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Collax FlexibleIT

Total security for SMBs


Collax Security Gateway

Collax Security Gateway

Total security management
  • E-mail server
  • Web Application
  • VPN SSL e IPSec
  • Net Security
  • Mail Security
  • Web Security
  • Advanced web filtering*
  • IDS and IPS
  • Email archival (with legal value)*
  • Zarafa Collaboration Platform*
* optional modules

Collax Security Gateway integrates all the enterprise level security tools in a solutions that is at the same time powerful but also easy to use.

The general definition of UTM (Unified Threat Management) appliance, used by many manufacturers, could probably be quite restrictive if applied to the Collax Security Gateway as it doesn't simply guarantees high levels of security but it provides integration features that go well beyond your expectations.

Security through simplification

Numerous studies made on businesses network security demonstrates that the vast majority of vulnerabilities found are due to 2 main issues:

  • some firewalls allow, by default, all the traffic from the internal network to go without checks to the Internet so viruses and trojans can operate freely
  • most UTMs are so complex to manage that it's never clear what type of traffic is allowed on the various connections so network operators sooner or later will get some configuration seriously wrong

With Collax Security Gateway you have a clear view of all the network rules applied to your firewall and the traffic that is being routed through your networks so you won't risk to lose control of your security policies.


This is just a small selection of CSG's features

  • Simplified firewall's rules management
  • Layer 7 firewall with user groups rules
  • Advanced routing with VoIP support (SIP e RTP)
  • VPN IPSEC and SSL for remote workers and branch offices
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention System
  • Web filtering with built in categories and commercial listings as an add-on
  • Antivirus for emails, documents and web pages
  • Multilevel Antispam engines
  • Multi-WAN fail-over
  • and much more ...


default Collax Security Gateway free version and trial.

The free version is fully featured but limited for up to 5 users.