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Kopano - The best alternative to Microsoft Exchange and Office365Kopano, a collaboration suite for all requirements

Many companies and public organisations of all sizes and from all over the world preferred Kopano over its competitors. Many replaced existing MS Exchange, Groupwise, Scalix, IMAP and other platforms, others started their businesses with Kopano, more organisation are moving back to an in-house or hosted version of Kopano from MS Office365 or GoogleApps. We present you just a few cases from the thousands of satisfied customers:
(Note: Zarafa recently rebranded into Kopano, new case studies with the new brand will be published soon.)


"The most important challenge faced during the migration was to guarantee successful change management process. Both system administrators and users used to Windows environments needed to feel at ease with the new systems and be productive from day one. We were extremely satisfied as Zarafa's webmail was conceived as a web-based replacement for Outlook. This helped greatly making the migration pretty straightforward."

Mihai Bilauca, Chief Information Officer at Limerick City Council - Ireland

Ede municipality


"Without too much effort, the municipality of Ede switched thousands of employees to the e-mail and agenda server Zarafa at the beginning of June. Finally users received remote access to their e-mail and agenda, at home on a Mac or on the road from any smartphone. “The Exchange administrator refused to take the Linux course and now has a different job."

Bart Lindeboom, IT Manager, Municipality of Ede - Holland

pdf  Zarafa case study: Ede Municipality


Zarafa Dulcesol


"In our company we work 24 hours a day on the production of pastry, cake and bread products. The high availability setup of Zarafa Collaboration Platform ensures us of a stable mail environment which is mission critical for our manufacturing process."

Pascual Gadea, System Administrator, Dulcesol - Spain

pdf  Zarafa case study: Dulcesol


Zarafa case study Interakt Contour


"We managed to save 60,000 euros in purchasing costs alone, if we had opted for Microsoft Exchange, the costs would have run up to 100,000 euros."

Van den Hoorn, IT Manager Iterakt Contour - Holland

pdf  Zarafa case study: Interakt Contour


UK Public Sector can lead by example with Innovation

When the UK Public Sector gets it right

 Local and Central Governments institutions have been purveyors of fine examples of catastrophic IT failures which kept IT journalist quite busy in the past few years.

 But Public Sector IT projects do not always fail and it's quite unfortunate that when there are teams that make things work as they should they don't get the due recognition.

 I’m one of those that often (very often) complains about the way the Public Sector manages projects, is unwilling to take risks and to embrace new and more efficient technologies and I heard too many times the old style CIO mantra “Nobody has ever been fired for buying ‘usual vendors’”.