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Collax Business Server

Collax FlexibleIT_LogoThe IT infrastructure for SMEs

Collax Business Server is an all-in-one IT solution which provides all the communication, storage and security services an SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) may require.

It's a perfect alternative to Microsoft Small Business Server which will reduce by at least 50% your purchasing and maintenance costs while it provides more service and requires, thanks to its efficiency, servers with much lower specifications.

Collax Business Server can also replace a good number of devices like firewalls, faxes, storage servers and domain controllers so you'll be able to simplify your IT infrastructure, reduce your support and licensing costs while cutting also you electricity bill as you'll need only one low power server to perform all the tasks that where managed by different devices.

It can also be an excellent complement to existing IT set-ups as, being able to connect to Microsoft Active Directory, it can offload your main Windows server of some services maintaining a single authentication solution.

System administrators will find it very easy to manage a Collax Business Server as its comprehensive but easy to use web management interface provide total control over the server's features.  For easy and quick recovery, in case of hardware failure, all the configuration and data backup tools are included.





Local backup

Local backup

Backup targets

Backup targets

Data synchronisation

Data synchronisation

Network routing and permissions

Network routing and permissions

Server monitoring

Server monitoring

Zarafa Communication Platform integration

Zarafa Communication Platform integration

From a user point of view nothing changes, apart from the increase in services and responsiveness, and it can be used in mixed Windows, OS X e Linux environments.

E-mail, Fax, Instant Messaging, remote access and document sharing are just some of the services available to all authorised users.

To secure Internet access is possible to activate the built in web filtering features so that access will be restricted and filtered depending on the configured security levels based on user groups.


Collax Business Server, together with the Kopano Collaboration Platform add-on, can be seen as an enhanced version of Microsoft Small Business Server as it includes all the services you already know of MS SBS but it adds on top all the security and communication features which would otherwise require additional equipments and licenses.
default Collax Business Server free version and trial

The free version is fully featured but limited for up to 5 users.

Collax's family of products

Collax, your IT infrastructureCollax FlexibleIT_Logo

Collax has been making system administrators' life a lot easier for many years by standardising and simplifying the management of Linux servers. There is no need to edit complex configuration files or manage many servers with different Linux distributions and versions.

As Collax produces a family of products, covering most of the requirements SMEs may have, the interfaces and the methodologies used are very similar so once you learned how to use one product all the others are a lot easier to learn than having to deal with different manufacturers with different web interfaces.

Not just a Linux server management console

Collax Configuration Report

While most users will just notice a professionally designed web interface there is a lot more to it. To guarantee maximum uptime for your infrastructure Collax runs its own software repository where all the packages of its Debian based distribution are tested for bugs and compatibility with other add-on software that you may have installed on your Collax server.

A team of engineers is constantly busy developing new features and improving existing ones so that you can enjoy the robustness, efficiency and cost savings a Linux platform can deliver without the management complexity.

With Collax products you have also the peace of mind that all configurations are well documented as it creates for you a report containing every single service running on the infrastructure.

A family of products for all your needs

Collax's family of products is divided in 3 macro categories with aggregated features that can be activated depending on your specific needs:



Software appliances for collaboration, security and remote access

Collax Business Server

Collax Business Server

For all your communication needs

Collax Security Gateway

Collax Security Gateway

Security and VPNs

Modular appliance

Any service you need, available in few minutes

Collax Platform Server

Collax Platform Server

Your modular choice

  • Commnication (E-mail, Fax, IM)
  • E-mail archival (legally recognised)
  • Network Storage
  • Network backup
  • Network monitoring (local and remote)
  • Web Application
  • VPN SSL and IPSec

  • Net Security
  • Mail Security
  • Web Security
  • Advanced Web filtering
  • IDS and IPS
  • Zarafa groupware
  • Info@Hand CRBM
  • SugarCRM
  • Your web application?


Here are just some of the rewards won by Collax:


Collax recommendations


 Collaboration services for every needKopano - The best alternative to Microsoft Exchange and Office365

Organizations that are looking for a complete groupware package do not all need the same level of collaboration, performance and support. You can therefore obtain Kopano’s open source Collaboration Platform in various different editions.

Kopano Basic is ideal for SMEs as it includes all the features generally required by a smaller number of users and a cost that competes very well even against Cloud offerings.

Kopano Professionalis made for organizations that require advanced features such extended system analytics (through Kopano Dashboard), advanced Files for Teams and Web Meetings, email and phone support.

Kopano Enterpriseis targeted to organizations that need a clustered solution. The multi-server support can be used to support larger number of users or to spread mailboxes across different geographical locations. The Enterprise Edition combines the most extensive collaboration features with the highest level of support.

Do you use the Kopano Community Edition? Check out the table below to see how the Professional or Enterprise edition can add value to your organization. Keep also in mind that a small investment for your side helps in speeding up the development of the features you'd like to see implemented.

The following table presents a summary of the main differences between versions:

  Community Basic
Professional Enterprise
Outlook connector (MAPI) 3 users
ActiveSync (Z-Push)
IMAP/POP3 gateway
iCal/CalDAV gateway
Advanced multiuser calendars  
Brick-level Backup  
Active directory toolkit  
Kopano monitoring   Basic Extended analytics Multiserver analytics
Kopano Files Personal  
Kopano Files for Teams   Option
Kopano WebMeeting   Option
Auto-deployment tools    
High-Availability support    
Kopano Archive support    
Multiserver support      

Please note: it is not possible to combine different editions on the same server. If you want to set features available to your users that are only included in one of the paid editions, you need to choose this specific edition for all users; this also implies paying the subscription fee for all users.

I nostri partner tecnologici

Omnis Systems Ltd si avvale di partner selezionati e testati per fornire prodotti e servizi di alta qualità ai propri rivenditori. La scelta dei nostri partner non è casuale ma è il risultato di ricerche e test che ci permettono di fornire prodotti che si possono interconnettere tra di loro o che sono complementari nel fornire soluzioni modulari che si adattano al meglio alle esigenze di sicurezza e comunicazione della maggior parte di aziende italiane.

I seguenti sono solo alcuni dei nostri partner storici che ci aiutano a fornire a voi soluzioni che vi aiutano a differenziavi dal resto del mercato:

1CRM - Customer Relationship Manager e Sales Force Automation

1CRM può rivoluzionare i vostri metodi di lavoro per rendere più efficiente e gestibile la vostra azienda.
1CRM non è solo un CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) ma ha integrato diversi moduli necessari alla gestione commerciale e marketing della vostra attività.

I moduli di gestione prodotti, preventivazione, fatturazione fino ad arrivare al marketing ed alla vendita on-line sono pronti all'uso e personalizzabili per adeguarsi alle esigenze specifiche di ogni azienda.

Collax FlexibleIT_Logo

Collax è specializzata nel produrre una distribuzione Linux che rende estremamente semplice la gestione delle infrastrutture più complesse grazie alla sua interfaccia Web.

Praticamente ogni servizio necessario ad aziende di ogni dimensione è configurabile in pochi click da tecnici che non hanno alcuna esperienza di Linux.

La sicurezza, stabilità e semplicità d'uso delle piattaforme Collax le rendono estremamente competitive rispetto ai prodotti tradizionalmente utilizzati.

Kopano - La miglior alternativa a Microsoft Exchange e Office365

Kopano produce il prodotto omonimo che ha un notevole successo come alternativa a Microsoft Exchange ed Office365 in quanto, con costi estremamente ridotti di acquisizione e gestione, mette a disposizione gli stessi strumenti disponibili in piattaforme Cloud ma con il beneficio aggiunto di avere totale controllo sui propri dati.

Con Kopano potete continuare ad utilizzare Microsoft Outlook se fosse necessario o potete risparmiare risorse e ridurre i rischi, dovuti a vulnerabilità presenti in Outlook, utilizzando il client di posta Kopano DeskApp disponibile per Windows, Linux ed Apple OSX.

NComputing VERDE

VERDE (Virtual Enterprise Remote Desktop Environment) Workspaces è una piattaforma completa di virtualizzazione del desktop implementabile sulle più conosciute piattaforme Linux (RedHat, Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu, ecc...) che riduce drasticamente la complessità di gestione ed i costi comunemente associati alle infrastrutture VDI.

NComputing VERDE VDI può essere utilizzato con PC, portatili, iPad e thin clients ed aiuta a gestire in tutta sicurezza i deployment BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) e DaaS (Desktop as a Service) sia all'interno dell'azienda che in Cloud.

NextCloud condivisione e sincronizzazione sicura di documenti

NextCloud GmbH è l'azienda che sviluppa il prodotto omonimo di condivisione e sincronizzazione sicura di file e documenti.

NextCloud è molto simile, in termini di funzionalità a OwnCloud, DropBox, Microsoft Drive o Google Docs ma, invece di salvare documenti su server di terze parti, con NextCloud avrete il controllo completo sui vostri dati che verranno gestiti in modo molto semplice sui vostri server o nel vostro data centre.

OnApp il vostro Cloud aziendale

OnApp è un'azienda Londinese probabilmente sconosciuta ai più ma la loro piattaforma è stata probabilmente utilizzata da tanti di voi. OnApp ha costruito il suo successo fornendo piattaforme di Cloud management ed orchestration a migliaia di Internet Service Providers.

Grazie a recenti ottimizzazioni e semplificazioni nell'utilizzo della piattaforma è ora possibile implementare il Cloud, che fin'ora avreste dovuto affittare da Amazon o Microsoft, all'interno della vostra azienda.

OnApp può sostituire o integrarsi a VMWare semplificandone la gestione e rimuovendo la necessità di utilizzare SAN costose grazie allo storage distribuito integrato.

Scheda prodotti...
SEP - Una soluzione di backup per ogni esigenza

SEP produce la soluzione di backup e disaster recovery più completa sul mercato.

La sua forza è di essere estremamente semplice da usare ed è in grado di gestire con un solo strumento il backup di piattaforme Windows, Linux e Unix partendo da configurazioni singolo server fino ad arrivare ad infrastrutture complesse con datacentres distribuiti a livello globale.

SEP è sicuramente l'unica soluzione di backup di livello Enterprise di cui avrete bisogno.

Kopano Conference 2017

Kopano collaboration platformKopano Conference 2017

Kopano Conference banner 80027 e 28 Settembre 2017 ad Arnhem (Olanda)

Comunicazione, collaborazione e sicurezza non solo per il Cloud

La Kopano Conference di quest'anno è sicuramente un appuntamento imperdibile per tutti gli operatori ICT che tengono a fornire ai propri clienti una piattaforma di comunicazione sicura e completa in pieno rispetto della Privacy ed il GDPR.

Alla conferenza, Kopano, presenterà le nuove integrazioni e partnership che permetteranno di riprendere controllo completo dei propri dati fornendo una piattaforma che si posiziona come alternativa a Office365 ma con i benefici aggiuntivi di essere Open Source, disponibile sia in-house che in hosting e con costi nettamente inferiori.

Kopano Conference 2017

Kopano collaboration platformKopano Conference 2017

Kopano Conference banner 80027th and 28th of September 2017 - Arnhem (NL)

Bringing communication tools together on-premises and in the Cloud

This year's Kopano Conferences is an unmissable appointment in your diary for both current and potential partners as there will be the opportunity to learn about and experience the future of communication and collaboration platforms.

During the conference, Kopano, will present new integrations and partnerships which will allow organisations to take back complete control of their data providing a platform positioned as a full alternative to Office365 with the added benefits of being Open Source, available for both on-premises and Cloud and with having much lower costs.

Kopano FAQ

Kopano - The best alternative to Microsoft Exchange and Office365Kopano - Yet another email and collaboration solution?

Many wonder why they should choose Kopano instead using the usual brands. Here we try to answer some of the questions. Do you want to ask some more? Then don't hesitate to contact us.

Isn't Microsoft Exchange good enough?

While Microsoft Exchange provides the features required by most businesses it is also quite expensive to purchase, it requires powerful servers and it doesn't allow very easily to integrate with other applications not produced by Microsoft. With the latest releases it is not even possible any more share public folders and calendars without purchasing SharePoint adding more complexity and costs.

Google Apps or Office365?

Cloud based collaboration offering may seem very interesting as you don't have to pay upfront for software and servers but comparing the costs over 2/3 years Kopano will cost you about 50/70% less (including the infrastructure and support costs), it will allow you to keep control of your data and to integrate it with your applications.

Kopano already includes video conference, instant messaging, secure file sharing, email encryption and many more features. It's faster, it requires little maintenance and HW resources, it requires lower investments than Cloud based products so why choosing something else?

Then, with the recent and ongoing PRISM/NSA scandal and Cloud services downtime (wasn't the Cloud supposed to provide 100% uptime?), do you really want to give away your valuable data and pay for it?

Kopano joins The Document Foundation

Kopano collaboration platformKopano joins The Document Foundation Advisory Board

Kopano logo150x35 + The Document Foundation - LibreOffice

From The Document Foundation blog


Berlin, September 26, 2017 – The Document Foundation (TDF) announced today that Kopano, the leading European provider of open source groupware and collaboration software, has joined the project’s Advisory Board. Kopano wants to contribute to the project in areas of its expertise, for example in user experience.

Kopano is a continuation of Zarafa. It offers a platform for communication, content sharing and self-organization, is entirely modular, and provides third party software vendors with simple integration options (e.g. via widgets).

Most features and integrations are available via a browser, thanks to Kopano WebApp, while smartphones, tablets and Outlook can be connected through Z-Push – the open source implementation of the Exchange ActiveSync Protocol (EAS). Kopano’s desktop client DeskApp is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Solutions like Kopano, combined with LibreOffice, help users to free themselves from the dependency of Microsoft and other cloud software, and enable companies to retain freedom and ownership of their data and software stack.

Kopano: your Unified Communication solution

Kopano - The best Microsoft Exchange & Office365 alternativeKopano Collaboration Platform - Beyond emails

  • Kopano shared calendars
  • Kopano Unified Communication
  • Kopano file sharing
  • Kopano shared calendars
  • Kopano Unified Communication
  • Kopano file sharing

Kopano’s Open Source Collaboration Platform is well known as one of the best Microsoft Exchange alternatives. Those that migrated from Exchange to Kopano know that they can provide even more and better services and have seen their costs going even below those of Cloud services like Office365 and Google Apps.

While emails are a communication tool that is here to stay for a long time, some may want to communicate with faster tools and integrate other services that previously were completely separated from a standard email server. Kopano now provides all the communication tools you expect from the latest generation of Unified Communication solutions.

Manage your emails like a pro

Manage your emails like a pro

WebApp helps you managing your email with a clean and comprehensive view of your personal and shared folders with an interface very similar to Microsoft Outlook.

As WebApp works with most browsers you won't need to install any applications to manage your communications wherever you are.
Team calendars

Team calendars

Delegation lets you use your time as effectively as possible. Keep an overview of your team’s schedules with WebApp’s advanced calendaring features.

Planning meetings is also easy. Choose the participants and WebApp will find a time that fits everyone’s schedule. Need a meeting room? Add it to the schedule and make sure it is booked.
Your contacts always available

Your contacts always available

Have your contacts available anywhere. WebApp keeps track of everyone who’s important to you, and its business card overview makes it easy to search and view their details.

Conctacts are available on your smartphones and tablets with natively supported synchronization tools: no need to install an app!

Kopano, being an Open Source solution, allows total integration with your existing IT infrastructure and applications.
If you are a Developer (PHP, Python, Ext JS) and would like to create plug-ins or integrate Kopano with your applications then visit the Kopano Documentation Portal.

To evaluate Kopano you could try the on-line demo and download the community version.

Don't fancy managing Linux servers?
Then you may want to give Collax Business Server and Univention Corporate Server a try. Kopano can be installed in a few clicks and all the security and integration services your company may need are instantly available.

What is Kopano all about? A couple of short videos may help you in understanding more:

(Warning: the links below will take you to YouTube)

Kopano is a RedHat Partner, SuSe Partner, Ubuntu Gold Partner and Collax Software and Technology Partner.

Zarafa RedHat PartnerZarafa SuSe PartnerZarafa Ubuntu Gold PartnerCollax FlexibleIT Logo

Our technology partners

Omnis Systems doesn't simply act as a box shifter on behalf of international manufacturers. We look for a more comprehensive relationship which brings value to our technology partners, our channel partners and naturally to the end customer.

Our selection of technology partners is the result of attentive analisys of the companies themselves and their products to make sure we are providing solutions that grow and adapt to the market needs over the years.

Here's a brief description of some of our technology partners:

1crm business management soluution

1CRM blends a best-of-breed Customer Relationship Management system with comprehensive order management, project, resource, service & HR management, a free Self-Service Portal with eStore, and optional QuickBooks integration.

If you already know SugarCRM then 1CRM will allow you to work with the same interface you are used to but adding all the above mentioned features and much more... at a lower cost.

More information...

Collax FlexibleIT Logo

Collax GmbH is a German company specialised in developing a complete set of easy to manage but features rich software appliances that satisfy all the SME's virtualisation, security and communication needs.

It only takes a few minutes to install any of Collax's products and in a few clicks it will be possible to configure services that even on a Windows system could take hours to set-up. Collax web based management interface doesn't just simplify the use of a Linux based solution but it's also an OEM software distribution platform which allows easy integration and standardisation of third party applications.

More information...

Kopano Unified Communication

Kopano is an Open Source communication platform that provides the services you may find in Office365 but with the added bonus that you are in full control of your data.

All the features you may expect from a Cloud collaboration platforms like email services, instant messaging, video conferencing and file sharing are all available under your control on your local server or as a hosted service.

More information...

NComputing VERDE - The VDI and DaaS solution

NComputing VERDE provides a fresh approach to Desktop Virtualisation. While other manufacturers of VDI products require expensive and complex infrastructures, VERDE, has been conceived to be very simple to set-up and cost effective. In a few minutes you can be ready to deploy your new virtual Windows and Linux desktops saving up to 60% in costs compared to other products.

More information...

NextCloud - Secure file sharing and synchronisation

NextCloud GmbH is the company behind the homonymous secure file sharing and data synchronisation platforms.
NextCloud is very similar, in term of features, to DropBox, Microsoft Drive or Google Docs but it's instead of giving data to third parties your keep full control of it on your server and being an Open Source platform you are in control of the technology as well if you wish.

More information...

OnApp - Your Cloud in a box

OnApp, a London headquartered organisation, may be a new name to the general public as it delivered Cloud management and Cloud orchestration services to thousands of Internet Service Providers around the world.
More recently OnApp further optimised and simplified their solution and partnered with Intel to deliver the same ease of use you get from Public Cloud provider, such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, but delivered on-premises, in your data centre or as a hybrid Cloud solution in partnership with selected service provider.

More information...

Univention Logo180x45

Univention it's a major German software house specialised in the development of management tools that simplify the management of complex Linux servers, integrates with and often replaces Microsoft Windows servers. Their core product, the Univention Corporate Server (UCC) allows easy application integration and it already includes in its App Centre a vast number of ready to use solutions.

More information...


Servizi di comunicazione per ogni esigenzaKopano - Il miglior modo di comunicare in azienda

Kopano è disponibile in diverse versioni per soddisfare organizzazioni di dimensioni differenti e che necessitano configurazioni più o meno complesse.

Kopano Basic è adatta per organizzazioni di piccole dimensioni ma include tutte le funzionalità utili alla gestione dell'ambiente di collaborazione sia con PC che con dispositivi mobili.Kopano Files per l'utilizzo come singolo utente è incluso mentre Kopano Files for Teams e Kopano WebMeetings sono opzionali.

Klopano Professional include le caratteristiche della versione Basic, Kopano Files for Teams e Kopano WebMeeting fanno parte del canone di manutenzione.

Kopano Enterprise aggiunge servizi di monitoring per infrastrutture complesse e di supporto tecnico avanzato.

Usate la versione Community?  Verificate se la versione Basic o Professional possono fornirvi le funzionalità che cercate e contribuite a sostenere lo sviluppo di piattaforme Open Source.

Le versioni Enterprise e Hosted vengono generalmente gestite a progetto in quanto spessono richiedono personalizzazioni ed integrazioni complesse con ambienti esistenti.

La tabella sottostante elenca le principali differenze in funzionalità tra le versioni.

  Community Basic
Professional Enterprise
Connettività con Outlook (MAPI) 3 utenti
Sincronizzazione con ActiveSync (Z-Push)
Gateway IMAP/POP3
Gateway iCal/CalDAV
Calendario multiutente  
Brick-level Backup  
Active directory toolkit  
Kopano monitoring   Basic Extended analytics Multiserver analytics
Kopano Files Personal  
Kopano Files for Teams   Opzione
Kopano WebMeeting   Opzione
Distribuzione automatica del plug-in di Outlook    
Gestione Alta Disponibilità    
Supporto multiserver      

Zarafa becomes Kopano

Kopano collaboration platformKopano is the new Zarafa!

After over 10 years of activity and development Zarafa decided that it was time for a new name and fresh look to mark also the moment when its flagship product has been officially released with a brand new look and features.

Kopano is not just a new identity but also a new communication platform that has been over time rewritten and modernised to compete in a "Cloudified" world.

Some may like the convenience of working on third party public Cloud applications but once they discover Kopano offers the same convenience but adds to it the freedom of integrating it with other applications, the fact that the data is back under their control and it also costs less than Office365 or G Apps then public Cloud doesn't seem that appealing any more.

Zarafa diventa Kopano

Kopano collaboration platformKopano è il nuovo Zarafa!

Dopo oltre 10 anni di attività e sviluppo Zarafa ha deciso che è arrivato il momento giusto per un nuovo nome ed un nuovo look anche per marcare il momento in cui il suo prodotto omonimo è stato rilasciato con un nuovo design e tante nuove funzionalità.

Kopano non è semplicemente una nuova identità, è anche una nuova piattaforma di comunicazione che è stata riscritta e modernizzata per competere con un nuovo mondo, come dicono alcuni, "Cloudificato".

Per alcuni, la convenienza di lavorare con applicazioni Cloud di terze parti, può anche essere soddisfacente ma una volta scoperto che Kopano offre la stessa convenienza ma aggiunge la libertà di integrare altre applicazioni, il pieno controllo sui propri dati e che costa meno di Office365 o G Apps allora il Cloud pubblico non ha più lo stesso appeal.

Zarafa WebApp 2.2

zarafa Communication PlatformZarafa WebApp 2.2 is out!

We have been following with excitement the development phases of Zarafa WebApp 2.2 as it has been a major (and long) effort to completely redesign the web interface that allows so many users to dispose of Microsoft Outlook.

At first sight WebApp 2.2 may look like a simple redesign of the graphical interface but in reality it's a complete rewrite that use modern frameworks and well documented API to facilitate customisation and integration with third party platforms.

Many improvements and new features have been added and a new plug-in architecture allows to create applets to add data and integrate with applications like SugarCRM, Twitter, Facebook and any other application that provides documented API and connectors.