2 is out!

We have been following with excitement the development phases of Zarafa WebApp 2.2 as it has been a major (and long) effort to completely redesign the web interface that allows so many users to dispose of Microsoft Outlook.

At first sight WebApp 2.2 may look like a simple redesign of the graphical interface but in reality it's a complete rewrite that use modern frameworks and well documented API to facilitate customisation and integration with third party platforms.

Many improvements and new features have been added and a new plug-in architecture allows to create applets to add data and integrate with applications like SugarCRM, Twitter, Facebook and any other application that provides documented API and connectors.

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zarafa Communication PlatformZarafa releases version 7.2 of its communication platform

While, as a user, you may see the great new features introduced with Zarafa WebApp 2 (video conference, instant messaging, VoIP, email encryption, etc,,,) you may not realise immediately that behind the scenes great changes are happening.

Did you notice how fast searches are now? Have you seen that you can connect to your file sharing apps (like OwnCloud or DropBox) very easily?
This is all happening thanks the great developers that work at Zarafa providing you with the best Enterprise ready Open Source Communication platform on the market.

Here are some of the changes and features included in version 7.2.

Warning the following text contains technical language!

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zarafa logo 130x36Even your bank would like to be as secure as Zarafa

securepassA key problem for many enterprises is how to collaborate effectively and securely while on the move. Zarafa Collaboration Platform  provides a cost­ effective and reliable replacement to proprietary software such as Microsoft Exchange.

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zarafa logo 130x36Nouages? Non, le ciel est Clair

capgemini150x43A clouple of years ago Capgemini started providing services based on Zarafa as an alternative to MS Exchange. 2 years after the launch things went so well that the service has been expanded to include new services.

The new service called Clair will allow customers run services with features similar to Office365 or GoogleApps on secure and private platforms.

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zarafa logo 130x36Zarafa - Yet another email and collaboration solution?

Many wonder why they should choose Zarafa instead using the usual brands. Here we try to answer some of the questions. Do you want to ask some more? Then don't hesitate to contact us.

Isn't Microsoft Exchange good enough?

While Microsoft Exchange provides the features required by most businesses it is also quite expensive to purchase, it requires powerful servers and it doesn't allow very easily to integrate with other applications not produced by Microsoft. With the latest releases it is not even possible any more share public folders and calendars without purchasing SharePoint adding more complexity and costs.

Google Apps or Office365?

Cloud based collaboration offering may seem very interesting as you don't have to pay upfront for software and servers but comparing the costs over 2/3 years Zarafa will cost you about 50/70% less (including the infrastructure and support costs), it will allow you to keep control of your data and to integrate it with your applications.

Then, with the PRISM/NSA scandal and service downtime (wasn't the Cloud supposed to provide 100% uptime?), do you really want to give away your valuable data and pay for it?

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zarafa logo 130x36Zarafa, leading a communication revolution

It may sound a bit excessive to call it a "communication revolution" but Zarafa is actually changing the way we communicate.

There are many tools out there that allow us to communicate, send emails, chat with colleagues or clients, setup easily video conferences and participate in real time in the editing of documents. It's all great but it's all managed by large Corporations on their own infrastructure with prices that seem competitive the first year but then? Over time it will cost you more than on-premises or privately hosted solutions, you'll get the features they decide to give you, your data may be used to generate profits to somebody else and at the end of it you'll never own anything.

Zarafa wants to change the approach to one of the many IT investments your organisation needs to make and provide you with the communication tools you need and lower your costs while keeping control of your data. This is what the Zarafa Tour 2014 was all about.

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