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European Parliament in Strasbourg

 Clouds reflected in the Parliament building in Strasbourg - © European Union 2013 - European Parliament. CC

US Cloud platforms potentially incompatible with GDPR

Latest reports confirm that the use of Cloud platforms owned by US corporations may lead to non compliance with GDPR and could be detrimental in the long run for EU organisations.


It’s common knowledge that Cloud platforms come with benefits but also with known risks. Compliance with various regulations, being an ever changing landscape, is generally not seen as a major risk as it's built into the sometimes tedious but necessary tasks.

In some cases your organisation's compliance with directives, regulations and international agreements is dependent on third parties and you have to make sure those third parties follow the same rules.


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GDPR Data Protection Days Luxembourg


"Suddenly" the European Regulation 16/679, better known as GDPR, has come into force. We all heard about it, many were ready for it well in advance, many are still working to make their organisation compliant but all, without exceptions, will be working to keep their organisations compliant over time.


GDPR isn't a box ticking exercise on some forms that can then be archived as "Job Done", compliance is a continuous process which must be part of any organisation's standard procedures involving current/future employees processing personal data and all the IT infrastructures, internal and third parties, that are processing data.

At the "Luxembourg Data Protection Days", of which Omnis Systems is a Gold Sponsor, we will present some of the platforms, many of which Open Source, that can help organisations taking back control of the data they are processing to allow them to be, not only more efficient and reduce their IT costs, but also capable of guaranteeing their customers they care about their Privacy.


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Owning your Cloud helps saving livesOmnis Systems Ltd

There are many situations where being in control of your infrastructure helps in actually saving lives and this is case study covers one of them.

ambiental Risk AnalyticsAmbiental Risk Analytics is a Brighton based company specialised in flood risk analysis and forecasting working with Governments around the world helping them taking pre-emptive actions to reduce the likelihood that a major disaster could cause loss of lives and to plan urban expansions keeping in consideration the terrain morphology and the hydrological implications.

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Status of Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities

It is undeniable that Open Source isn't just delivering the building blocks of our digital world but, thanks to the growing number of involved professionals, is helping in making our infrastructures more secure.
Thanks to the efforts of developers and researchers several software and hardware vulnerabilities are being constantly discovered and fixed.

One of the latest discoveries made by independent researchers, probably tipped by a presentation made by Anders Fogh at the BlackHat Conference in 2016, is that serious security flaws have been baked into computer chips for decades. It may be surprising that serious flaws may remain undiscovered for such a long time but most processors manufacturers aren't very open regarding the design of their products so it may take a lot of time and patience to tests and confirm those vulnerabilities by, nearly, blindly testing any formulated hypothesis.

Much has been and can be said about it but most of you may wonder "Should I start panicking?"

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When the UK Public Sector gets it right

 Local and Central Governments institutions have been purveyors of fine examples of catastrophic IT failures which kept IT journalist quite busy in the past few years.

 But Public Sector IT projects do not always fail and it's quite unfortunate that when there are teams that make things work as they should they don't get the due recognition.

 I’m one of those that often (very often) complains about the way the Public Sector manages projects, is unwilling to take risks and to embrace new and more efficient technologies and I heard too many times the old style CIO mantra “Nobody has ever been fired for buying ‘usual vendors’”.


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Lowering your energy costs with innovation

I've spotted an article published and recently updated by Jisc about ICT energy costs reduction which stated that universities and colleges spend about £147 million a year just in ICT related energy costs.

The article rightly recommended various methods to save energy but there is a limit to what it can be saved if organisations keep using the same tools. While I agree with many of the recommendations present in the article I think that Jisc forgot mention an important one before promoting its own Cloud services.

Changes needs to be made in the education sector, like many other sectors, and probably we can find the solutions where efficiency matters the most.

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Getting the best out of Open Source & Cloud on GCloud 6

Omnis Systems Ltd is very pleased to be part of a very promising Public Sector framework like GCloud, in its sixth iteration, as it allows us and our channel partners to help Local and Central Government organisations in combining the efficiency and cost saving of Cloud and Open Source together.

We decided to participate with complementary solutions which are just two of the many building blocks of a comprehensive strategy of modernisation which will help organisations in reducing their costs while increasing efficiency and agility thanks to Open Source and Open Standards:

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The Open Source, the Cloud and your Business Conference held in Brighton the 18th of November 2014 has surely been an exciting and satisfying experience for both the organisers and the delegates.

The event had the objective of presenting some of the opportunities presented by Cloud services, but also the risks and the costs involved, and the Open Source alternatives available to "legacy" solutions that may help in reducing costs and complexity of in-house deployments. The point was to provide show participants that there are valid alternatives to what "mainstream" IT providers are offering and allow them to ask the right questions when offered IT products and services.

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Univention Logo180x45Avoid Cloud Service Lock-in and Encourage Long-Term Innovation

Amazon web servicesLast month Amazon launched it’s Active Directory Service for Amazon Web Services, the word’s leading cloud offering from Amazon. This new service is based on the well-known and industry-proven open source software, Samba 4, which is not new and which we at Univention have used for years to provide our customers with Active Directory service compatible to Microsoft and Microsoft Windows clients. Amazon also launched a connector to existing Active Directories that corporate customers typically run on premises to manage their identities, roles and rights. Together these two new services will enable enterprises to use the same identities and associated rights with all services and applications they run in the Amazon cloud and in their classical on premises IT infrastructure. At a first glance this news sounds like it will be easier to use, with less administrative effort from users and far better security.

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