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OnApp Enterprise Cloud

OnApp Enterprise Cloud

A complete private and hybrid cloud solution, delivered as a ready-to-run HCI appliance that scales on-premises and in your preferred data centre.

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Cloud Virtualisation High Availability Disaster recovery Infrastructure
PrivacyLab GDPR

PrivacyLab GDPR

Remove the guesswork from GDPR compliance. PrivacyLab helps you, with step by step guidance, in achieving GDPR compliance and producing the required documents.

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GDPR DPIA DPO Privacy by Design compliance data subject controller processor
Kopano Unified Communication

Kopano Unified Communication

Own your email, video conferencing, instant messaging services and data to improve productivity, security and privacy.

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Email Communication instant messaging video conference Security Cloud email encryption file sharing GDPR


NextCloud is the enterprise file sharing and synchronisation platform that helps increasing productivity, security and GDPR compliance.

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File sharing data synchronisation Security Private Cloud GDPR Compliance


Not just a CRM, 1CRM provides you with all the features you need to support and expand your business including marketing, project management, support services and billing.

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CRM sales cycle management products management customer support reporting billing marketing
NComputing VERDE VDI

NComputing VERDE VDI

A simpler and smarter way to deploy desktop virtualisation. NComputing VERDE reduces complexity and cost while providing all the features and reliability required by your organisation, scaling from SMEs...

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Virtualisation Cloud Infrastructure security VDI Linux Windows desktops

Collax - Flexible IT

Information about Collax's solutions

Collax Platform Server

The features you need, when you need themCollax FlexibleIT

Collax Platform Server

Collax Platform Server

Use one or more modules:
  • Communication (E-mail, Fax, IM)
  • E-mail archiving (legally recognised)*
  • Network Storage
  • Network backup
  • Network monitoring (local and remote)*
  • Web Application
  • VPN SSL e IPSec
  • Net Security
  • Mail Security
  • Web Security
  • Web filtering
  • IDS and IPS
  • Zarafa Collaboration*

* optional module

To help organisations of all sizes, Collax, created a new server appliance that allows to choose and add any specific feature needed at any time.

Collax Platform Server can be used to set-up in few clicks a file server, an email appliance, a firewall or any other type of services included in the range of features Collax provides.

The modules available represent a selection of the features present in the Collax Business Server, the Collax Security Gateway and the add-on modules which allow you to use each single feature for a specific use.

 Third party applications can also be easily installed in few clicks:

If you develop web applications you may want to create an installation package so that you can deliver them using a standardised platform. As us for more information about Collax SDK.

Modules virtualisation

Collax Platform Server is an eccellent tool that allow you to virtualise on Collax V-Cube, or other virtualisation environments, modules dedicated to a specific tasks.


If you want to test Collax Platform Server you can download a trial version.

The trial version will allow you to activate each module for up to 15 users.


Collax FlexibleIT_LogoThe IT infrastructure for SMEs

Collax Business Server is an all-in-one IT solution which provides all the communication, storage and security services an SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) may require.

It's a perfect alternative to Microsoft Small Business Server which will reduce by at least 50% your purchasing and maintenance costs while it provides more service and requires, thanks to its efficiency, servers with much lower specifications.

Collax Business Server can also replace a good number of devices like firewalls, faxes, storage servers and domain controllers so you'll be able to simplify your IT infrastructure, reduce your support and licensing costs while cutting also you electricity bill as you'll need only one low power server to perform all the tasks that where managed by different devices.

It can also be an excellent complement to existing IT set-ups as, being able to connect to Microsoft Active Directory, it can offload your main Windows server of some services maintaining a single authentication solution.

System administrators will find it very easy to manage a Collax Business Server as its comprehensive but easy to use web management interface provide total control over the server's features.  For easy and quick recovery, in case of hardware failure, all the configuration and data backup tools are included.





Local backup

Local backup

Backup targets

Backup targets

Data synchronisation

Data synchronisation

Network routing and permissions

Network routing and permissions

Server monitoring

Server monitoring

Zarafa Communication Platform integration

Zarafa Communication Platform integration

From a user point of view nothing changes, apart from the increase in services and responsiveness, and it can be used in mixed Windows, OS X e Linux environments.

E-mail, Fax, Instant Messaging, remote access and document sharing are just some of the services available to all authorised users.

To secure Internet access is possible to activate the built in web filtering features so that access will be restricted and filtered depending on the configured security levels based on user groups.


Collax Business Server, together with the Kopano Collaboration Platform add-on, can be seen as an enhanced version of Microsoft Small Business Server as it includes all the services you already know of MS SBS but it adds on top all the security and communication features which would otherwise require additional equipments and licenses.
default Collax Business Server free version and trial

The free version is fully featured but limited for up to 5 users.

Collax FlexibleIT

Total security for SMBs


Collax Security Gateway

Collax Security Gateway

Total security management
  • E-mail server
  • Web Application
  • VPN SSL e IPSec
  • Net Security
  • Mail Security
  • Web Security
  • Advanced web filtering*
  • IDS and IPS
  • Email archival (with legal value)*
  • Zarafa Collaboration Platform*
* optional modules

Collax Security Gateway integrates all the enterprise level security tools in a solutions that is at the same time powerful but also easy to use.

The general definition of UTM (Unified Threat Management) appliance, used by many manufacturers, could probably be quite restrictive if applied to the Collax Security Gateway as it doesn't simply guarantees high levels of security but it provides integration features that go well beyond your expectations.

Security through simplification

Numerous studies made on businesses network security demonstrates that the vast majority of vulnerabilities found are due to 2 main issues:

  • some firewalls allow, by default, all the traffic from the internal network to go without checks to the Internet so viruses and trojans can operate freely
  • most UTMs are so complex to manage that it's never clear what type of traffic is allowed on the various connections so network operators sooner or later will get some configuration seriously wrong

With Collax Security Gateway you have a clear view of all the network rules applied to your firewall and the traffic that is being routed through your networks so you won't risk to lose control of your security policies.

I vostri dati sui vostri dispositivi

I vostri dati sui vostri dispositivi

Qualsiasi dispositivo vogliate utilizzare, NextCloud è sempre a disposizione. Potete selezionare le cartelle che volete utilizzare quando siete disconnessi da Internet sui vostri dispositivi mobili o potete sincronizzare tutti i dati di cui potreste aver bisogno sul vosto PC/laptop mentre lavorate su progetti condivisi con i vostri colleghi.
Tutte le applicazioni di cui avete bisogno

Tutte le applicazioni di cui avete bisogno

NextCloud non è solo una applicazione per la condivisione di documenti, è una piattaforma su cui potete attivare in pochi click un'estesa gamma di strumenti aggiuntivi.
Integrazione con Kopano

Integrazione con Kopano

NextCloud e Kopano si complementano fornendovi gli strumenti professionali che la vostra organizzazione necessita per lavorare in modo efficiente. Adesso potete utilizzare le funizionalità messe a disposizione da Office365 o Google Apps senza dover dipendere da servizi Cloud costosi e che comportano rischi di sicurezza.
Integratione con Collabora Office

Integratione con Collabora Office

Se avete bisogno di editare documenti in tempo reale con colleghi che lavorano da remoto allora potete contare su Collabora Office. Collabora Office è facilmente integrabile con NextCloud e vi mette a dispozione le funzionalità presenti in Microsoft Office on-line. Collabora Office supporta sia i formati proprietari di Microsoft che quelli Open Source di LibreOffice.


This is just a small selection of CSG's features

  • Simplified firewall's rules management
  • Layer 7 firewall with user groups rules
  • Advanced routing with VoIP support (SIP e RTP)
  • VPN IPSEC and SSL for remote workers and branch offices
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention System
  • Web filtering with built in categories and commercial listings as an add-on
  • Antivirus for emails, documents and web pages
  • Multilevel Antispam engines
  • Multi-WAN fail-over
  • and much more ...


default Collax Security Gateway free version and trial.

The free version is fully featured but limited for up to 5 users.

Collax FlexibleITVirtualisation, High Availability & Clustering

 Whether you look to consolidate your IT infrastructure or to reduce your single server downtime, in case of hardware failure, server virtualisation is generally a very good option.

Brands like VMWare, Xen and RedHat are quite good in providing solutions for medium to large companies with the large budgets required to cover licensing, infrastructure and highly specialised consultancy costs so SMEs are, often, not even considering server virtualisation as they expect costs to be well above their expenditure targets.

Collax, with its V-Cube virtualisation platform and its add-on modules, put within SMEs' reach those solutions by not only reducing the costs but also by increasing their efficiency and simplifying their management.

Collax V-Cube can by used as a single server virtualisation platform to host your Linux and Windows servers or, with the Inter-V module, as a complete clustered solution.

Adding the V-Store modules, configured on 2 servers, your company will be able to keep working even if one of the servers develops a fault as all your virtual servers will move automatically on the other server. During normal operation the servers will share the load increasing the lifespan of your physical IT infrastructure.

Collax V-Cube

Collax V-Cube

Virtualisation platform
  • 32/64bit virtualisation environment
  • Unlimited virtual machines
  • Local and iSCSI storage
  • Thin Provisioning
  • Memory usage optimisation (KSM)
  • PCI Passthrough
  • Serial and USB ports redirection
  • P2V/V2P migration tool
  • Web based management
  • Integrated backup, restore and DR
  • Automatic snapshots

Collax Inter-V

Inter-V Clustering extension

Clustering extension
  • Single management interface
  • Live migration tools
  • High availability
  • NFS, iSCSI, FC SAN storage
  • Integrated virtual switches
  • Channel bonding

Collax V-SAN

V-Store Embedded SAN

Embedded SAN
  • SANless configuration
  • VMs running from local storage
  • Reduces infrastructure costs
  • Increases VMs performances
  • Real time data replication between nodes
  • Fast live migration between nodes
  • Storage on Cluster File System (OCFS2)

Collax FlexibleITCollax V-SAN - SANless high availability

V-Store embedded SANMost highly available (HA) configurations require separate shared storage units that allows to restart the virtual machines on the other node. Those units, called SAN (Storage Area Network) are connected with Fiber Channel or InfiniBand links and can be very complex to manage and expensive putting them out of reach of small and medium size company's budgets.

The Embedded SAN solution provided by the Collax V-SAN module eliminates complexity, reduces costs and increases the performances making it an excellent solution for small companies or departmental requirements.

With Collax V-SAN creates a shared virtual storage using the local drives, which is seen by both servers as a single large disk, so you can install an run your Windows or Linux virtual machines on each server.

Collax Highly Available Configuration

With near to zero loss of performances, V-SAN, replicates in real time every bit written on the Embedded SAN so even it the event of a server failure the other node will restart the VMs with no loss of data.

Collax Highly Available Configuration FailOver

pdf competitive analisys between Collax V-Cube, VMWare VSphere 5.0 and Microsoft Hyper-V 2008 R2 (665 KB) allows you to verify that, Collax V-Cube with its modules, will satisfy your requirements reducing costs and increasing the availability of your business critical applications.

This kind of configuration, with 2 active servers or low power appliances, with VMWare could cost you easily £20000 while with Collax and including hardware you'll need to invest only a quarter of that.

General features:

  • Installation can be done in few clicks
  • Centralised web management
  • No need for dedicated control node
  • Live migration delle macchine virtuali tra i nodi
  • It doesn't not require external SAN storage units
  • Increased data throughput (10+GBit/s)
  • Supports Oracle Cluster File System (OCFS2)
  • Real time data replication
  • Automatic failover
  • Integrated Backup, Restore and V-Recovery feature
  • Includes P2V and V2P (Physical to Virtual e Virtual to Physical) migration tools
You can test the V-SAN features by default downloading a free version .

The free version will allow you to evaluate Collax V-Cube's features.

To activate the Inter-V and V-Store modules please contact us to request a temporary activation key.

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