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Collax Platform Server

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Collax Platform Server

Collax Platform Server

Use one or more modules:
  • Communication (E-mail, Fax, IM)
  • E-mail archiving (legally recognised)*
  • Network Storage
  • Network backup
  • Network monitoring (local and remote)*
  • Web Application
  • VPN SSL e IPSec
  • Net Security
  • Mail Security
  • Web Security
  • Web filtering
  • IDS and IPS
  • Zarafa Collaboration*

* optional module

To help organisations of all sizes, Collax, created a new server appliance that allows to choose and add any specific feature needed at any time.

Collax Platform Server can be used to set-up in few clicks a file server, an email appliance, a firewall or any other type of services included in the range of features Collax provides.

The modules available represent a selection of the features present in the Collax Business Server, the Collax Security Gateway and the add-on modules which allow you to use each single feature for a specific use.

 Third party applications can also be easily installed in few clicks:

If you develop web applications you may want to create an installation package so that you can deliver them using a standardised platform. As us for more information about Collax SDK.

Modules virtualisation

Collax Platform Server is an eccellent tool that allow you to virtualise on Collax V-Cube, or other virtualisation environments, modules dedicated to a specific tasks.


If you want to test Collax Platform Server you can download a trial version.

The trial version will allow you to activate each module for up to 15 users.