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NComputing VERDE - VDI and DaaS for organisations of all sizesReferences and case studies

Many organisations are benefiting from the use of NComputing VERDE VDI with both on-site installation and Cloud/managed infrastructures.

This is just a small selection of VERDE's reference cases:


US Department of Defence

VERDE helps us reduce capital expenses by providing support for Windows thin clients running virtual Linux desktops. In addition, by enabling our department to move desktops into the secure data centre and isolate access based on need or clearance level, the solution significantly improves security.

Representative from the U.S. Department of Defence, Military

pdf Case study for the US Department of Defence (296 KB)

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

VERDE has a small footprint, is easy to configure, and has many installation options. In fact, we experience that users fail to become aware if they are using a virtual desktop or a real desktop, or a mixture of both. As far as we can see it, VERDE does  the job

Dr. Werner Degenhardt
Academic Director and the CIO for the Faculty, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

pdf Case study for the Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich (850 KB)

UniMILogo The department of Mathematics “Federigo Enriques” of the University of Milan uses VERDE in an environment that requires support for both Windows and Linux under heavy workloads generated by mathematical and statistical simulation applications.

pdf VERDE case study - University of Milan (178 KB)

Virtual Bridges case study Ist Tecnico Capitini The Institute of Technology and Economics “Aldo Capitini” is a renowned college that has adapted its courses to satisfy the requirements of a local market comprised of SMEs which need well trained employees in the IT, Economics and Linguistic sectors.
Being a small College but with 6 training classes with about 30 PCs in each room, Capitini was looking for a solution that was easily managed by their internal IT staff and highly scalable, yet still provided a cost that would fit within their limited budgets.

Having extensively tested VMWare View, Citrix XenDesktop and VERDE Workstation side-by-side, Capitini has chosen the latter as it satisfied and exceeded all their requirements.

pdf VERDE case study - Ist. Tecnico A. Capitini (143 KB)

ICERM at Brown University This team of researchers is highly transient and requires an extremely customizable tool set of applications. Rather than configure each individual device based on standard policies then address customization requests, ICERM sought a technology partner that offered a flexible, easy-to-manage desktop virtualisation solution to reduce maintenance costs and man-hours.

pdf Virtual Bridges case study - ICERM (616 KB)

API API needed a uniform infrastructure that would support the transition of most of its workstations to thin clients with more affordable and reliable services and accommodate a considerable number of constantly mobile laptop users across its Roma headquarters and Falconara refinery.

pdf VERDE case study - API (333 KB)


Taking advantage of the stability of VERDE technology combined with the ability to remotely administer systems via Unix has made McDonald’s exceptionally successful in their IT strategies.

pdf VERDE case study - McDonalds (178 KB)

More case studies will be available soon.