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File sharing and synchronisationKopano - The best alternative to Microsoft Exchange and Office365

Kopano Files - Managing your documents within your collaboration platform

With Kopano Files you can boosts your productivity by sharing and retrieving documents, using your existing storage solutions, right from the WebApp interface. You can work together on files and projects, with team members within your office and with external users.

You can integrate Kopano Files with your existing files shares, document management systems or your preferred Cloud based file sharing platforms. If you want to share files keeping control of their location and security why not trying NextCloud?

Your files where you need them

Your files where you need them

Files integrates perfectly with all the email and calendaring features WebApp has to offer. Creating a new email with the latest version of a presentation is easy: it can be done in just a few clicks without having to download it first.

Storing an incoming file is just as easy. Any attachment can be saved to your existing company network storage where it can be shared with your co-workers. And it works from any browser, anywhere.
Attaching large files

Attaching large files

Sending large email attachments can be a hassle. Kopano Files helps you transfer these big files to any recipient, without filling up mailboxes and overloading email servers.

There is no need for any additional tools: attachments can be stored on your WebApp server and made available to the recipients for as long as you wish.
Keep control of your data

Keep control of your data

Kopano Files integrates with most storage platforms and protocols to allow you to access the documents you need regardless of the location and the type of infrastructure used.

One of Kopano users preferred platforms is surely NextCloud as it provides a service very similar to DropBox, Box, Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive but from your own in-house infrastructure or your Private Cloud giving back to you the full control of your data.

Kopano Files powered by NextCloud allows you to synchronise files with Windows, OS X, iOS, Android and Linux devices satisfying the requirements of all types of organisations.