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Collax Inter-V - Clustering made simple

Collax FlexibleITCreate clusters in few clicks

 Collax Inter-V cluster managementInter-V is an add-on module that allows your V-Cube to create and manage a cluster of servers very easily.

A cluster of servers based on Collax V-Cube can be set-up very easily:

  • Take two or more machines
  • Add Collax V-Cube - installation takes about 10 minutes
  • Add the Collax Inter-V (clustering module) - a few clicks and 5 minutes
  • Connect to your iSCSI SAN 

Ready to go with a cluster of servers!

General features:

  • Set-up in a few clicks
  • Centralised web management
  • Unlimited number of nodes
  • It doesn't require a management node
  • Seamless live migration between nodes
  • Supports iSCSI targets
  • Configurable as a "SANless" HA using V-SAN (2 nodes)
  • Automatic fail-over and VMs migration
  • Integrated Backup, Restore and V-Recovery feature
  • Includes P2V and V2P (Physical to Virtual e Virtual to Physical) migration tools
You can test the Inter-V features by default downloading a free version.

The free version will allow you to evaluate Collax V-Cube's features. To activate its modules please contact us to request a temporary activation key.

Collax V-Cube

The virtualisation solution for SMEsCollax FlexibleIT Logo

Collax V-Cube - virtualisation, high availability and clusteringCollax V-Cube represents, for small to medium sized companies, the opportunity of benefiting from the same virtualisation solutions used by large organisations but at a fraction of the cost.

V-Cube is based on technologies supported by other known brands like RedHat, IBM or Intel but optimised and adapted to satisfy the requirements of smaller infrastructures. Set-up and management are so simple that can take less than half an hour, for a technician not specialised in virtualisation technologies, to install a Collax V-Cube.

Thanks to the provided migration tools existing servers can be consolidated on the V-Cube virtualisation environment with very little downtime.

Collax's virtualisation platform is performing a lot better than the competition so many companies migrate to it, even from free of charge platforms (like VMware ESXi, Xen Server and Microsoft Hyper-V), as they can fit more virtual servers on the same hardware. Then being managed by just using a browser it makes it easier to support it from wherever you are.

The following graphic shows Collax V-Cube's architecture:

V-Cube virtualisation architecture with KVM

V-Cube can operate as a single server, as a highly available configuration or as a cluster with hundreds of nodes thanks to the Inter-V and the V-SAN modules.

General features:

  • Installation can be done in few minutes
  • Centralised web management
  • Unlimited number of virtual machines
  • Nearly zero performance loss compared to physical installation
  • Memory usage optimisation and reduction with KSM (Kernel Samepage Merging)
  • Natively supports Thin Provisioning and memory overcommitment
  • You can assign a PCI device, serial or USB port to a specific VM
  • Seamless live migration
  • Live VM snapshots
  • Fast VM deployment with templates
  • Supports VMWare Server/Workstation disk images
  • No need for dedicated control node
  • You can natively exchange disk images with RedHat Enterprise Virtualisation servers
  • Integrated Backup, Restore and Disaster Recovery tools
  • Includes P2V and V2P (Physical to Virtual and Virtual to Physical) migration tools


Following this link you can download a trial version of Collax V-Cube.

To activate the clustering and high availability features contact us to obtain a trial activation key.

Collax V-Family - Virtualisation, HA and Clustering

Collax FlexibleITVirtualisation, High Availability & Clustering

 Whether you look to consolidate your IT infrastructure or to reduce your single server downtime, in case of hardware failure, server virtualisation is generally a very good option.

Brands like VMWare, Xen and RedHat are quite good in providing solutions for medium to large companies with the large budgets required to cover licensing, infrastructure and highly specialised consultancy costs so SMEs are, often, not even considering server virtualisation as they expect costs to be well above their expenditure targets.

Collax, with its V-Cube virtualisation platform and its add-on modules, put within SMEs' reach those solutions by not only reducing the costs but also by increasing their efficiency and simplifying their management.

Collax V-Cube can by used as a single server virtualisation platform to host your Linux and Windows servers or, with the Inter-V module, as a complete clustered solution.

Adding the V-Store modules, configured on 2 servers, your company will be able to keep working even if one of the servers develops a fault as all your virtual servers will move automatically on the other server. During normal operation the servers will share the load increasing the lifespan of your physical IT infrastructure.

Collax V-Cube

Collax V-Cube

Virtualisation platform
  • 32/64bit virtualisation environment
  • Unlimited virtual machines
  • Local and iSCSI storage
  • Thin Provisioning
  • Memory usage optimisation (KSM)
  • PCI Passthrough
  • Serial and USB ports redirection
  • P2V/V2P migration tool
  • Web based management
  • Integrated backup, restore and DR
  • Automatic snapshots

Collax Inter-V

Inter-V Clustering extension

Clustering extension
  • Single management interface
  • Live migration tools
  • High availability
  • NFS, iSCSI, FC SAN storage
  • Integrated virtual switches
  • Channel bonding

Collax V-SAN

V-Store Embedded SAN

Embedded SAN
  • SANless configuration
  • VMs running from local storage
  • Reduces infrastructure costs
  • Increases VMs performances
  • Real time data replication between nodes
  • Fast live migration between nodes
  • Storage on Cluster File System (OCFS2)

Collax V-SAN - SANless high availability

Collax FlexibleITCollax V-SAN - SANless high availability

V-Store embedded SANMost highly available (HA) configurations require separate shared storage units that allows to restart the virtual machines on the other node. Those units, called SAN (Storage Area Network) are connected with Fiber Channel or InfiniBand links and can be very complex to manage and expensive putting them out of reach of small and medium size company's budgets.

The Embedded SAN solution provided by the Collax V-SAN module eliminates complexity, reduces costs and increases the performances making it an excellent solution for small companies or departmental requirements.

With Collax V-SAN creates a shared virtual storage using the local drives, which is seen by both servers as a single large disk, so you can install an run your Windows or Linux virtual machines on each server.

Collax Highly Available Configuration

With near to zero loss of performances, V-SAN, replicates in real time every bit written on the Embedded SAN so even it the event of a server failure the other node will restart the VMs with no loss of data.

Collax Highly Available Configuration FailOver

pdf competitive analisys between Collax V-Cube, VMWare VSphere 5.0 and Microsoft Hyper-V 2008 R2 (665 KB) allows you to verify that, Collax V-Cube with its modules, will satisfy your requirements reducing costs and increasing the availability of your business critical applications.

This kind of configuration, with 2 active servers or low power appliances, with VMWare could cost you easily £20000 while with Collax and including hardware you'll need to invest only a quarter of that.

General features:

  • Installation can be done in few clicks
  • Centralised web management
  • No need for dedicated control node
  • Live migration delle macchine virtuali tra i nodi
  • It doesn't not require external SAN storage units
  • Increased data throughput (10+GBit/s)
  • Supports Oracle Cluster File System (OCFS2)
  • Real time data replication
  • Automatic failover
  • Integrated Backup, Restore and V-Recovery feature
  • Includes P2V and V2P (Physical to Virtual e Virtual to Physical) migration tools
You can test the V-SAN features by default downloading a free version .

The free version will allow you to evaluate Collax V-Cube's features.

To activate the Inter-V and V-Store modules please contact us to request a temporary activation key.

Collax's family of products

Collax, your IT infrastructureCollax FlexibleIT_Logo

Collax has been making system administrators' life a lot easier for many years by standardising and simplifying the management of Linux servers. There is no need to edit complex configuration files or manage many servers with different Linux distributions and versions.

As Collax produces a family of products, covering most of the requirements SMEs may have, the interfaces and the methodologies used are very similar so once you learned how to use one product all the others are a lot easier to learn than having to deal with different manufacturers with different web interfaces.

Not just a Linux server management console

Collax Configuration Report

While most users will just notice a professionally designed web interface there is a lot more to it. To guarantee maximum uptime for your infrastructure Collax runs its own software repository where all the packages of its Debian based distribution are tested for bugs and compatibility with other add-on software that you may have installed on your Collax server.

A team of engineers is constantly busy developing new features and improving existing ones so that you can enjoy the robustness, efficiency and cost savings a Linux platform can deliver without the management complexity.

With Collax products you have also the peace of mind that all configurations are well documented as it creates for you a report containing every single service running on the infrastructure.

A family of products for all your needs

Collax's family of products is divided in 3 macro categories with aggregated features that can be activated depending on your specific needs:



Software appliances for collaboration, security and remote access

Collax Business Server

Collax Business Server

For all your communication needs

Collax Security Gateway

Collax Security Gateway

Security and VPNs

Modular appliance

Any service you need, available in few minutes

Collax Platform Server

Collax Platform Server

Your modular choice

  • Commnication (E-mail, Fax, IM)
  • E-mail archival (legally recognised)
  • Network Storage
  • Network backup
  • Network monitoring (local and remote)
  • Web Application
  • VPN SSL and IPSec

  • Net Security
  • Mail Security
  • Web Security
  • Advanced Web filtering
  • IDS and IPS
  • Zarafa groupware
  • Info@Hand CRBM
  • SugarCRM
  • Your web application?


Here are just some of the rewards won by Collax:


Collax recommendations

Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities

Status of Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities

It is undeniable that Open Source isn't just delivering the building blocks of our digital world but, thanks to the growing number of involved professionals, is helping in making our infrastructures more secure.
Thanks to the efforts of developers and researchers several software and hardware vulnerabilities are being constantly discovered and fixed.

One of the latest discoveries made by independent researchers, probably tipped by a presentation made by Anders Fogh at the BlackHat Conference in 2016, is that serious security flaws have been baked into computer chips for decades. It may be surprising that serious flaws may remain undiscovered for such a long time but most processors manufacturers aren't very open regarding the design of their products so it may take a lot of time and patience to tests and confirm those vulnerabilities by, nearly, blindly testing any formulated hypothesis.

Much has been and can be said about it but most of you may wonder "Should I start panicking?"

OnApp enterprise Cloud

OnApp: the Cloud your organisation needsOnApp Enterprise Cloud


  • OnApp in numbers
  • OnApp the best Cloud for your organisation
  • OnApp adapts to market conditions
  • OnApp service and data federation
  • OnApp in numbers
  • OnApp the best Cloud for your organisation
  • OnApp adapts to market conditions
  • OnApp service and data federation


Cloud is one of the many marketing terms recently created to promote a service or a product which in this case is referred to any service that is hosted on third party infrastructure.

OnApp delivers to you the original meaning of Cloud by providing you with a platform that provides resources on demand, it can scale easily using on-premises and distributed infrastructures and it works as metered services to measure and distribute costs across departments.

In short: OnApp is the Cloud you can own and it costs less than renting one.


A single pane of glass to run your Private Cloud

A single pane of glass to run your Private Cloud

Running your own Cloud is now as simple as renting somebody else's infrastructure with the advantage that you are in control of your data while at the same time you are lowering your costs.

All the computing, networking and storage resources are managed and monitored from a single web interface ready to be assigned to your workloads.
Going beyond your local infrastructure

Going beyond your local infrastructure

With OnApp you are not constrained by your local infrastructure like with your old virtualisation environment.

OnApp helps you creating Hybrid Cloud configurations using your office locations and data centres, you can federate with OnApp service providers around the world to distribute your Internet facing services wherever you need them to be and you can manage your existing AWS instances from a single pane of glass.
A lot more than HCI

A lot more than HCI

OnApp takes care of managing local and remote compute, storage and network resources for you providing you with a truly scalable and easy to use hyperconverged platform.

Unlike other HCI platforms, OnApp, isn't limited to a few standardised appliances, you can choose the nodes configurations that best suits your compute and storage needs, you can even hot plug/swap drives at any time if you need more storage without replacing the nodes.
Manage your Cloud from wherever you are

Manage your Cloud from wherever you are

As a true Cloud platform OnApp allows your to monitor and take action wherever you are. You can use the OnApp Control Panel or the provided apps for Android, iPhone and iPad.

Need to access OnApp from other types of devices or your own management platform?
By leveraging OnApp's APIs you can perform any action available on the Control Panel from your own applications.


For more information download the following datasheets and contact us to organise a webinar.

OnApp Intel Cloud Onapp Intel Enterprise Cloud datasheet

OnApp Cloud PlatformOnApp Cloud platform datasheet

OnApp i componenti del vostro Cloud

Il Cloud semplice e modulareOnApp Enterprise Cloud

OnApp Cloud building blocks

Come sappiamo il Cloud è fatto di server e cavi di rete ma alcune infrastrutture sono più efficienti di altre. Con i Cloud Blocks di Intel potete iniziare a creare un vostro Cloud Privato con uno chassis a 2 unità che vi permetterà poi di far crescere la vostra infrastruttura quanto volete. Tutte le risorse di cui avete bisogno, come capacità di calcole e di archiviazione, sono già incluse e non avrete bisogno di acquistare costose SAN esterne.


Configurazione efficiente e modulare

Contenuti nel vostro primo Cloud Block di Intel troverete i 4 componenti iniziali, 1 Pannello di Controllo, 1 per il backup e 2 nodi ibridi di calcolo e storage*.

Intel OnApp Cloud Block
Una volta installato questo primo componente, che nel caso di PMI potrebbe anche essere l'unico necessario, potrete far crescere il vostro Cloud aggiungendo altri moduli configurati per soddisfare le vostre esigenze.

A seconda delle necessità potrete scegliere, per ogni nodo, CPU che vanno da 8 a 24 core (2 CPU per nodo), installare fino ad 1TB di RAM e 6 dischi standard od un mix di SSD e NVMe. Se volete iniziare subito con 4 nodi dedicati al vostro Cloud sia il nodo di controllo che quello di backup possono essere installati separatamente in server a 1 unità.


Configurazioni per PMI e filiali

Configurazioni per PMI e filiali

Una configurazione compatta ed economica per piccole aziende ed uffici remoti. Se non avete applicazioni che scrivono in modo intensivo sullo storage distribuito potete anche utilizzare adattatori di rete da 1Gb (almeno 4) per sincronizzare i dati tra i vari nodi riducendo ulteriormente l'investimento-

Questo è tutto quello di cui avete bisogno per il vostro primo Cloud Privato
Cloud Enterprise

Cloud Enterprise

In ambiente di tipo Enterprise dove database ed altre applicazioni scrivono ed accedono a grandi quantità di dati, raccomandiamo di utilizzare adattatori di rete da 10Gb o 40Gb.
Se avete optato per storage SSD o NVMe è sicuramente meglio configurare la rete con NIC a 40Gb per evitare che rallenti le operazioni di scrittura e replica.

E' un investimento che è comunque più basso di una configurazione basata su VMWare ed una SAN esterna e permette di espandere il vostro Cloud Privato molto facilmente.
Le configurazioni adatte alle vostre esigenze

Le configurazioni adatte alle vostre esigenze

A seconda delle vostre esigenze potete decidere quali componenti si adattino meglio ai vostri carichi di lavoro.

Potreste voler separare alcuni dei componenti di OnApp, come il pannello di controllo ed il nodo di backup su nodi dedicati o archiviare i vostri dati su nodi di storage che supportano 72 dischi.

Con OnApp potete estendere e modellare il vostro Cloud come volete.
Iperconvergenza ed automazione

Iperconvergenza ed automazione

L'iperconvergenza è il modello di base del Cloud ed OnApp ne rende la gestione ancora più facile.
Tutti gli elementi della vostra infrastruttura vi vengono presentati come risorse (CPU, RAM e storage) che voi potete allocare ai vostri carichi di lavoro come fareste con qualsiasi altro Cloud provider.

Tutti i tool di gestione necessari per trasformare un'infrastruttura iperconvergente in Cloud con automazione della gestione dei guasti nel caso di malfunzionamento di un disco, un nodo od un'intero data centre sono presi in carico da OnApp.


Per ulteriori informazioni scaricate i datasheet seguenti e contattateci per organizzare un webinar.

OnApp Intel Cloud Onapp Intel Enterprise Cloud datasheet

OnApp Cloud PlatformOnApp Cloud platform datasheet

OnApp Intel HCIOnApp Intel HCI datasheet
OnApp Software Defined StorageOnApp Software Defined Storage
* Nota: l'immagine non mostra la configurazione di rete raccomandata. Un minimo di 4 x 1Gb NIC sono necessarie per la replicazione dei dati in configurazioni per PMI o ROBO. Almeno 1 x 10GB per nodo è raccomandata per carichi di lavoro per aziende medio grandi.

OnApp il vostro Cloud Privato

Con OnApp il Cloud diventa vostroOnApp Enterprise Cloud

OnApp Enterprise Cloud Diagram


Dimenticatevi dei costi e delle complessità dei sistemi di virtualizzazione legacy o del modello di affitto perenne del Cloud Pubblico.

Adesso essere i proprietari del vostro Cloud richiede investimenti molto contenuti e non necessità di un team di specialisti per gestirlo.

Se stavate considerando il Cloud perchè cercavate una soluzione che vi permetta di gestire i vostri carichi di lavoro senza preoccuparvi dell'infrastruttura allora avete trovato quello che cercate con OnApp. E' facile da gestire quanto il Cloud pubblico ed adesso può essere vostro ad un costo nettamente inferiore che affittare server da terze parti o installare una infrastruttura di virtualizzazione come VMWare.

Un case study recente ha dimostrato che l'investimento necessario ad acquisire un Cloud Privato con OnApp è equivalente a 3 mesi di affitto di una piattaforma di Cloud pubblico.


Le VM che ti servono in pochi click

Le VM che ti servono in pochi click

Potete creare macchine virtuali scegliendo quelle che vi servono da una collezione di centinaia di templete che potete personalizzare o potete caricare le ISO o VM in formato OVA nell'eventualità che quello che cercate non sia disponibile.

"Ricette" di preconfigurazione, template personalizzati ed altri strumenti di automazione rende la gestione delle macchine virtuali semplice e veloce.
Fate contenti i DevOps con Docker e Kubernetes

Fate contenti i DevOps con Docker e Kubernetes

I Container Servers di OnApp mettono a disposizione gli strumenti che servono ai team che preferiscono combinare varie metodologie di gestione delle piattaforme e di sviluppo denominate "DevOps".

Docker e Kubernetes vengono gestiti in modo semplice con CoreOS permettendo ai vostri sviluppatori di concentrarsi sul risultato finale e non sulla parte di gestione infrastrutturale.
Applicazioni pronte all'uso

Applicazioni pronte all'uso

Il componente Application Server di OnApp vi permette di accedere ad una libreria di centinaia di applicazioni web autoconfigurabili e pronte all'uso per utilizzare il vostro Cloud Privato come una Platform as a Service (PaaS) o erogare Software as a Service (SaaS).

Come sul Cloud Pubblico potete cliccare sull'applicazione che desiderate attivare e dopo aver fornito pochi parametri è pronta all'uso, nessun bisogno di seguire complessi processi di installazione.
Una piattaforma multi-Cloud

Una piattaforma multi-Cloud

OnApp è stato creato per integrarsi con piattaforme esistenti
Se state modernizzando la vostra infrastruttura con OnApp ma avete ancora una cluster VMWare, potete integrare i due sistemi e gestirli entrambe tramite il Pannello di Controllo di OnApp.

Quando sarete pronti a dismettere VMWare potrete migrare le VM esportandole in formato OVA ed importandole in OnApp.


Per ulteriori informazioni scaricate i datasheet seguenti e contattateci per un webinar.

OnApp Enterprise whitepaperOnApp Enterprise whitepaper

OnApp DevOps pageOnApp for DevOps

OnApp Intel Cloud Onapp Intel Enterprise Cloud datasheet

OnApp Cloud PlatformOnApp Cloud platform datasheet

OnApp your Cloud building blocks

Your Cloud building blocksOnApp Enterprise Cloud

OnApp Cloud building blocks


All Cloud infrastructures are made of servers and cables but some are more efficient than others. With Intel Cloud Blocks you can start creating your Cloud with a 2U chassis to then grow as much as you need. All the resources you require, such as compute power and distributed storage, are already included and there is no need to purchase expensive external SAN.


Efficient and modular configuration

To create your first OnApp Cloud infrastructure you will need 1 Control Panel, 1 Backup node and 2 Compute/Storage nodes.

Intel OnApp Cloud Block
Once that is in place you can then grow your Cloud to hundreds of nodes by just adding Cloud Blocks* configured to match your workload requirements.

Depending on your requirements you can choose CPUs from 8 to 24 cores, install up to 1Tb of RAM per node and mix HDDs, SSDs and NVMes in the 6 drives slots available in each node.
The Control Panel and Backup nodes can also be installed on separate servers if you want to start with 4 compute nodes.


SMEs and ROBO configurations

SMEs and ROBO configurations

A compact and inexpensive configuration for SMEs and Remote Offices. If don't have write intensive intensive operations then you can use 4 1Gb network ports to link the compute/storage nodes with the backup node.
Management, local and public networking will be configured on the same swithch using VLANs

This is all you need to create your first Cloud infrastructure.
Enterprise Cloud configuration

Enterprise Cloud configuration

In an enterprise environment where growth is planned and intensive write operations are part of the standard workloads we recommend to start with a 10 or 40 Gb switch to connect the compute/storage nodes and the backup node.

It's an investment that still costs a lot less than a VMWare/SAN configuration and allows for fast and easy scalability of your Private Cloud.
Adapting to your requirements

Adapting to your requirements

Depending on the types of requirements your have you can choose the building blocks you need and mix them the way you like.

You may want to use a separate 1U node for your Control Panel or you could use 3,5" drives as your Cloud needs more storage capacity than speed.
You can also add nodes with tens of high capacity drives for long term archival and backups.

In short you can model your Cloud to match your exact requirements when you want.
HyperConvergence and automation

HyperConvergence and automation

It can't be any easier to build a Private Cloud from OnApp's HyperConverged Infrastructure.
All the elements of your infrastructure are presented to you as resources that you can allocate to your workloads just as you would do with any other Cloud provider.

All the management and automation necessary to go from hyperconvergence to Cloud with full recovery in case of failure of a drive, a node or even a data centre is taken care of by OnApp.


For more information download the following datasheets/white papers and contact us to organise a webinar.

OnApp Intel Cloud Onapp Intel Enterprise Cloud datasheet

OnApp Cloud PlatformOnApp Cloud platform datasheet

OnApp Intel HCIOnApp Intel HCI datasheet
OnApp Software Defined StorageOnApp Software Defined Storage
* Note: the image doesn't show the recommended networking configurations. A minimum of 4 x 1Gb NICs are required for fast data replication in SMEs/ROBO configurations. At least 1 x 10Gb NIC per node is the most efficient configuration for enterprise workloads.

OnApp your Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid and Federated CloudOnApp Enterprise Cloud

OnApp Federated Cloud resources locations


To build, or rent, their Public Cloud infrastructures Amazon, Microsoft and Google are spending billions and that's something very few can afford to do on their own but do we really need massive scale infrastructures owned by a handful of corporations? Not any more.

OnApp has been providing ISPs and MSPs around the world the technologies necessary to build efficient, scalable and secure Cloud infrastructures which now account for 30% of the Cloud market. These, in principle, are the same technologies used to create AWS or Azure which are now available in the OnApp Enterprise offering to allow organisations of all sizes to create their own Cloud and, if they wish, to extend their reach through OnApp partners.

Organisations can choose what they want to keep on their Private Cloud and what they want or need to distribute across the federated Cloud to be compliant with local regulation or to position Internet facing services where connectivity and resilience satisfies their requirements.

Move workloads where you need them

Move workloads where you need them

If your organisation is part of a heavily regulated sector you can distribute your own OnApp Enterprise Cloud where needed.

Just deploy workloads on your ROBO (Remote Office/Branch Office) appliances, located in your offices or local data centres, with the peace of mind that your data will only stay within your own distributed infrastructure.
A local Cloud with global reach

A local Cloud with global reach

Most businesses have predictable workloads so for most of the year your local Private Cloud covers all your requirements.

If you have seasonal peaks or you plan a marketing campaign in a specific area around the world there is no need to buy more OnApp nodes, just select an OnApp parner that has the resources you need and where you need them and move the workloads there for the time necessary. Easy.
Geographical Disaster Recovery

Geographical Disaster Recovery

If you have two or more sites you can use the built in Disaster Recovery services to replicate your virtual machine and data.
In case of failure in one of the sites all your data is still safe and you can start working again from the other site in matter of minutes.

If at present you have only one site OnApp can offer you the Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).
Manage and migrate multi-Cloud infrastructures

Manage and migrate multi-Cloud infrastructures

OnApp is a true multi-Cloud platform not just a pretty web interface. It can run your KVM, Xen VMs and manage your VMWare infrastructure but it doesn't stop there.

If you have workloads running on AWS you can control your instances from within OnApp management interface and/or migrate them to your OnApp Private Cloud to reduce costs.

Into "Serverless"? Now you can run your preferred development frameworks on your own Cloud as well.


For more information download the following white papers and contact us to organise a webinar.

OnApp Hybrid CloudOnapp private hybrid cloud datasheet

OnApp ROBOOnApp ROBO Solution Brief

OnApp DRaaSOnApp DraaS datasheet
OnApp FederationOnApp Cloud Federation

OnApp your Private Cloud

With OnApp you can own your Private CloudOnApp Enterprise Cloud

OnApp Enterprise Cloud Diagram


Forget the high costs and complexity of a legacy virtualisation infrastructure or the rent forever model of a Public Cloud.

Now owning your Cloud is inexpensive and it doesn't require a whole team of highly specialised technicians to manage it.

If you were thinking about Cloud because it allows you to just manage your workload without worrying about the underlying infrastructure then you have found it in OnApp. It's as convenient and easy to manage as a Public Cloud but you can own it.

A recent case study has shown a ROI that is as low as the equivalent of renting the resources needed from a major Cloud provider for 3 months.


Manage VMs like a pro

Manage VMs like a pro

You can choose the VM you need from hundreds of ready to use Linux and Windows templates that your can tailor to your needs or you can upload your own ISOs or OVA to create your custom VMs.

Recipes, custom templates and other automation tools makes deployment of large number of virtual machines fast and easy.
Helping DevOps with Containers

Helping DevOps with Containers

OnApp Container Servers give you a framework for Docker to be deployed in your cloud.
Container Servers are based on a CoreOS template giving you all of the intuitive provisioning and management of standard OnApp virtual servers, but with the tools to enable your development team to run Docker and Kubernetes.
The applications you need, ready to use

The applications you need, ready to use

Application Servers are an add-on to the OnApp Cloud platform. They give you instant access to a library of hundreds of SaaS and PaaS applications, which deploy in your Private Cloud in a couple of clicks and are managed just like virtual servers.
There is no easier way to test the solution you may need before going in production mode.
Your multi-Cloud infrastructure

Your multi-Cloud infrastructure

OnApp is not a rip and replace platform.
If you still have a VMWare infrastructure you can integrate it with OnApp and even manage it from OnApp's control panel while you migrate workloads on your new Private Cloud.
You can move virtual machines fairly easily by converting them in OVA format and importing them into your OnApp Cloud.


For more information download the following datasheets and contact us to organise a webinar.

OnApp Enterprise whitepaperOnApp Enterprise whitepaper

OnApp DevOps pageOnApp for DevOps

OnApp Intel Cloud Onapp Intel Enterprise Cloud datasheet

OnApp Cloud PlatformOnApp Cloud platform datasheet

Our technology partners

Omnis Systems Ltd doesn't simply act as a box shifter on behalf of international manufacturers. We look for a more comprehensive relationship which brings value to our technology partners, our channel partners and naturally to the end customer.

Our selection of technology partners is the result of attentive analisys of the companies themselves and their products to make sure we are providing solutions that grow and adapt to the market needs over the years.

Here's a brief description of some of our technology partners:

1crm business management soluution

1CRM blends a best-of-breed Customer Relationship Management system with comprehensive order management, project, resource, service & HR management, a free Self-Service Portal with eStore, and optional QuickBooks integration.

If you already know SugarCRM then 1CRM will allow you to work with the same interface you are used to but adding all the above mentioned features and much more... at a lower cost.

More information...

Collax FlexibleIT Logo

Collax GmbH is a German company specialised in developing a complete set of easy to manage but features rich software appliances that satisfy all the SME's virtualisation, security and communication needs.

It only takes a few minutes to install any of Collax's products and in a few clicks it will be possible to configure services that even on a Windows system could take hours to set-up. Collax web based management interface doesn't just simplify the use of a Linux based solution but it's also an OEM software distribution platform which allows easy integration and standardisation of third party applications.

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Kopano Unified Communication

Kopano is an Open Source communication platform that provides the services you may find in Office365 but with the added bonus that you are in full control of your data.

All the features you may expect from a Cloud collaboration platforms like email services, instant messaging, video conferencing and file sharing are all available under your control on your local server or as a hosted service.

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NComputing VERDE - The VDI and DaaS solution

NComputing VERDE provides a fresh approach to Desktop Virtualisation. While other manufacturers of VDI products require expensive and complex infrastructures, VERDE, has been conceived to be very simple to set-up and cost effective. In a few minutes you can be ready to deploy your new virtual Windows and Linux desktops saving up to 60% in costs compared to other products.

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NextCloud - Secure file sharing and synchronisation

NextCloud GmbH is the company behind the homonymous secure file sharing and data synchronisation platforms.
NextCloud is very similar, in term of features, to DropBox, Microsoft Drive or Google Docs but it's instead of giving data to third parties your keep full control of it on your server and being an Open Source platform you are in control of the technology as well if you wish.

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OnApp - Your Cloud in a box

OnApp, a London headquartered organisation, may be a new name to the general public as it delivered Cloud management and Cloud orchestration services to thousands of Internet Service Providers around the world.
More recently OnApp further optimised and simplified their solution and partnered with Intel to deliver the same ease of use you get from Public Cloud provider, such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, but delivered on-premises, in your data centre or as a hybrid Cloud solution in partnership with selected service provider.

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Univention it's a major German software house specialised in the development of management tools that simplify the management of complex Linux servers, integrates with and often replaces Microsoft Windows servers. Their core product, the Univention Corporate Server (UCC) allows easy application integration and it already includes in its App Centre a vast number of ready to use solutions.

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Univention - Open management

The cost-efficient alternative to Windows serversUnivention - Open Source alternative to Microsoft Windows server

 Univention helps creating and managing Windows, OS X and Linux infrastructures providing Open Source alternatives to Microsoft based products.Univention Corporate Server building blocks

The core product is Univention Corporate Server (UCS), a flexible, cost-efficient and successful alternative for Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft Small Business Server. It includes comprehensive Active Directory functionalities and an App Center that integrates and manages own or third party enterprise applications.
UCS is designed to operate as part of existing Microsoft infrastructures and it can assists you in replacing Microsoft Windows domains controllers with a few clicks.

UCS web-based management console is well suited for organizations of any size, either as a standard on-premises setup, in the cloud or in hybrid IT environments.

Integrated in UCS you will find also the Univention Corporate Client which will allow your organisation to configure and deploy Linux desktops on PCs, thin clients and virtual environments.

Do you really need to replace your Windows Server?

If you still use Windows 2003 you surely do as it will be totally unsupported by July 2015. If you use any other version of Windows Server you may consider how efficiently you are using your server, how much it costs in terms of support, hardware maintenance and electricity.

Many spent a lot of money for their new Windows Server but then they use it as a simple file and authentication server using about 5/10% of the CPU power available but still paying for the equivalent of an enterprise grade server.

Univention Corporate Server will allow you to purchase a much leaner server as it's a lot more efficient than a Windows Server or to get a lot more out of your existing IT investment by combining several services including MS Exchange features, security, virtualisation, etc on the same system making you benefit from massive saving in consultancy, support and CO2 emissions.

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Omnis Systems Ltd is probably the only a Value Added Distributor in Europe specialised in commercially backed Open Source and Linux based solutions.
Our partners are able to differentiate themselves from the crowd and be extremely competitive while supplying Enterprise level solutions and services to small organisation scaling up to large enterprises and central Government.

The technology partners we've chosen distinguished themselves by creating solutions that provide the features and services required by companies of all sizes but that kept an affordable price tag and made their solutions simple to install and manage.

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