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Homegrown Cloud is better for EU

European Parliament in Strasbourg

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US Cloud platforms potentially incompatible with GDPR

Latest reports confirm that the use of Cloud platforms owned by US corporations may lead to non compliance with GDPR and could be detrimental in the long run for EU organisations.


It’s common knowledge that Cloud platforms come with benefits but also with known risks. Compliance with various regulations, being an ever changing landscape, is generally not seen as a major risk as it's built into the sometimes tedious but necessary tasks.

In some cases your organisation's compliance with directives, regulations and international agreements is dependent on third parties and you have to make sure those third parties follow the same rules.


Omnis Systems at GDPR event in Luxembourg

GDPR Data Protection Days Luxembourg


"Suddenly" the European Regulation 16/679, better known as GDPR, has come into force. We all heard about it, many were ready for it well in advance, many are still working to make their organisation compliant but all, without exceptions, will be working to keep their organisations compliant over time.


GDPR isn't a box ticking exercise on some forms that can then be archived as "Job Done", compliance is a continuous process which must be part of any organisation's standard procedures involving current/future employees processing personal data and all the IT infrastructures, internal and third parties, that are processing data.

At the "Luxembourg Data Protection Days", of which Omnis Systems is a Gold Sponsor, we will present some of the platforms, many of which Open Source, that can help organisations taking back control of the data they are processing to allow them to be, not only more efficient and reduce their IT costs, but also capable of guaranteeing their customers they care about their Privacy.


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