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OnApp Enterprise Cloud

OnApp Enterprise Cloud

A complete private and hybrid cloud solution, delivered as a ready-to-run HCI appliance that scales on-premises and in your preferred data centre.

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Cloud Virtualisation High Availability Disaster recovery Infrastructure
PrivacyLab GDPR

PrivacyLab GDPR

Remove the guesswork from GDPR compliance. PrivacyLab helps you, with step by step guidance, in achieving GDPR compliance and producing the required documents.

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GDPR DPIA DPO Privacy by Design compliance data subject controller processor
Kopano Unified Communication

Kopano Unified Communication

Own your email, video conferencing, instant messaging services and data to improve productivity, security and privacy.

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Email Communication instant messaging video conference Security Cloud email encryption file sharing GDPR


NextCloud is the enterprise file sharing and synchronisation platform that helps increasing productivity, security and GDPR compliance.

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File sharing data synchronisation Security Private Cloud GDPR Compliance


Not just a CRM, 1CRM provides you with all the features you need to support and expand your business including marketing, project management, support services and billing.

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CRM sales cycle management products management customer support reporting billing marketing
NComputing VERDE VDI

NComputing VERDE VDI

A simpler and smarter way to deploy desktop virtualisation. NComputing VERDE reduces complexity and cost while providing all the features and reliability required by your organisation, scaling from SMEs...

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Virtualisation Cloud Infrastructure security VDI Linux Windows desktops

Univention - Open management

Fully managed Linux desktopsUCS Univention Corporate Client

 UCC user policiesUnivention Corporate Client (UCC) UCC fills the gap that made the adoption of Linux desktops in businesses complicated as the centralised management solutions available were complex to install and manage.
Now Linux desktops can be deployed or "streamed" to PCs and thin clients very easily or can be ran on the Univention Corporate Server virtualisation layer making them accessible remotely.

The Ubuntu-based desktop environment provided is optimised for business use and it can be tailored using UCC management web console to fit user requirements and hardware specifications.

Key features

  • Reduced administration efforts thanks to fully automated installation, central update management and integrated users/rights management via policies and desktop profiles
  • Supports a vast number of thin clients and connected devices
  • Support of all popular remote desktops and desktop virtualisation environments from Microsoft, Citrix, VMware and Univention
  • Integrated support for xrdp, which allows a bandwidth efficient access to the KDE Linux desktop of UCC, also, for example, from Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X systems.
  • Ideal for use in heterogeneous environments with Linux and Windows desktops
  • Cost-effective in its implementation, maintenance, administration and operation
  • Open standards ensure easy adaptability and simple expansion
  • Future proof Open Source solution


pdf Univention Corporate Client datasheet (651 KB)

More information on Univention's web site


UCS, IT infrastructures managed properlyUnivention Corporate Server logo

Univention Management ConsoleUnivention Corporate Server (UCS) it's a cost effective and easy way to administer server applications and entire IT infrastructures. Why? UCS is a very efficient platform that uses a comprehensive but easy to use web management interface developed to control distributed, heterogeneous and virtualized IT infrastructures, regardless of whether you use Microsoft Windows, OS X or Linux systems.

Key features

  • Enterprise Linux distribution as a basis for a stable, secure and cost effective IT infrastructure
  • Integrated management system for the central administration of servers, clients and users as well as a wide range of server applications
  • Identity management with single sign-on functions for users and cloud services
  • Microsoft Active Directory-compatible domain services for the uncomplicated integration of Microsoft operating systems
  • App Center for easy installation and management of UCS components and add-on applications
  • Xen and KVM based server/desktop virtualisation
  • Future proof Open Source based platform


pdf Univention Corporate Server datasheet (1.18 MB)

More information on Univention's web site


The cost-efficient alternative to Windows serversUnivention - Open Source alternative to Microsoft Windows server

 Univention helps creating and managing Windows, OS X and Linux infrastructures providing Open Source alternatives to Microsoft based products.Univention Corporate Server building blocks

The core product is Univention Corporate Server (UCS), a flexible, cost-efficient and successful alternative for Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft Small Business Server. It includes comprehensive Active Directory functionalities and an App Center that integrates and manages own or third party enterprise applications.
UCS is designed to operate as part of existing Microsoft infrastructures and it can assists you in replacing Microsoft Windows domains controllers with a few clicks.

UCS web-based management console is well suited for organizations of any size, either as a standard on-premises setup, in the cloud or in hybrid IT environments.

Integrated in UCS you will find also the Univention Corporate Client which will allow your organisation to configure and deploy Linux desktops on PCs, thin clients and virtual environments.

Do you really need to replace your Windows Server?

If you still use Windows 2003 you surely do as it will be totally unsupported by July 2015. If you use any other version of Windows Server you may consider how efficiently you are using your server, how much it costs in terms of support, hardware maintenance and electricity.

Many spent a lot of money for their new Windows Server but then they use it as a simple file and authentication server using about 5/10% of the CPU power available but still paying for the equivalent of an enterprise grade server.

Univention Corporate Server will allow you to purchase a much leaner server as it's a lot more efficient than a Windows Server or to get a lot more out of your existing IT investment by combining several services including MS Exchange features, security, virtualisation, etc on the same system making you benefit from massive saving in consultancy, support and CO2 emissions.

More information about Univention


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