Collax FlexibleITCollax V-SAN - SANless high availability

V-Store embedded SANMost highly available (HA) configurations require separate shared storage units that allows to restart the virtual machines on the other node. Those units, called SAN (Storage Area Network) are connected with Fiber Channel or InfiniBand links and can be very complex to manage and expensive putting them out of reach of small and medium size company's budgets.

The Embedded SAN solution provided by the Collax V-SAN module eliminates complexity, reduces costs and increases the performances making it an excellent solution for small companies or departmental requirements.

With Collax V-SAN creates a shared virtual storage using the local drives, which is seen by both servers as a single large disk, so you can install an run your Windows or Linux virtual machines on each server.

Collax Highly Available Configuration

With near to zero loss of performances, V-SAN, replicates in real time every bit written on the Embedded SAN so even it the event of a server failure the other node will restart the VMs with no loss of data.

Collax Highly Available Configuration FailOver

pdf competitive analisys between Collax V-Cube, VMWare VSphere 5.0 and Microsoft Hyper-V 2008 R2 (665 KB) allows you to verify that, Collax V-Cube with its modules, will satisfy your requirements reducing costs and increasing the availability of your business critical applications.

This kind of configuration, with 2 active servers or low power appliances, with VMWare could cost you easily £20000 while with Collax and including hardware you'll need to invest only a quarter of that.

General features:

  • Installation can be done in few clicks
  • Centralised web management
  • No need for dedicated control node
  • Live migration delle macchine virtuali tra i nodi
  • It doesn't not require external SAN storage units
  • Increased data throughput (10+GBit/s)
  • Supports Oracle Cluster File System (OCFS2)
  • Real time data replication
  • Automatic failover
  • Integrated Backup, Restore and V-Recovery feature
  • Includes P2V and V2P (Physical to Virtual e Virtual to Physical) migration tools
You can test the V-SAN features by default downloading a free version .

The free version will allow you to evaluate Collax V-Cube's features.

To activate the Inter-V and V-Store modules please contact us to request a temporary activation key.