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Desktop virtualisation - Omnis Systems - Scalable and affordable Open Source and Linux based solutions

Increase efficiency and reduce costs with VERDE

The VDI that satisfies both the CTO and the CFOVERDE - Cost effective Windows and Linux desktop virtualisation

Many organisations haven't taken in consideration VDI as they thought that, adding licensing costs from many vendors and expensive SANs, it would have been prohibitively expensive for them.

NComputing VERDE removed to cost barrier by developing more efficient technologies that make SANs unnecessary and it includes all the features you need to deliver a dependable Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with superb user experience.

 VERDE market positioning

VERDE VDI and the competition

Here are just a few benefits that a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure based on VERDE will bring to your company:

Financial Rationalization

  • Reduce TCO (CAPEX and OPEX) and improve hardware utilization allowing to consolidate more users on fewer servers
  • Improve time to value via one-click provisioning and reduce deployment costs by up to 60%
  • Reduce help desk costs using Gold Master Image technology to deliver applications, patches, updates without disrupting users
  • Future-proof your enterprise by leveraging on your existing infrastructure investments

Improve IT Support & Operational Efficiency

  • Increase control and visibility with one unified management console and configurable reports (capacity and historical data, user and administrator events, desktop and application activity, and more)
  • Standardize/automate provisioning processes regardless of desktop hardware or operating system
  • Increase business agility by supporting connectivity from almost any client (PC, Mac, thin-client, workstation) as well as mobile and branch workers

Deliver Consistent Experience for the Desktop

  • Ensure consistent user experience over a wide range of devices and in geographically distributed environments
  • Easily create optimised Golden Images to satisfy specific user requirements
  • Improve productivity by delivering “LAN-like” performance to branch office users

Reduce Risk with Enhanced Security & Compliance

  • Minimize security concerns with role/task-based provisioning and user/group policies
  • Reduce risk with native malware resistance for all virtual desktop sessions
  • Provide secure remote access to user desktops and applications with enhanced endpoint security

Deliver Desktop as a Public/Private Cloud Service

  • Streamline migration path to cloud computing from old model to enterprise on-premise model to hosted model
  • Choose from on-premise, hosted and federated deployment options with guaranteed SLAs


NComputing expand VDI offering with VERDE

VERDE becomes part of the NComputing familyNComputing VERDE VDI

San Mateo, March 9th 2017 -  Today, NComputing announces the expansion of their desktop virtualization product offerings with the acquisition of VERDE Workspaces, formerly known as Virtual Bridges. The acquisition allows NComputing to offer a full stack, end-to-end solution including thin clients, software clients, desktop management and provisioning infrastructure to provide a turnkey solution for organizations of all sizes.

NComputing’s impressive time-to-value and high performance desktop virtualization solution is now coupled with VERDE VDI, the lowest-cost VDI solution, leveraging the open source Linux KVM hypervisor, and its densities and storage optimizations, while offering users the ability to treat Windows and Linux as equal citizens.
The VERDE provisioning model was built to accommodate the seamless coexistence of Windows and Linux desktop sessions, with market focus in higher EDU, defense and both centralized as well as de-centralized enterprises.

NComputing launches VERDE VDI 8.1

NComputing launches VERDE VDI 8.1NComputing VERDE VDI

VERDE 8.1 delivering secure desktops at half the cost of traditional VDI

San Mateo, June 14th 2017 -  Following the acquisition of VERDE Workspaces in Q1 2017, NComputing today launches VERDE VDI 8.1, a purpose-built desktop virtualization solution for enterprise and SMB. NComputing is now able to cater to businesses and organizations of all sizes, offering a full stack, end-to-end solution including thin clients, software clients, and desktop management and provisioning infrastructure.

VERDE VDI is a purpose-built VDI solution for enterprise customers, aiming to deliver the highest performing, flexible and affordable desktop management and provisioning infrastructure on the market. VERDE VDI’s features address the three main challenges that stand in the way of widespread VDI adoption: cost, complexity and use case coverage.

NComputing VERDE VDI

Information about NComputing VERDE the platform for on-premises and Cloud VDI

NComputing VERDE, the VDI solution

A smart way to do VDINComputing VERDE - VDI and DaaS for organisations of all sizes

NComputing VERDE is the only desktop virtualisation infrastructure designed from the ground up to provides you with all you need to deliver fast, cost effective and dependable VDI services for both Windows and Linux desktops.

The traditional approach to VDI offered by VMware and Citrix is too complex and expensive to deliver efficient desktop virtualisation to most organisations. Some may have large budgets allocated to their IT operations but is it really necessary to throw lots of money at an issue that could be solved quite easily?

It’s time for a new approach. VERDE (Virtual Enterprise Remote Desktop Environment) is a complete desktop virtualisation platform that removes the complexity and the cost traditionally associated with other VDI offerings.

NComputing VERDE covers all your requirements

NComputing VERDE VDI architecture

In very simple and clear terms with VERDE is finally possible to implement a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure which satisfies all your needs with a CAPEX that can be 60% lower than competing products.

Just some key differentiators

VERDE VDI gives you the fastes ROI on the market

Fast ROI

Your investment pays off quickly with efficient use of your servers, all-in-one pricing and workload optimization between Windows and Linux.
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VERDE VDI, is an end-to-end virtual desktop infrastructure and management solution that combines VDI, offline VDI and VDI remote branch solutions to remove the management burden, complexity and cost traditionally associated with desktop virtualization solutions.

VERDE VDI offers unified management and reporting through a single console and is adaptable for today’s dynamic environment. Ideal for companies of all sizes, VERDE VDI can scale up to ten thousand clustered servers or scale down to a single-server configuration.

Through a combination of better hardware efficiencies, more attractive all-in-one pricing, the ability to optimize workloads between Windows and Linux, and incredibly easier management, VERDE VDI is by far the best ROI among the competition.
VERDE VDI is built for security


VERDE VDI was built organically, from the ground up by security professionals. Which is why its preferred by the likes of the NSA, CIA and CSEC.
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VERDE VDI has a long history as a preferred secure desktop platform with demanding users like the NSA, CIA CSEC and others. And for good reason. VERDE VDI is secure on a number of levels.

Being built organically from the ground up gives us a much more deterministic architecture as opposed to the cobbled-together monstrosities from our competitors, which not only make their solutions complicated and difficult to manage, but also introduces inherited code and architectures from smaller, acquired companies bought to plug the holes in their offerings.

VERDE VDI starts with a solid, secure Linux foundation. It then incorporates a dynamic provisioning model that makes users more impervious to malware by making unsanctioned changes non-persisting. We even go so far as to give admins the ability to set permission on USB devices by model and serial number.

If you identify only this make/model of drive authorized on this device, then any attempt to copy info to a non-authorized device will be blocked and logged. VDI in general offers tremendous security improvements over traditional desktops, but VERDE VDI takes this security to a whole new level with innovations we have developed over a long relationship with many demanding users.
VERDE: the VDI that removes WAN latency

No WAN latency

VERDE Cloud Branch is a revolutionary architecture that addresses the shortcomings of VDI, providing fast access from anywhere.
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VDI, as promoted by our competitors, has gotten a bad name from its inability to be successful outside of headquarters.

VERDE VDI has an innovative capability that uses caching and differential updates, among other techniques, to effectively “akamaize” VDI, cache it at the edge for easy, quick access, but without requiring any local management/administrator involvement.

The major benefits of this approach in addition to eliminating WAN latency, is business continuity – if the external network goes down, all the local apps will keep working without interruption. It also reduces network bandwidth as the applications are all communicating over the LAN and seldom need to go out over the WAN for normal desktop application usage.

Schools, campuses, branches, regional data centers, mission isolation, etc. all benefit from this architecture. VERDE VDI is a perfect solution for bringing the benefits of VDI to these user populations.
Windows and Linux equal treatment

Windows and Linux

VERDE VDI is the best way to support Linux. We give it equal status. No special plugins or workarounds. We treat Linux as an equal citizen with Windows.
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Our competitors continue to avoid reality and disregard the prevalence of Linux in mainstream corporations. VERDE VDI embraces Linux, providing a seamless environment for serving Linux desktops of all stripes and configurations, side-by-side with Windows.

But we go further than just serving up desktops. Lets say I have to do a compile job once a month, needing multiple cores to finish in a reasonable amount of time. I don’t have to have a beefy workstation sitting idly all month waiting for that job to call upon it. With VERDE VDI there can be an instance available to the engineer that can be called upon when needed.

Resources will be carved out of the existing pool to handle the job, and then returned to the pool when complete. Does that sound familiar? Sound like cloud? Well, yes.

VDI has a cloud-like architecture and allows organizations to reconfigure on the fly depending on the needs of the moment. In a Linux desktop user population – research, engineering, CAD, military, intelligence, etc., VDI is a huge advancement in flexibility, cost optimization and security.

While VERDE offers a wide range of features and covers all your VDI requirements is also very easy to manage and it needs a very simple architecture. Thanks to its Storage Optimizer technology there is no need to invest in complex SAN or I/O accelerators, all you need is a simple and inexpensive NAS.

With VERDE is also possible (and easy) to create hybrid configurations with in-house VDI and Cloud based DaaS.

For more information watch the video below, download the pdf VERDE VDI Datasheet (192 KB) and contact us.

NComputing VERDE presentation video

NComputing VERDE Presentation video

NComputing VERDE, virtualizzazione del desktop per tutti

La virtualizzazione del desktop che convieneNComputing logo


  • Centralizzazione desktop
  • Riduzione costi di gestione
  • Altamente scalabile
  • Supporto Branch Office
  • Per PC, laptop, thinclient, PDA
  • OS supp.: Windows e Linux
  • Client: Windows, Linux e OSX
  • Ulteriori benefici...

La gestione del sistema operativo e degli applicativi installati localmente è sempre stato un problema difficile da gestire da quando è nato il PC.
Se da un lato si concede un certo grado di libertà all'utente di personalizzare l'ambiente di lavoro ed installare i software che gli possono essere utili, dall'altro si aumenta la complessità di gestione dell'infrastruttura informatica ed anche le chiamate di supporto.

In tanti hanno fatto analisi, test e calcolato i potenziali benefici nell'implementare il VDI di prima generazione nella propria azienda con soluzioni basate su Citrix o VMWare, ma nella maggior parte dei casi è risultato evidente che la complessità dell'infrastruttura necessaria ed i relativi costi erano nettamente superiori al mantenimento dello status quo.

Grazie alle caratteristiche tecniche, la sua efficienza, l'eliminazione di costose SAN dall'infrastruttura e le funzionalità incluse in VERDE Workspaces è ora possibile creare delle piattaforme di virtualizzazione del desktop alla portata delle PMI ma che possono scalare a migliaia di utenti con costi estremamente ridotti.

Copertura funzionale di VERDE VDI

NComputing VERDE VDI architecture

VERDE è sicuramente vincente in quanto ha costi di acquisizione e gestione notevolmente più bassi rispetto alla concorrenza, riduce notevolmente la complessità essendo gestito interamente da una console che non ha bisogno di strumenti di terze parti ed offre una copertura completa delle esigenze di ogni tipologia di cliente.

Con VERDE, grazie alla sua scalabilità, si possono gestire infrastrutture da poche decine fino a centinaia di migliaia di utenti sia con installazioni locali che in Cloud Computing.

VERDE è disponibile come licenza da installare sulla vostra infrastruttura esistente o come server/appliance pronta all'uso.


Our technology partners

Omnis Systems doesn't simply act as a box shifter on behalf of international manufacturers. We look for a more comprehensive relationship which brings value to our technology partners, our channel partners and naturally to the end customer.

Our selection of technology partners is the result of attentive analisys of the companies themselves and their products to make sure we are providing solutions that grow and adapt to the market needs over the years.

Here's a brief description of some of our technology partners:

1crm business management soluution

1CRM blends a best-of-breed Customer Relationship Management system with comprehensive order management, project, resource, service & HR management, a free Self-Service Portal with eStore, and optional QuickBooks integration.

If you already know SugarCRM then 1CRM will allow you to work with the same interface you are used to but adding all the above mentioned features and much more... at a lower cost.

More information...

Collax FlexibleIT Logo

Collax GmbH is a German company specialised in developing a complete set of easy to manage but features rich software appliances that satisfy all the SME's virtualisation, security and communication needs.

It only takes a few minutes to install any of Collax's products and in a few clicks it will be possible to configure services that even on a Windows system could take hours to set-up. Collax web based management interface doesn't just simplify the use of a Linux based solution but it's also an OEM software distribution platform which allows easy integration and standardisation of third party applications.

More information...

Kopano Unified Communication

Kopano is an Open Source communication platform that provides the services you may find in Office365 but with the added bonus that you are in full control of your data.

All the features you may expect from a Cloud collaboration platforms like email services, instant messaging, video conferencing and file sharing are all available under your control on your local server or as a hosted service.

More information...

NComputing VERDE - The VDI and DaaS solution

NComputing VERDE provides a fresh approach to Desktop Virtualisation. While other manufacturers of VDI products require expensive and complex infrastructures, VERDE, has been conceived to be very simple to set-up and cost effective. In a few minutes you can be ready to deploy your new virtual Windows and Linux desktops saving up to 60% in costs compared to other products.

More information...

NextCloud - Secure file sharing and synchronisation

NextCloud GmbH is the company behind the homonymous secure file sharing and data synchronisation platforms.
NextCloud is very similar, in term of features, to DropBox, Microsoft Drive or Google Docs but it's instead of giving data to third parties your keep full control of it on your server and being an Open Source platform you are in control of the technology as well if you wish.

More information...

OnApp - Your Cloud in a box

OnApp, a London headquartered organisation, may be a new name to the general public as it delivered Cloud management and Cloud orchestration services to thousands of Internet Service Providers around the world.
More recently OnApp further optimised and simplified their solution and partnered with Intel to deliver the same ease of use you get from Public Cloud provider, such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, but delivered on-premises, in your data centre or as a hybrid Cloud solution in partnership with selected service provider.

More information...

Univention Logo180x45

Univention it's a major German software house specialised in the development of management tools that simplify the management of complex Linux servers, integrates with and often replaces Microsoft Windows servers. Their core product, the Univention Corporate Server (UCC) allows easy application integration and it already includes in its App Centre a vast number of ready to use solutions.

More information...


NComputing VERDE - VDI and DaaS for organisations of all sizesReferences and case studies

Many organisations are benefiting from the use of NComputing VERDE VDI with both on-site installation and Cloud/managed infrastructures.

This is just a small selection of VERDE's reference cases:


US Department of Defence

VERDE helps us reduce capital expenses by providing support for Windows thin clients running virtual Linux desktops. In addition, by enabling our department to move desktops into the secure data centre and isolate access based on need or clearance level, the solution significantly improves security.

Representative from the U.S. Department of Defence, Military

pdf Case study for the US Department of Defence (296 KB)

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

VERDE has a small footprint, is easy to configure, and has many installation options. In fact, we experience that users fail to become aware if they are using a virtual desktop or a real desktop, or a mixture of both. As far as we can see it, VERDE does  the job

Dr. Werner Degenhardt
Academic Director and the CIO for the Faculty, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

pdf Case study for the Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich (850 KB)

UniMILogo The department of Mathematics “Federigo Enriques” of the University of Milan uses VERDE in an environment that requires support for both Windows and Linux under heavy workloads generated by mathematical and statistical simulation applications.

pdf VERDE case study - University of Milan (178 KB)

ICERM at Brown University This team of researchers is highly transient and requires an extremely customizable tool set of applications. Rather than configure each individual device based on standard policies then address customization requests, ICERM sought a technology partner that offered a flexible, easy-to-manage desktop virtualisation solution to reduce maintenance costs and man-hours.

API API needed a uniform infrastructure that would support the transition of most of its workstations to thin clients with more affordable and reliable services and accommodate a considerable number of constantly mobile laptop users across its Roma headquarters and Falconara refinery.

pdf VERDE case study - API (279 KB)

More case studies will be available soon.

Univention - Open management

The cost-efficient alternative to Windows serversUnivention - Open Source alternative to Microsoft Windows server

 Univention helps creating and managing Windows, OS X and Linux infrastructures providing Open Source alternatives to Microsoft based products.Univention Corporate Server building blocks

The core product is Univention Corporate Server (UCS), a flexible, cost-efficient and successful alternative for Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft Small Business Server. It includes comprehensive Active Directory functionalities and an App Center that integrates and manages own or third party enterprise applications.
UCS is designed to operate as part of existing Microsoft infrastructures and it can assists you in replacing Microsoft Windows domains controllers with a few clicks.

UCS web-based management console is well suited for organizations of any size, either as a standard on-premises setup, in the cloud or in hybrid IT environments.

Integrated in UCS you will find also the Univention Corporate Client which will allow your organisation to configure and deploy Linux desktops on PCs, thin clients and virtual environments.

Do you really need to replace your Windows Server?

If you still use Windows 2003 you surely do as it will be totally unsupported by July 2015. If you use any other version of Windows Server you may consider how efficiently you are using your server, how much it costs in terms of support, hardware maintenance and electricity.

Many spent a lot of money for their new Windows Server but then they use it as a simple file and authentication server using about 5/10% of the CPU power available but still paying for the equivalent of an enterprise grade server.

Univention Corporate Server will allow you to purchase a much leaner server as it's a lot more efficient than a Windows Server or to get a lot more out of your existing IT investment by combining several services including MS Exchange features, security, virtualisation, etc on the same system making you benefit from massive saving in consultancy, support and CO2 emissions.

More information about Univention


Univention Corporate Client

Fully managed Linux desktopsUCS Univention Corporate Client

 UCC user policiesUnivention Corporate Client (UCC) UCC fills the gap that made the adoption of Linux desktops in businesses complicated as the centralised management solutions available were complex to install and manage.
Now Linux desktops can be deployed or "streamed" to PCs and thin clients very easily or can be ran on the Univention Corporate Server virtualisation layer making them accessible remotely.

The Ubuntu-based desktop environment provided is optimised for business use and it can be tailored using UCC management web console to fit user requirements and hardware specifications.

Key features

  • Reduced administration efforts thanks to fully automated installation, central update management and integrated users/rights management via policies and desktop profiles
  • Supports a vast number of thin clients and connected devices
  • Support of all popular remote desktops and desktop virtualisation environments from Microsoft, Citrix, VMware and Univention
  • Integrated support for xrdp, which allows a bandwidth efficient access to the KDE Linux desktop of UCC, also, for example, from Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X systems.
  • Ideal for use in heterogeneous environments with Linux and Windows desktops
  • Cost-effective in its implementation, maintenance, administration and operation
  • Open standards ensure easy adaptability and simple expansion
  • Future proof Open Source solution


pdf Univention Corporate Client datasheet (651 KB)

More information on Univention's web site