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SecurePass - Omnis Systems Ltd - Scalable and affordable Open Source and Linux based solutions

Converting Open Source into a business asset

Converting Open Source into a business asset

Omnis Systems Ltd is an international distributor, based in Brighton (UK) and Italy, specialised in commercially backed Open Source and Linux based solutions. The solutions we promote scale from a few users to several thousands and are currently in use by many types of organisations in the Private, Public, Health Care, Education and even Defence sectors.

We work with a wide range of partners, from small IT professionals up to major consulting companies and Systems Integrators, which focus in providing the most innovative and efficient solutions to their customers instead of worrying about vendors quarterly sales targets.

The solutions we promote have been selected to provide Enterprise grade IT platforms which reduce management complexity while at the same time lower cost by up to 70% compared to traditional solutions.
Omnis Systems Ltd is an international distributor, based in Brighton (UK) and Italy, specialised in Commercial Open Source solutions. Commercial Open Source, known also as Open Core, it's a category of solutions developed by commercial organisations like Microsoft, Oracle, VMWare, Citrix etc... but that have chosen to base their software on Open Source or Linux foundations (like most of the companies mentioned) and are providing free access to the source code or Community versions.
Unlike the Community supported free Open Source applications Open Core solutions are backed by commercial companies which guarantee Enterprise level quality, features and support like any other software you may have purchased in the past but very often with costs that are a lot lower than traditional vendors.

Markets positioning

How can SecurePass benefit you?securepass identity management and security

SecurePass is designed for you

SecurePass authentication and identity services have been designed from the ground up to help you focusing on your core business without worrying about potential identity thefts and unauthorised access to your data.

No matter what your core business is, SecurePass improves your security by ensuring an higher data protection and a seamless access from your staff. Discover the benefits of integrating SecurePass in most of the environments and open your account today.

SecurePass smb sso

Small and medium businesses (SMBs)

Cloud and Internet hosting can be a perfect solutions for agile companies that wish to focus on their business while reducing costs and add more flexibility. SecurePass will help to protect your data in the cloud from cyber criminals and competition in a matter of minutes.
SecurePass legal protection

 Insurance & legal

Personal details, financial statements, health reports and investigations: your business documents contain a vast amount of confidential information about people’s identities and their private life.
SecurePass prevents data leaking and provides a secure access to confidential information, while being easy to integrate into your existing applications and VPN appliances. Protect your valuable information with our service, it’s guaranteed by GARL, the Swiss Bank leader in protecting digital data.
SecurePass enterprise

 Large & multinational companies 

Cloud allow businesses to lower IT costs and provide more flexibility, while allowing users to access corporate data anytime and from anywhere through the Internet. In this scenario, organisations are facing more fraud attempts and malicious attacks. SecurePass provides a large-scale, bank-grade identity and authentication solution that can be easily adapted for your needs: partner today with the only bank that provides a permanent protection for all your workforce.
SecurePass Independent Software Vendors isv coding

 Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

Developing software is more than just writing programs, is helping your customers improving the way they are doing business. Differentiate from competitors while providing an additional protection to your applications and minimize customers risk associated with identity frauds. Open an account today and discover how easy it is to integrate your applications with SecurePass through standard protocols.
SecurePass datacenter cloud provider

Cloud providers 

Customers understand the benefits of adopting a cloud solution, ranging from small to large organisations as providers understand that Cloud is probably their best opportunity to increase their global Internet presence and exploring new businesses opportunities.
Cloud and hosting providers need also to provide a trusted way to authenticate their customers on the many application platform they provide without adding complexity and risks in managing also that parto of the infrastructure. With SecurePass it's easy to add an extra service with your brand and resell it to end users as an added value service on top of your current offerings without any additional investment.
SecurePass healthcare

Healthcare & Life science 

With a large amount of medical records and laboratories data, privacy is one of most important requirements to gain compliance in a streamline healthcare organisations. SecurePass ensures a comfortable solution to protect people’s identities and confidential information in the cloud. Protect your valuable data today through our Bank.
SecurePass pharma researcher

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnologies

Research and new medical discoveries means intellectual properties and confidential data to be protected. Rely on a Swiss precision and quality to protect your precious assets: SecurePass ensure a comfortable solution to protect people’s identities and confidential information in your organization and gain required compliance
SecurePass local government city council

Local governments

The Public Sector is discovering the benefits of going digital and transforming the relationship with their citizens. With a full identity protection service in the cloud, SecurePass can enforce the security measures of the Public Sector and help institutions to boost collaboration among personnel and citizens
SecurePass education students


Private and public school and universities deserve a way to improve IT efficiency at a lower cost. SecurePass offers a new approach to strong authentication and identity management to the Education Sector in the cloud era. Our Freedom account is free up to 200 users and with high discounts for more: discover how easy is integrating our solutions in your university
SecurePass nonprofit medical


Non-profit organisations strive to improve living standards worldwide. Information technology it's a great help to achieve their goals but charities are struggling to acquire the necessary tools. SecurePass provides an invaluable protection of your data for free: we support a wide range of humanitarian organisations and charities worldwide in the effort of protecting freedom and civil rights of disadvantaged people

Omnis Systems, soluzioni Open Source per l'azienda

Omnis Systems si propone sul mercato internazionale come distributore a valore aggiunto di soluzioni software, basate principalmente su Linux ed Open Source, che permettono ai nostri partner di differenziarsi rispetto ai rivenditori di prodotti "convenzionali".

Le soluzioni che distribuiamo oltre ad essere economicamente vantaggiose sono "Enterprise ready" in quanto sono sviluppate e supportate come qualsiasi altro prodotto commerciale ed offrono, essendo Open Source, la possibilità di essere integrate con applicativi esistenti e personalizzate per soddisfare a pieno le esigenze degli utenti.

Our technology partners

Omnis Systems Ltd doesn't simply act as a box shifter on behalf of international manufacturers. We look for a more comprehensive relationship which brings value to our technology partners, our channel partners and naturally to the end customer.

Our selection of technology partners is the result of attentive analisys of the companies themselves and their products to make sure we are providing solutions that grow and adapt to the market needs over the years.

Here's a brief description of some of our technology partners:

1crm business management soluution

1CRM blends a best-of-breed Customer Relationship Management system with comprehensive order management, project, resource, service & HR management, a free Self-Service Portal with eStore, and optional QuickBooks integration.

If you already know SugarCRM then 1CRM will allow you to work with the same interface you are used to but adding all the above mentioned features and much more... at a lower cost.

More information...

Collax FlexibleIT Logo

Collax GmbH is a German company specialised in developing a complete set of easy to manage but features rich software appliances that satisfy all the SME's virtualisation, security and communication needs.

It only takes a few minutes to install any of Collax's products and in a few clicks it will be possible to configure services that even on a Windows system could take hours to set-up. Collax web based management interface doesn't just simplify the use of a Linux based solution but it's also an OEM software distribution platform which allows easy integration and standardisation of third party applications.

More information...

Kopano Unified Communication

Kopano is an Open Source communication platform that provides the services you may find in Office365 but with the added bonus that you are in full control of your data.

All the features you may expect from a Cloud collaboration platforms like email services, instant messaging, video conferencing and file sharing are all available under your control on your local server or as a hosted service.

More information...

NComputing VERDE - The VDI and DaaS solution

NComputing VERDE provides a fresh approach to Desktop Virtualisation. While other manufacturers of VDI products require expensive and complex infrastructures, VERDE, has been conceived to be very simple to set-up and cost effective. In a few minutes you can be ready to deploy your new virtual Windows and Linux desktops saving up to 60% in costs compared to other products.

More information...

SecurePass - Identity security and management

SecurePass is a Cloud service that provides a centralised identity assurance and management systems already in use by banks, insurances, telcos, ISPs and many other types of organisations of all sizes.
With SecurePass you can make sure the user that is logging into a service or devices is the authorised person as through 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) a physical or virtual OTP (One Time Password) token and additional secret passphrase it's virtually impossible for a third party to impersonate a user.
Forget about passwords as SecurePass Single Sign-On will authenticate you with all your web services, applications and devices.

More information...

Univention Logo180x45

Univention it's a major German software house specialised in the development of management tools that simplify the management of complex Linux servers, integrates with and often replaces Microsoft Windows servers. Their core product, the Univention Corporate Server (UCC) allows easy application integration and it already includes in its App Centre a vast number of ready to use solutions.

More information...

Secure Pass - Identity & authentication management

securepass identity and authentication managementIdentity management and access control

Identity as a Service

Identity as a Service

Directory services

Directory services

Identity assurance

Identity assurance

User self service

User self service

2 Factor Authentication

2 Factor Authentication

Single Sing-On

Single Sing-On

Easy integration

Easy integration

For all devices

For all devices

Managing user identities and allowing them to access a number of distributed applications or devices using just their user name and password can be risky. Users may not follow security guidelines, may reuse weak passwords across services or, as it happens, use the frame of their monitor as a password "repository" leading to unauthorised accesses, data leaks and identity thefts which may have serious consequences at personal and corporate levels.

SecurePass in brief

SecurePass service structure

This picture shows only a few examples of what can be managed with SecurePass and the integrations you can make within your infrastructures that will allow you to stop worrying about how to manage user authentication across many layer of applications and devices and related risks.

As SecurePass is a service provided using banking grade security platforms and run from Swiss military grade datacentres it can guarantee that the service is secure and reliable. As Switzerland is renowned for it's privacy and security, SecurePass, must comply to more stringent regulations than anywhere else in the world. If that isn't enough to reassure you about the quality and security of the service a well known insurance corporation provides a substantial cover for security breaches caused by SecurePass services.

secure-pass smartphone token
With SecurePass you can use hardware tokens, like the one provided to access Internet banking, or virtual tokens that can be installed on your smartphone.

Using virtual or physical tokens makes it even easier to manage users authentication than smart cards as it can be used anywhere, in total security, with no need for a smart card reader.

With Cloud services, desktop virtualisation and distributed infrastructures organisations of all types and sizes require methods to manage their users identity and the security of their data. SecurePass takes care of that for you so you don't need to worry about it.

More information available on SecurePass website