Getting the best out of Open Source & Cloud on GCloud 6

Omnis Systems Ltd is very pleased to be part of a very promising Public Sector framework like GCloud, in its sixth iteration, as it allows us and our channel partners to help Local and Central Government organisations in combining the efficiency and cost saving of Cloud and Open Source together.

We decided to participate with complementary solutions which are just two of the many building blocks of a comprehensive strategy of modernisation which will help organisations in reducing their costs while increasing efficiency and agility thanks to Open Source and Open Standards:


Zarafa Cloud services available on GCloud 6

Zarafa can be considered as the communication hub for organisations of all sizes. It isn't simply a perfect Microsoft Exchange drop in replacement but it can also replace many features of Office365 and GoogleApps with the added benefits of reducing costs and gives you total control over your data. Being an Open Source platform with documented API it can also be integrated with your existing and future applications.

While users can continue to use Outlook as if they were connected to an Exchange server they will quite likely stop using it as they'll find the same look&feel and features in Zarafa WebApp. This will help in reducing support calls when Outlook goes wrong as it will increase the lifespan of your PCs by not using a resource hungry application like Outlook.

The integration of video conferencing, VoIP, instant messaging, presence on-line, file sharing and many other features will surely make Zarafa WebApp your preferred communication and collaboration platform.
As Public Sector organisations may deal with sensitive information and to protect the privacy of their subjects, GCloud buyers have the option of choosing where the data will be located in the UK by using Cloud infrastructures provided by our network of partners which can also provide military grade levels of security.


SecurePass Cloud services avaiòable on CGloud 6

SecurePass will surely make systems and security administrator life a lot easier. One of the downsides of Cloud is that users may need/want access to a growing number of applications which can potentially represent a security risk. How can you be sure that the user accessing your Cloud Storage, email server, CRM or even managing that firewall is actually the authorised person? Username and password unfortunately are not good enough nowadays. Giving complex password to users may result in a post-it overload around their monitors or a reuse of the same password for many more or less secure systems.
SecurePass solves the issue by providing you with a Single Sign-On solution linked to a virtual or physical One-Time Password token, as used by financial institutions, and a memorable pass phrase known only by the user.
Most Cloud application using standard authentication protocols are already integrated with SecurePass as are most networking and security devices so it's quite likely that your entire IT ecosystem is SecurePass ready.
SecurePass is trusted by banks, insurances and telcos not just because it makes their applications and infrastructures more secure but also because it simplifies identity management and security reducing risks and costs.

We are sure that our Cloud services will exceed your expectations and will help your Local or Central Government organisation providing more and better Digital services. If you are not yet familiar with the quality of our solutions then just contact us and we will provide you with free environments which will dissipate any doubt.

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