Collax FlexibleITCreate clusters in few clicks

 Collax Inter-V cluster managementInter-V is an add-on module that allows your V-Cube to create and manage a cluster of servers very easily.

A cluster of servers based on Collax V-Cube can be set-up very easily:

  • Take two or more machines
  • Add Collax V-Cube - installation takes about 10 minutes
  • Add the Collax Inter-V (clustering module) - a few clicks and 5 minutes
  • Connect to your iSCSI SAN 

Ready to go with a cluster of servers!

General features:

  • Set-up in a few clicks
  • Centralised web management
  • Unlimited number of nodes
  • It doesn't require a management node
  • Seamless live migration between nodes
  • Supports iSCSI targets
  • Configurable as a "SANless" HA using V-SAN (2 nodes)
  • Automatic fail-over and VMs migration
  • Integrated Backup, Restore and V-Recovery feature
  • Includes P2V and V2P (Physical to Virtual e Virtual to Physical) migration tools
You can test the Inter-V features by default downloading a free version.

The free version will allow you to evaluate Collax V-Cube's features. To activate its modules please contact us to request a temporary activation key.