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OnApp Enterprise Cloud

OnApp Enterprise Cloud

A complete private and hybrid cloud solution, delivered as a ready-to-run HCI appliance that scales on-premises and in your preferred data centre.

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PrivacyLab GDPR

PrivacyLab GDPR

Remove the guesswork from GDPR compliance. PrivacyLab helps you, with step by step guidance, in achieving GDPR compliance and producing the required documents.

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GDPR DPIA DPO Privacy by Design compliance data subject controller processor
Kopano Unified Communication

Kopano Unified Communication

Own your email, video conferencing, instant messaging services and data to improve productivity, security and privacy.

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NextCloud is the enterprise file sharing and synchronisation platform that helps increasing productivity, security and GDPR compliance.

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Not just a CRM, 1CRM provides you with all the features you need to support and expand your business including marketing, project management, support services and billing.

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NComputing VERDE VDI

NComputing VERDE VDI

A simpler and smarter way to deploy desktop virtualisation. NComputing VERDE reduces complexity and cost while providing all the features and reliability required by your organisation, scaling from SMEs...

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PrivacyLab GDPR

The easiest and efficient way to achieve GDPR compliance.

Tags: GDPR, Privacy, Compliance, DPIA, Consent

PrivacyLab GDPR Compliance platformPrivacyLab GDPR Compliance platform


The European Regulation 16/679, better known as GDPR, is seen by many as a new burden to organisations but it just unifies a set of pre-existing directive and regulations implemented with various degree of enforcement and Privacy protection by all the European countries. The main reason why GDPR is being taken so seriously now, and organisations are actually working to comply with it, is that it comes with fines that could make a serious dent in the bottom line of any organisation.

While the GDPR is a well written regulation, which states many of the data subjects rights and the duties of data controllers and processors, it's quite light on procedures and documents structure leaving it to organisations, lawyers and DPOs to create their own.

Removing the guesswork from GDPR

PrivacyLab is probably the most experienced organisation, in terms of Privacy compliance platforms and consulting, as they have been helping thousands of private and public sector organisations being compliant with the Italian Privacy Law, one of the strictest and more comparable to GDPR, since 2004.

Thanks to its extensive experience in how to plan and structure Privacy compliance your organisation and your Data Protection Officer (DPO) will find in PrivacyLab GDPR the perfect tool to simplify and streamline all the compliance processes.


Data and archival methods mapping

Data and archival methods mapping

Data and archives mapping is one of the basic task you need to perform to evaluate the types of data held by your organisation and the related risks.

Each main office, location and type of archive (digital or paper based) is taken in consideration to create the Data Protection Impact Assesment (DPIA), the Privacy by Default risk analysis and all the related documents.
Standard legal notices

Standard legal notices

Once the data mapping and the personnel has been appointed to manage specific data sets it will be possible to generate all the notification needed by your organisation.

From standard data subjects notification to personnel appointment to perform specific data processing, together with procedures and responsibilities, it just take a click to generate the right document.
Full set of legal notices

Full set of legal notices

PrivacyLab GDPR comes with a full set of standard legal notices and reports that will make it a lot easier to comply with data subjects notifications.

Each document and report is saved, on PrivacyLab's secure Cloud, with an unique Document ID, which proves to third parties your commitment to compliance and shows the regular updates to policies and Privacy by Design practices.
PrivacyLab certifications

PrivacyLab certifications

PrivacyLab is the first platform to be certified as compliant with the EU Regulation 16/679 (GDPR).

To guarantee the quality of its software and the compliance with the highest quality and security standards, PrivacyLab is also certified ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2013.


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