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The VDI that satisfies both the CTO and the CFOVERDE - Cost effective Windows and Linux desktop virtualisation

Many organisations haven't taken in consideration VDI as they thought that, adding licensing costs from many vendors and expensive SANs, it would have been prohibitively expensive for them.

NComputing VERDE removed to cost barrier by developing more efficient technologies that make SANs unnecessary and it includes all the features you need to deliver a dependable Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with superb user experience.

 VERDE market positioning

VERDE VDI and the competition

Here are just a few benefits that a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure based on VERDE will bring to your company:

Financial Rationalization

  • Reduce TCO (CAPEX and OPEX) and improve hardware utilization allowing to consolidate more users on fewer servers
  • Improve time to value via one-click provisioning and reduce deployment costs by up to 60%
  • Reduce help desk costs using Gold Master Image technology to deliver applications, patches, updates without disrupting users
  • Future-proof your enterprise by leveraging on your existing infrastructure investments

Improve IT Support & Operational Efficiency

  • Increase control and visibility with one unified management console and configurable reports (capacity and historical data, user and administrator events, desktop and application activity, and more)
  • Standardize/automate provisioning processes regardless of desktop hardware or operating system
  • Increase business agility by supporting connectivity from almost any client (PC, Mac, thin-client, workstation) as well as mobile and branch workers

Deliver Consistent Experience for the Desktop

  • Ensure consistent user experience over a wide range of devices and in geographically distributed environments
  • Easily create optimised Golden Images to satisfy specific user requirements
  • Improve productivity by delivering “LAN-like” performance to branch office users

Reduce Risk with Enhanced Security & Compliance

  • Minimize security concerns with role/task-based provisioning and user/group policies
  • Reduce risk with native malware resistance for all virtual desktop sessions
  • Provide secure remote access to user desktops and applications with enhanced endpoint security

Deliver Desktop as a Public/Private Cloud Service

  • Streamline migration path to cloud computing from old model to enterprise on-premise model to hosted model
  • Choose from on-premise, hosted and federated deployment options with guaranteed SLAs