Boot storm? Not in my VDI!

What is a Boot Storm?Virtual Bridges VERDE - The way VDI should be done

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In the world of IT, marketing folks like to come up with interesting and “clever” terms to describe things. That’s why IT admins like to play IT Buzzword Bingo at trade shows during keynote presentations or breakouts. As long as no one yells out BINGO during the session, everyone wins!

Sometimes, these colorful words make sense. Other times, not so much. But either way, they usually at least sound good. And if you weave in an acronym, that’s like double word score in Scrabble.

Today, we’re talking about a buzzword that gets tossed around a lot during VDI and desktop virtualization discussions: Boot Storm.

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Press conference at the University of Parma

Press conference to present the new VDI projectVirtual Bridges VERDE - The way VDI should be done

The University of Parma organised a press conference, held today 18/10/2013, to present their new VDI  project which will allow its students to access the latest software while reducing management and support costs.

Desktop virtualisation is one of the elements that form CERD's (the University's centre for research and teaching) strategy to provide the most innovative and highest quality of teaching instruments.

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Virtual Bridges VERDE case study - University of Milan

Major Italian university chooses VERDEVirtual Bridges VERDE - The way VDI should be done

Virtual Bridges VERDE is the VDI solution of choice in the private and public sector but is growing fast also in the educational sector. As it combines the flexibility and cost effectiveness of Open Source solutions with the enterprise grade features and scalability is considered a better choice than "zero cost license" projects.

The department of Mathematics “Federigo Enriques” of the University of Milan uses Virtual Bridges VERDE  in an environment that requires support for both Windows and Linux under heavy workloads generated by mathematical and statistical simulation applications.

“In day to day use you can see the real limits of 'zero license cost' in-house made projects. With the introduction of commercially supported solutions based on Open Source platforms like Virtual Bridges VERDE we get the best of the technologies available as a ready to use solution.” - Dr. Alessio A. Alessi

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Virtual Bridges VERDE case study - ITSE "Capitini"

With Virtual Bridges, VDI, is affordable also for small organisationsVirtual Bridges VERDE - The way VDI should be done

Desktop Virtualisation could be a complex and an expensive business to deal with but once again Virtual Bridge proves to be ahead of the competition by lowering the costs and by simplifying the management of the infrastructure. The following case study is just a small example that shows how it's possible even for SMEs and small educational organisations to reduce costs while improving the quality of service and allow for secure mobility of their users.

The Institute of Technology and Economics “Aldo Capitini” is a renowned college that has adapted its courses to satisfy the requirements of a local market comprised of SMEs which need well trained employees in the IT, Economics and Linguistic sectors.

"We couldn’t believe that we could improve the services we provide, simplify the management of our training rooms and reduce our costs from day one. We now know that it is possible with VERDE" — Capitini

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Virtual Bridges VERDE, you ask we deliver

Virtual Bridges VDI Gen2

Virtual Bridges listens to its customers and delivers

Multi-Tenancy and Roles-Based Delegation Solve Biggest Management Challenges Facing Large Enterprises and MSPs

Virtual Bridges, Inc. today announced general availability of its desktop cloud solution, featuring fully-integrated, multi-tenant operations. Designed to support the multi billion cloud-based virtual desktop market, Virtual Bridges VERDE is ideal for enterprises with distributed operations that want to provide high-quality, affordable desktop clouds to end user devices as well as Managed Service Providers (MSPs) offering a Desktop Cloud-as-a-Service.

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VERDE VDI is the first IBM PureSystems certified solution

Virtual Bridges VDI Gen2

Another first for Virtual Bridges VERDE!

Virtual Bridges, Inc. today announced it is the first desktop virtualization infrastructure (VDI) solution to be certified as “Ready for IBM PureSystems,” enabling customers to simplify and accelerate the deployment of employee applications and virtual desktops across the enterprise in a secure manner to any device.

This certification validates Virtual Bridges’ ability to integrate tightly with IBM PureSystems, providing customers the flexibility of a general purpose system that is as elastic as the cloud but as simple as an appliance.

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VDI: when a picture is worth a thousand words

Virtual Bridges VDI Gen2

Find it difficult to choose between VDI solutions?

How many VDI and DaaS projects have been put on hold because of budget and complexity issues?

The so called main VDI players are trying to convince you that their VDI solution is the best, they lower their licensing costs trying to make it affordable but you are still not confident there will be any ROI.

What about looking at the real picture and choose a solution that makes VDI really affordable, scalable and easy to manage for organisation of all sizes?

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VERDE, not just VDI but a Desktop Cloud Fabric

Virtual Bridges VDI Gen2

Is DCF the new VDI?

So what exactly do we mean by “Desktop Cloud Fabric?”  It’s easy to say it’s the successor to VDI, but we know you are way too savvy to let us get away with not elaborating on that further.

So let’s set the stage a bit.  It’s easy to think of “cloud” as this overused buzzword for most types of network-delivered services these days; and quite frankly, it’s nebulous (pun intended).  But these services don’t just materialize out of thin air — they have to be hosted on something.  And hosted doesn’t necessarily mean it’s something Google or Amazon controls and delivers to your browser — it means the infrastructure that these services originate from.

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Linux VDI & DaaS

Virtual Bridges VDI Gen2

Can you do Linux with that VDI?

Doing VDI with Linux and Virtual Bridges VERDE

Linux VDI is a number of things, the most obvious thing is being able to use Linux based clients to access remote virtual desktops that could either be workstations that are fixed or re-purposed workstations that are just being used as thin clients.

It could even be an actual thin client that is Linux based, Praim Atomino with its VERDE optimised ThinOX is a very good example.
But that’s where most desktop virtualization vendors draw the line as to what they support for a Linux based VDI.

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