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Kopano - The best alternative to Microsoft Exchange and Office365Kopano - Yet another email and collaboration solution?

Many wonder why they should choose Kopano instead using the usual brands. Here we try to answer some of the questions. Do you want to ask some more? Then don't hesitate to contact us.

Isn't Microsoft Exchange good enough?

While Microsoft Exchange provides the features required by most businesses it is also quite expensive to purchase, it requires powerful servers and it doesn't allow very easily to integrate with other applications not produced by Microsoft. With the latest releases it is not even possible any more share public folders and calendars without purchasing SharePoint adding more complexity and costs.

Google Apps or Office365?

Cloud based collaboration offering may seem very interesting as you don't have to pay upfront for software and servers but comparing the costs over 2/3 years Kopano will cost you about 50/70% less (including the infrastructure and support costs), it will allow you to keep control of your data and to integrate it with your applications.

Kopano already includes video conference, instant messaging, secure file sharing, email encryption and many more features. It's faster, it requires little maintenance and HW resources, it requires lower investments than Cloud based products so why choosing something else?

Then, with the recent and ongoing PRISM/NSA scandal and Cloud services downtime (wasn't the Cloud supposed to provide 100% uptime?), do you really want to give away your valuable data and pay for it?

Does it make sense to have a local server?

It really depends on the type, the size and the structure of company.
If most of your users are working off-site and you have only a basic ADSL then one of our local or international partners can provide you with your hosted version. It will cost the same as other fully featured "Cloud" services but at least you'll own your data and can easily migrate the entire Kopano infrastructure, very easily, on-site or to another provider.

If you have most of your users in your main office and/or you have business grade connectivity then it makes sense to keep the traffic local. Even if you want to keep you local infrastructure as lean as possible you'll need a firewall and a local storage. In that case running Kopano on the same box as the firewall or the storage or combine everything in one low cost solution is very efficient and secure. SMBs may find the Collax Business Server, which integrates Kopano, a perfect solution for their needs.

But I love Outlook!

We understand that you want to use the tools you are familiar with so rest assured that you will be able to keep Outlook and use it as if it was connected to a MS Exchange server. The main differences you'll see is that it will feel more responsive and it will cost you a lot less.
Then we are sure that you'll fall in love with Kopano WebApp as you'll get the Outlook features you need in a web browser.


You can use any device you like as long as you have connectivity if you wish to use Kopano WebApp. Most of the other devices will synchronise natively with Kopano as it's seen as a Microsoft Exchange server so you'll be able to work both on-line and off-line.

Open what?

Like most of the solutions on this web site, Kopano, is based on Open Source technologies but Kopano is also the name of the company that develops the product and guarantees the quality, the support and the development of the enterprise features your organisation require.

Kopano is also a bit yours as, apart from the commercial version, they release free Community versions and provide patches and feedbacks to the Open Source community in general.

So if it's Open Source it's free!

Kopano releases a Community version that you can use and you can ask the community if you need support.

If you are already paying Microsoft a considerable amount of money for the privilege of using Outlook or Active Directory, with which Kopano seamlessly integrates, then we are sure you will not mind supporting Kopano with a very small maintenance fee.

If you consider the savings in licensing, the low hardware requirements and the possibility of finally integrating your communication platform with the rest of your applications then you'll see that Kopano will be yours practically for free.

Who's Kopano?

Kopano is not a new start-up from Silicon Valley, it's a well established privately owned Dutch company that started in 2005 under the name of Zarafa with the precise intent to develop an alternative to MS Exchange. Over the years it has kept its focus and it kept providing what is today not just the best alternative to MS Exchange but a better solution than Cloud offerings.

Recently the organisation rebranded, from Zarafa to Kopano, to mark a new direction of the company as is its intention to "unite", that's the meaning of the word in Botswana, all collaboration and communication tools in an easy to use platform.