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Folder 1CRM, much more than a CRM

1CRM, much more than a CRM

1CRM combines the power of the best CRM features with all the tools you need to manage a sales and support cycle.

Folder Collax - Flexible IT

Collax - Flexible IT

Collax simplifies the management of the most complex server configurations. If you want to replace Microsoft Small Business Server, secure your network or virtualise your servers then Collax has got the solutions you need.

Folder Kopano


Kopano Collaboration Platform allows you to benefit from MS Exchange, Office365, G Apps features while reducing your costs and giving you back full control over your data.

Folder NComputing VERDE VDI

NComputing VERDE VDI

NComputing VERDE (Virtual Enterprise Remote Desktop Environment) is a complete desktop virtualisation platform that removes the complexity and the cost traditionally associated with other VDI solutions.

Folder NextCloud secure file sync and sharing

NextCloud secure file sync and sharing

NextCloud does provide the same ease of use as other Cloud services but with the big difference that you own it, you fully control the data, it provides the highest standards of security and it's Open Source.

Folder OnApp enterprise Cloud

OnApp enterprise Cloud

OnApp Enterprise Cloud transforms your IT infrastructure into a fast, intuitive and highly automated cloud environment where workloads can be deployed, managed, scaled and migrated across servers, clusters and multiple private and third party clouds.

Folder SEP Sesam

SEP Sesam

Datasheets related to the backup and disaster recovery solution SEP Sesam

Folder Univention - Open Management tools

Univention - Open Management tools

Documents related to Univention the Open Source infrastructure management platform