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The Internet: a dark, cold Cloudomnissystemslogo114x50

 It's since the news about the leaked document showing that Verizon handed over telephone data that there has been a crescendo of noise about it. Then the PRISM scandal came out shortly after just to reinforce the message: your data is not yours any more.

We are very pleased that finally the media covers an issue that affects all of us both in private life and in our business as we don't know how, the data collected, will be used in future against us even if we've never done anything wrong. As we know information can be read and interpreted in different ways.

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Breaking vendor lock-in, bit by bitomnissystemslogo114x50

The Open Source Conference 2013 has been an excellent opportunity for Omnis Systems, its partners and the Public Sector delegates to exchange ideas about the future of Open Source in local and central Government institutions.

Many delegates had great experience in using Open Source based solutions while others came to learn more about it but at the end they all found that Open Source is the way forward. By removing proprietary software a large amount of resources will be available to the Public Sector: therefore enabling them to lower their costs while concentrating on providing better services.

Delegates had the opportunity, during the event, to gain a better understanding of the time and investment required to take an Open Source “Free” product and make it “Enterprise Ready”, supportable and usable in commerce and industry.  This insight included further detail on how those deploying these solutions of the future can save time and money, but retain or even improve the features and performance for their users.

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