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File sharing - Omnis Systems - Scalable and affordable Open Source and Linux based solutions

Collax's family of products

Collax, your IT infrastructureCollax FlexibleIT_Logo

Collax has been making system administrators' life a lot easier for many years by standardising and simplifying the management of Linux servers. There is no need to edit complex configuration files or manage many servers with different Linux distributions and versions.

As Collax produces a family of products, covering most of the requirements SMEs may have, the interfaces and the methodologies used are very similar so once you learned how to use one product all the others are a lot easier to learn than having to deal with different manufacturers with different web interfaces.

Not just a Linux server management console

Collax Configuration Report

While most users will just notice a professionally designed web interface there is a lot more to it. To guarantee maximum uptime for your infrastructure Collax runs its own software repository where all the packages of its Debian based distribution are tested for bugs and compatibility with other add-on software that you may have installed on your Collax server.

A team of engineers is constantly busy developing new features and improving existing ones so that you can enjoy the robustness, efficiency and cost savings a Linux platform can deliver without the management complexity.

With Collax products you have also the peace of mind that all configurations are well documented as it creates for you a report containing every single service running on the infrastructure.

A family of products for all your needs

Collax's family of products is divided in 3 macro categories with aggregated features that can be activated depending on your specific needs:



Software appliances for collaboration, security and remote access

Collax Business Server

Collax Business Server

For all your communication needs

Collax Security Gateway

Collax Security Gateway

Security and VPNs

Modular appliance

Any service you need, available in few minutes

Collax Platform Server

Collax Platform Server

Your modular choice

  • Commnication (E-mail, Fax, IM)
  • E-mail archival (legally recognised)
  • Network Storage
  • Network backup
  • Network monitoring (local and remote)
  • Web Application
  • VPN SSL and IPSec

  • Net Security
  • Mail Security
  • Web Security
  • Advanced Web filtering
  • IDS and IPS
  • Zarafa groupware
  • Info@Hand CRBM
  • SugarCRM
  • Your web application?


Here are just some of the rewards won by Collax:


Collax recommendations

Condivisione e sincronizzazione documenti

Condivisione e sincronizzazione documentiKopano - La miglior alternativa a Microsoft Exchange ed Office365

Kopano Files - Gestione e sincronizzazione documenti

Con Kopano Files potete aumentare la vostra produttività e sicurezza dei dati. Potendo accedere ai documenti che vi servono direttamente dall'interfaccia di Kopano non è più necessario salvare copie di quei documenti sul portatile o su piattaforme di Cloud pubblico.

Tutti i dati possono rimanere sulla vostra infrastruttura IT ma sempre alla portata di click.

I vostri documenti sempre disponibili

I vostri documenti sempre disponibili

Quante volte vi capita di aver bisogno di documenti mentre non siete in ufficio?

Con Kopano Files non è più un problema in quanto si integra con piattaforme di file sharing come OwnCloud or NextCloud (per i dati sensibili), Dropbox e similari (su Cloud Pubblico) per darvi accesso a tutti i file di cui avete bisogno.
Documenti di grandi dimensioni

Documenti di grandi dimensioni

Kopano Files vi permette anche di inviare documenti di grandi dimensioni senza effettivamente allegarli alle email evitando lunghi tempi di attesa e caselle di posta ingestibili.

Kopano Files riconosce automaticamente che la dimensione del documento va oltre il limite imposto dall'amministratore di sistema e converte l'allegato in un link che il destinatario può usare per scaricare in modo sicuro il file.
Mantieni controllo sui dati

Mantieni controllo sui dati

Zarafa Files si integra con i più comuni sistemi di storage e protocolli permettendo l'accesso ai documenti di cui avete bisogno anche quando siete fuori ufficio,

Una delle piattaforme preferite da Zarafa è sicuramente OwnCloud in quanto vi permette di gestire i documenti condivisi in tutta sicurezza sulla vostra infrastruttura locale o in Cloud Privato.

Zarafa Files vi permette di sincronizzare i vostri documenti in modo selettivo su piattaforme Windows, OS X, iOS, Android e Linux soddisfacendo le esigenze di ogni utente.


 Collaboration services for every needKopano - The best alternative to Microsoft Exchange and Office365

Organizations that are looking for a complete groupware package do not all need the same level of collaboration, performance and support. You can therefore obtain Kopano’s open source Collaboration Platform in various different editions.

Kopano Basic is ideal for SMEs as it includes all the features generally required by a smaller number of users and a cost that competes very well even against Cloud offerings.

Kopano Professionalis made for organizations that require advanced features such extended system analytics (through Kopano Dashboard), advanced Files for Teams and Web Meetings, email and phone support.

Kopano Enterpriseis targeted to organizations that need a clustered solution. The multi-server support can be used to support larger number of users or to spread mailboxes across different geographical locations. The Enterprise Edition combines the most extensive collaboration features with the highest level of support.

Do you use the Kopano Community Edition? Check out the table below to see how the Professional or Enterprise edition can add value to your organization. Keep also in mind that a small investment for your side helps in speeding up the development of the features you'd like to see implemented.

The following table presents a summary of the main differences between versions:

  Community Basic
Professional Enterprise
Outlook connector (MAPI) 3 users
ActiveSync (Z-Push)
IMAP/POP3 gateway
iCal/CalDAV gateway
Advanced multiuser calendars  
Brick-level Backup  
Active directory toolkit  
Kopano monitoring   Basic Extended analytics Multiserver analytics
Kopano Files Personal  
Kopano Files for Teams   Option
Kopano WebMeeting   Option
Auto-deployment tools    
High-Availability support    
Kopano Archive support    
Multiserver support      

Please note: it is not possible to combine different editions on the same server. If you want to set features available to your users that are only included in one of the paid editions, you need to choose this specific edition for all users; this also implies paying the subscription fee for all users.

File sharing and synchronisation

File sharing and synchronisationKopano - The best alternative to Microsoft Exchange and Office365

Kopano Files - Managing your documents within your collaboration platform

With Kopano Files you can boosts your productivity by sharing and retrieving documents, using your existing storage solutions, right from the WebApp interface. You can work together on files and projects, with team members within your office and with external users.

You can integrate Kopano Files with your existing files shares, document management systems or your preferred Cloud based file sharing platforms. If you want to share files keeping control of their location and security why not trying NextCloud?

Your files where you need them

Your files where you need them

Files integrates perfectly with all the email and calendaring features WebApp has to offer. Creating a new email with the latest version of a presentation is easy: it can be done in just a few clicks without having to download it first.

Storing an incoming file is just as easy. Any attachment can be saved to your existing company network storage where it can be shared with your co-workers. And it works from any browser, anywhere.
Attaching large files

Attaching large files

Sending large email attachments can be a hassle. Kopano Files helps you transfer these big files to any recipient, without filling up mailboxes and overloading email servers.

There is no need for any additional tools: attachments can be stored on your WebApp server and made available to the recipients for as long as you wish.
Keep control of your data

Keep control of your data

Kopano Files integrates with most storage platforms and protocols to allow you to access the documents you need regardless of the location and the type of infrastructure used.

One of Kopano users preferred platforms is surely NextCloud as it provides a service very similar to DropBox, Box, Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive but from your own in-house infrastructure or your Private Cloud giving back to you the full control of your data.

Kopano Files powered by NextCloud allows you to synchronise files with Windows, OS X, iOS, Android and Linux devices satisfying the requirements of all types of organisations.

Kopano Unified Communication

Kopano WebApp: the Unified Communication platformKopano - The best alternative to Microsoft Exchange and Office365

Kopano WebMeetings - Video conferences, instant messaging & presentations

Kopano is a lot more than just a great email platform, it provides you with all the tools you require to collaborate in an effective and secure way.

The high quality video conferencing and instant messaging tools use peer to peer encrypted communication channels to transmit data so all your important meetings meet and exceed the privacy and the security levels you need to comply with.

Kopano WebMeetings and chat

Kopano WebMeetings and chat

Emails are still the most efficient way to send messages that don't require an immediate reply but there is surely nothing better than being able to interact with colleagues, customers or suppliers in real time to exchange ideas.

Kopano integrates a video conference and instant messaging platform that allows you to interact with other people with the best tool for the task wherever you are.

With Kopano you can participate to web conferences using most browsers as it uses native components, such as WebRTC, so there is no need to install additional applications or wait for Java applets to load.
Presentations and screen sharing

Presentations and screen sharing

Kopano WebMeetings allows you to share presentations and your desktop screen to deliver professional presentations, edit documents with the team or provide remote support sessions.

There is no need to book video conferencing rooms any more, all you need is just a browser. You can invite your colleagues, that set their on-line presence as "Available", to instant web meetings and send external participants an email invitation in a couple of clicks.
High quality video conference

High quality video conference

No need to purchase expensive video conferencing platforms anymore. When you need to exchange ideas with colleagues, suppliers or customers you can do it easily from your PC, laptop and even your smart phone.

Web Meetings is an integral part of WebApp, so getting started is easy. There is no need to install a plugin, even when you’re the host of the meeting!
Invite people in a click

Invite people in a click

Thanks to the integration with WebApp you can instantly add a meeting by clicking a button when writing an email or replying to one.

Scheduling a web meeting is just as easy as any other meeting: click the button and the Web Meetings plugin will create your virtual meeting room and add the instructions for the participants to your meeting invitation.


NextCloud file sharing and syncNextCloud secure file sharing and synchronisation

NextCloud is a private Cloud secure file sharing and synchronisation platform.

Unified Communication

Kopano WebApp: la soluzione di Unified CommunicationKopano - La miglior alternativa a Microsoft Exchange ed Office365

Kopano video conferenza ed instant messaging


Video conferenza e chat

Video conferenza e chat

Inviare email è sicuramente un metodo efficiente per inviare messaggi che non richiedono una risposta immediata ma non c'è niente di meglio che interagire in tempo reale con colleghi, clienti o fornitori per interscambiare idee.

Kopano WebApp integra la piattaforma di video conferenza ed instant messaging WebMeeting. In qualsiasi momomento potete invitare i vostri colleghi ad una chat o video conferenza senza dover installare o aprire altri applicativi.
Presentazioni e condivisione schermo

Presentazioni e condivisione schermo

Con Kopano WebMeetings è anche possibile condividere presentazioni ed il proprio desktop per gestire corsi on-line e sessioni di supporto remoto.

Non è più necessario dover prenotare sale multimediali. Per invitare partecipanti esterni all'azienda alla presentazione, è sufficiente cliccare sul pulsante di invito e riceveranno un'email con il link.
Qualità audio e video professionale

Qualità audio e video professionale

Non è più necessario acquistare costose soluzioni di videoconferenza per ottenere audio e video di altissima qualità.

Con Kopano WebMeeting no vi è alcun bisogno di installare applicazioni/plug-in o attendere che un'applet Java si carichi in quanto utilizza un formato video di alta qualità già supportato ed integrato in tutti i browser moderni (WebRTC).
Organizza un evento on-line con un click

Organizza un evento on-line con un click

Quando dovete invitare persone all'esterno dell'azienda ad una video conferenza immediata potete farlo cliccando su un pulsante mentre create l'email di invito.

Pianificare una conferenza o più conferenze ricorrenti è altrettanto facile, basta creare un normale appuntamento nel calendario di Kopano e cliccare su "Add web meeting".