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Collax V-Cube

The virtualisation solution for SMEsCollax FlexibleIT Logo

Collax V-Cube - virtualisation, high availability and clusteringCollax V-Cube represents, for small to medium sized companies, the opportunity of benefiting from the same virtualisation solutions used by large organisations but at a fraction of the cost.

V-Cube is based on technologies supported by other known brands like RedHat, IBM or Intel but optimised and adapted to satisfy the requirements of smaller infrastructures. Set-up and management are so simple that can take less than half an hour, for a technician not specialised in virtualisation technologies, to install a Collax V-Cube.

Thanks to the provided migration tools existing servers can be consolidated on the V-Cube virtualisation environment with very little downtime.

Collax's virtualisation platform is performing a lot better than the competition so many companies migrate to it, even from free of charge platforms (like VMware ESXi, Xen Server and Microsoft Hyper-V), as they can fit more virtual servers on the same hardware. Then being managed by just using a browser it makes it easier to support it from wherever you are.

The following graphic shows Collax V-Cube's architecture:

V-Cube virtualisation architecture with KVM

V-Cube can operate as a single server, as a highly available configuration or as a cluster with hundreds of nodes thanks to the Inter-V and the V-SAN modules.

General features:

  • Installation can be done in few minutes
  • Centralised web management
  • Unlimited number of virtual machines
  • Nearly zero performance loss compared to physical installation
  • Memory usage optimisation and reduction with KSM (Kernel Samepage Merging)
  • Natively supports Thin Provisioning and memory overcommitment
  • You can assign a PCI device, serial or USB port to a specific VM
  • Seamless live migration
  • Live VM snapshots
  • Fast VM deployment with templates
  • Supports VMWare Server/Workstation disk images
  • No need for dedicated control node
  • You can natively exchange disk images with RedHat Enterprise Virtualisation servers
  • Integrated Backup, Restore and Disaster Recovery tools
  • Includes P2V and V2P (Physical to Virtual and Virtual to Physical) migration tools


Following this link you can download a trial version of Collax V-Cube.

To activate the clustering and high availability features contact us to obtain a trial activation key.