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Converting Open Source into a business asset

Converting Open Source into a business asset

Omnis Systems Ltd is an international distributor, based in Brighton (UK) and Italy, specialised in commercially backed Open Source and Linux based solutions. The solutions we promote scale from a few users to several thousands and are currently in use by many types of organisations in the Private, Public, Health Care, Education and even Defence sectors.

We work with a wide range of partners, from small IT professionals up to major consulting companies and Systems Integrators, which focus in providing the most innovative and efficient solutions to their customers instead of worrying about vendors quarterly sales targets.

The solutions we promote have been selected to provide Enterprise grade IT platforms which reduce management complexity while at the same time lower cost by up to 70% compared to traditional solutions.
Omnis Systems Ltd is an international distributor, based in Brighton (UK) and Italy, specialised in Commercial Open Source solutions. Commercial Open Source, known also as Open Core, it's a category of solutions developed by commercial organisations like Microsoft, Oracle, VMWare, Citrix etc... but that have chosen to base their software on Open Source or Linux foundations (like most of the companies mentioned) and are providing free access to the source code or Community versions.
Unlike the Community supported free Open Source applications Open Core solutions are backed by commercial companies which guarantee Enterprise level quality, features and support like any other software you may have purchased in the past but very often with costs that are a lot lower than traditional vendors.

Omnis Systems, soluzioni Open Source per l'azienda

Omnis Systems si propone sul mercato internazionale come distributore a valore aggiunto di soluzioni software, basate principalmente su Linux ed Open Source, che permettono ai nostri partner di differenziarsi rispetto ai rivenditori di prodotti "convenzionali".

Le soluzioni che distribuiamo oltre ad essere economicamente vantaggiose sono "Enterprise ready" in quanto sono sviluppate e supportate come qualsiasi altro prodotto commerciale ed offrono, essendo Open Source, la possibilità di essere integrate con applicativi esistenti e personalizzate per soddisfare a pieno le esigenze degli utenti.