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Collax FlexibleITVirtualisation, High Availability & Clustering

 Whether you look to consolidate your IT infrastructure or to reduce your single server downtime, in case of hardware failure, server virtualisation is generally a very good option.

Brands like VMWare, Xen and RedHat are quite good in providing solutions for medium to large companies with the large budgets required to cover licensing, infrastructure and highly specialised consultancy costs so SMEs are, often, not even considering server virtualisation as they expect costs to be well above their expenditure targets.

Collax, with its V-Cube virtualisation platform and its add-on modules, put within SMEs' reach those solutions by not only reducing the costs but also by increasing their efficiency and simplifying their management.

Collax V-Cube can by used as a single server virtualisation platform to host your Linux and Windows servers or, with the Inter-V module, as a complete clustered solution.

Adding the V-Store modules, configured on 2 servers, your company will be able to keep working even if one of the servers develops a fault as all your virtual servers will move automatically on the other server. During normal operation the servers will share the load increasing the lifespan of your physical IT infrastructure.

Collax V-Cube

Collax V-Cube

Virtualisation platform
  • 32/64bit virtualisation environment
  • Unlimited virtual machines
  • Local and iSCSI storage
  • Thin Provisioning
  • Memory usage optimisation (KSM)
  • PCI Passthrough
  • Serial and USB ports redirection
  • P2V/V2P migration tool
  • Web based management
  • Integrated backup, restore and DR
  • Automatic snapshots

Collax Inter-V

Inter-V Clustering extension

Clustering extension
  • Single management interface
  • Live migration tools
  • High availability
  • NFS, iSCSI, FC SAN storage
  • Integrated virtual switches
  • Channel bonding

Collax V-SAN

V-Store Embedded SAN

Embedded SAN
  • SANless configuration
  • VMs running from local storage
  • Reduces infrastructure costs
  • Increases VMs performances
  • Real time data replication between nodes
  • Fast live migration between nodes
  • Storage on Cluster File System (OCFS2)